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October 28, 2017 12:04 am

UNBC Senate expresses lack of confidence in leadership of Board Chair

Thursday, February 25, 2016 @ 5:00 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – Last night, after lengthy discussion and debate, the UNBC Senate passed a motion stating “that Senate lacks confidence in the leadership of the Board of Governors Chair”.   This motion follows another passed in December in which, on the grounds that it was not properly consulted by the Board, the Senate criticized the process whereby James Moore was appointed as chancellor of the university.

According to the motion’s proponent Faculty Senator Michael Murphy, the Board Chair has not addressed the many concerns raised by Senate and instead has pushed ahead with the appointment, despite the fact that the Board itself barely supported Moore becoming chancellor (7 in favour; 6 against; and 1 abstention).

Opposition has been strong at the university to the Moore appointment.  Many feel the former Conservative government, of which Moore was a prominent member, muzzled scientists and researchers during its ten years in office, and was anti-science and anti-academic in its policies and behavior.  Equal concern has been put forward regarding the process by which Moore’s nomination and appointment came about.

To date, the UNBC Faculty Association, the Confederation of University Faculty Associations (CUFA BC) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) have expressed strong concerns about the selection of James Moore.  For their part, UNBC undergraduate and graduate students have both voted against the appointment


Section 19.1 of the University Act states that “The members of the board of a university must act in the best interests of the university”. Given the recent non-confidence vote in the BOG Chair by the Senate and the opposition to the Moore appointment by the Senate, the Undergraduate Student Society, the Graduate Student Society, the UNBC Faculty Association, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), and the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia (UFABC), I would suggest that it would be very difficult to argue that the BOG and the Chair have acted in the best interests of the University. As such, I would suggest that the Board and the Board Chair should step down as they clearly appear to have violated their legal obligations under the University Act.

He was voted in. It’s a 3 year term. Get over it.

    This is democracy in action. Get over it.

    Time to educate yourself about election fraud. Some of the worst cases have resulted in the “election” of a dictator.

Tyler Kelsall, a free lance writer and former Managing Editor of Adbusters Magazine lists ten (10) compelling reasons why James Moore should NOT be UNBC’s Chancellor in the following article:

http ://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/campus-notes/2015/12/ten-reasons-james-moore-should-not-be-chancellor-unbc

I would add an eleventh (11th) and final compelling reason why James Moore should NOT be our University’s Chancellor; the controversy that continues to follow his appointment to this prestigious position is hurting the University’s reputation and credibility, at a local, and now national level. If Mr. Moore, and BOG Chair; Ryan Matheson, had any concern for UNBC’s reputation, they would repeal the offer and acceptance of this Chancellor position.

Don’t think about yourselves, or your agenda’s gentlemen, think about the University and put this institution of higher learning first.

    “Ten (10) compelling reasons why James Moore should NOT be UNBC’s”

    Let me boil these ten reasons down for you..

    1) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    2) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    3) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    4) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    5) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    6) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    7) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    8) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    9) Moore is or was a Conservative.
    10 Moore is or was a Conservative.

Get over yourself already.

Time to amalgamate this University with CNC and have a University College, like Kamloops. That is what we should have done in the first place.

There are not enough potential students in North Central BC to support this University, nor is there any likely hood of that changing anytime soon.

If we want to honest and realistic, its time to change things in Prince George.

One of the reasons that we have all this controversy at the University is that the facility has too much time on its hands. Very low numbers of students in each class, might work for a rating from Maclean’s Magazine, however it does nothing for the long term success of the University.

    Oh, isn’t that a great idea, now given the situation at CNC. Then both places could figure out how to deal with dysfunctional governance and chief administrators.

    Other than that, not amalgamation, but getting rid of the UT courses at CNC would merit a serious review to see what negative and positive results would be. With a University in town and the region now, the reason for UT courses at CNC no longer exists as long as UNBC is able to fulfill the need of those students who transfer to other universities which have programs they wish to enter that are unavailable in this College and University region.

