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October 28, 2017 12:06 am

Going For The Games

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 @ 3:55 AM
 logo courtesy BC Games Society

              logo courtesy BC Games Society

Prince George, BC –  This time it is the BC Summer Games…

The City of Prince George will be submitting a bid for the opportunity to host the 2022 BC Summer Games.   Councillors unanimously approved the recommendation at last night’s meeting. Last August, Councillors agreed to pursue the 2020 Games, but, based on discussions with the BC Games Society, staff feel this second bid will increase the city’s chances of getting the nod.

Director of Community Services, Rob Whitwham, says host communities receive $600-thousand dollars from the BC Games Society to stage the events, with the expectation the city will come up with $45-thousand dollars cash and $50-thousand Value-In-Kind (facility rentals, etc.).  However, Whitwham says it is typical for a Host Society to raise an additional $50-thousand dollars, with as much as $750-thousand dollars in VIK services from the private sector.

In return, the economic spin-offs of hosting the games could see somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2-million dollars pumped into Prince George.  The BC Games Society says Kelowna saw a boost of $2.6-million dollars in direct spending during the 2008 Summer Games.  Nanaimo’s economic activity was measured at $2.0-million, but the community hosted a smaller event.

Whitwham says staff are confident Prince George stands a good chance of being awarded the Games, particularly if two bids are submitted.  The bid packages must be in by early fall.


Hope they don’t get them. My taxes have gone up high enough.

I heard on the news yesterday they are planning on applying for the Canada Summer Games as well….
I think it is time to sew up the pockets…..

Isn’t this the same city that’s bitching about having to come up with ~50K for DNA testing?

I need to add shares for the makers of KY to my portfolio. Between T2 in Ottawa and this bunch in PG, sales should start booming soon.

    Good choice . LSE: RB

Probably a big waste of money. But if it happens, and since it’s a summer time outdoor type of event. I think it would be great if the city tried to complete a city wide trail system prior to hosting the event so we can sell PG’s main strength to the rest of the province. A Cranbrook Hill crease trail from UNBC to Moores Meadow would be tops on my list… A couple of bridges to span some of the scenic canyons would be the big hurdles, but the potential for epic view point rest stops would be epic for any visitor when going back to their home towns to share the word about PG.

If we are going to host the games to sell the city then we should do it right. Also no signing monopoly rights to broadcast the games either would be a smart move IMO.

Are we still getting taxed for the winter games?

Time to stop playing games. The City should be spending their time and effort on reducing costs and taxes. Now that is a venture that would get wide spread support.

They just can’t let go of the levy that was put in for the winter games. It’s now going to be called the bread and circuses tax. They’ll take our bread to spend on their circuses.

They came , they went , they left a wack of cash behind . What’s not to like ? It worked . Why not try it again ? You guys really need a comedy festival .

Or try a fringe festival a la Edinburgh.

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