      Actually, there’s good reason to keep UT courses going at CNC. First, the cost of the first two years of a degree is approximately half of what it is at a university. CNC has the lowest tuition in the province, which is still a draw for UT students. Plus CNC UT courses have very broad transferability. Second, smaller class sizes; introductory UT course at the college are capped at 37 students or less, whereas most intro courses at UNBC top out at 175+. Third, instructors at the college have teaching as their priority, their sole focus, whereas instruction at the university is often considered by faculty as a necessary evil in a publish-or-perish environment with a focus on research. The pressure to conduct meaningful research and publish in peer-reviewed journals (plus write text books) is intense and can interfere with a focus on students.
      An alternative would be to expand CNC UT courses and get rid of 1st and 2nd year UT’s at the university, making it cheaper and better for all UT students. This is already being done with the Bs.N. nursing program, so there is a precedent.

      I attended CNC, and took their UT courses and to be honest, despite the cheap price I wouldn’t go back again. You get what you pay for, and despite the smaller class sizes, the quality of instruction was generally not on par with UNBC (some exceptions apply). Even if it resulted in greater personal debt, I wouldn’t waste my time and money doing UT at CNC.

      CNC should be focusing on the trades and specialty programs like dental hygiene. Let UNBC be the actual university. The admissions are low enough to cater to most CNC students. The brutal reality, if you can’t obtain a 2.0 average to get into UNBC, you’re not going get the credentials you’re chasing after.

      The learner’s perspective is the most important. Since teachers have a hard time to adjust to several different learning styles with even as few as 10 different students, it really does not matter to a student with an auditory learning style, for instance, whether they are sitting in a class of 37 or 175 or even 1,000 possibly with multiple screens, even in remote rooms in the same building or remote rooms in different cities/villages/homes.

      I find that university is a period of 4+ years during which one is weaned off spoon-fed teaching and associated learning to self-directed teaching/learning. For me, the sooner that is done, the better. Prolonging that for 2 of 4 years is 50% time wasted. I learn better on my own at my own time with interconnected issues/foci rather than compartmentalized subject matters. The earlier I am put into that environment the more easily I understand and the more I understand the more easily I learn.

      The other requirement I have is to see an application of theory as soon as possible; to have a hands on application. Theory which leads to other theories ad infinitum to do further research into what might be or might not be is of little interest to me other than playing with logical deduction.
      That being said, my typical application is the creation of something which does not exist until I imagine it, explain it to others, adjust it in an iterative loop and create in a four dimensional world – 3D space plus time.

      So, to say that small class sizes are better is a fallacy. More properly what should be stated is that small class sizes are better for some learners.

      I have yet to see students being counselled to attend certain types of universities/colleges based on the student’s learning style. I have yet to meet an instructor/professor who sits down with each and every student in the class of 37 or less at the beginning of the year and create an approach to studying the data and materials of the course as it is best arranged for the student in question and even create some study groups which pairs like-minded students. That does not happen until one does post grad work and even then it is not consistent.

      I very much agree with PGJohn’s comment.

      One more thing I think is worthy to note.

      I attended U of T, the largest Canadian university. Many large universities are actually divided into smaller universities/colleges which are quasi-independent. In addition, the many professional faculties have similar characteristics with one important addition – they all have practical lab and seminar type courses which integrate the materials of knowledge-based courses to the applied skills-based courses.

      This system creates smaller groups (our class year had 60) who share a semblance of interests and goals. By that standard, UNBC is not much different than a University College or a Trinity College, or a Victoria College of the U of T campus. Something that some people should take note of.

      It is false to think that there is an economy of scale beyond a certain size which will vary with each institution.

      In the other direction, why on earth is UNBC offering an extensive continuing education program? Isn’t that the sort of thing that CNC is supposed to do?

    Look up Canadian Universities and their enrollment for undergraduate full time, part time, as well as graduate full and part time.

    If that was the criteria for maintaining the status of a university, there would be a number of others that would have to shut down first. I wonder what the people who went there and are going there would have to say about that.

Accept the vote of the board you whiners. If this was a union vote, it would be upheld. The only one diminishing the universities reputation is you sniveling elitist clowns.

    There go ad hominem attacks again. Obviously unable to argue on any other basis.

      Majority rules. How’s that for an argument?

      Majority of what? Majority of parties/organizations/committees who have a say in the matter of the election?

      Since it was a secrete vote, we do not even know whether it was a 50%+1 majority, a super majority of 2/3rds or a unanimous vote. Except, of course, there seems to be an unfounded leak.

      They can’t even be transparent enough to tell the rest of the world the vote – they do not need to divulge who voted how, since they may not actually know that anyway.

The whole lot of the people in the picture, None look like the had a real job in their life’s, Those that can,t do the real work… Teach

    And you can tell this how? Just another ad hominem attack. Seems to be allowed in this case. Would be different if it were a racial group or individual. This is just as bad. Hatred showing through and through. The internet continues to bring out the best in people.

    Well, you look like you have the what it takes to do a “real job”: a strong back and weak mind. Now get to work!

Amalgamate with the Winer’s down the Street, maybe then you will have enough student’s in your classroom you can have a real life. Stop looking
at how people vote , and start teaching what is Needed in the real world.

    Same ad hominem attack. Gets you nowhere other than venting your hatred.

This story is old and boring! I fail to see how this appointment will in any way, shape or form have an effect or impact on the day to day job of the faculty, that job being teaching!

Get back to work!

On a side note, if they really want something to bitch, whine and protest about, how about they hop on a bus, travel to Ottawa and protest the actions of our new twit Justin! Now, that would be time better spent!

They complain about a largely nothing more than ceremonial posting, while Justin leads us all down the garden path. What are the latest budget deficit projections? The Liberals now expect to cap the deficit at $30 freaking BILLION this year alone?

Now that’s an issue that our liberal minded UNBC Faculty members should be wrapping their spoiled little heads around!

    Commenters on here keeping crying “get back to work!”

    Who stopped working?! As far as I can tell, no one.

goph2015, you suggest that some of the comments by people who think the faculty should get back to work are nothing more than “Same ad hominem attack. Gets you nowhere other than venting your hatred”!

What would you say about herbster’s comment at 9:18 AM?

Is his comment an example of what you call the same ad hominem attack? Or, because herbster denigrates the Conservatives, is his comment more acceptable to you?

Google James Moore and Frank Magazine. Now you know why no one at UNBC wants him as Chancellor.

Hart guy, I pointed out that if James Moore is the best candidate the Conservatives can put forward, then they are morally and intellectually bankrupt.By nominating him, the Conservatives denigrate themselves.

    First thing you need to understand, herbster, is that the Conservatives didn’t nominate him.

      What you don’t seem to understand dirt man is that they actually did nominate him . Suncor and Clark are conswervatives , obviously .

    Thanks herbster . I’d never heard of Frank mag . I laughed so hard my sides hurt . Trolling tinder for horizontal dance partners ? What a hoot . Jason the outer . What a weird bunch of conswervatives

      Wilbur says:

      #Ride me UNBC

herbster, somehow I failed to see that in your 9:18 AM comment! Speaking of which, where did your comment and it’s words of wisdom go?

I would like to refer the UNBC Senate to the Feb. 18 letter to the Citizen by Joan Fillion:

“I have also been proud of our university, until I saw the picture on the front page of The Citizen. Teachers standing on the front page with their arms crossed. They looked like a bunch of spoiled children that didn’t want to share their ball, because the game wasn’t being played the way they wanted it to be.

They should be so ashamed. What kind of an example are they showing the students and the city? Faculty shouldn’t be about politics, it should be about education.”

Let’s look at the big picture. UNBC is now a dysfunctional and operational mess. The responsibility for this starts at the top, the UNBC BoG and senior administration.

UNBC has declining enrollments and is failing. It’s a toxic environment on the campus. UNBC’s leadership can continue to live in denial, sticking their heads in the sand. Or they can work to fix UNBC’s problems.

The taxpayers are paying management the big bucks. What’s their plan to try to resolve UNBC’s problems?

    And just what does all that have to do with Moore or the whiners crying foul?

      The Moore appointment is one of many problems at UNBC that have been created by senior management. It was untimely, unnecessary, and completely avoidable. A huge error in judgement.

      There are enormous costs that will result from this decision. The appointment has damaged relationships and communications inside of UNBC and has affected UNBC’s reputation.

      A better solution would have been the appointment of a benign Chancellor that does not carry the baggage of James Moore. Moore may be a more suitable candidate in the future, but not at a time when there is so much conflict at UNBC.

the Board Chair has not addressed the many concerns raised by Senate and instead has pushed ahead with the appointment, despite the fact that the Board itself barely supported Moore becoming chancellor (7 in favour; 6 against; and 1 abstention).


This explains what is going on, but the position is voluntary? And unpaid?? So what is the political motivation behind it?? Because it sure looks like political wrangling…..

What part of “Democracy ” does the faculty not understand.

The board has voted.

If and when they all to start moving forward.

They can start resolving the protocols and issues in the process.

Of appointing the next Chancellor after this one.

Oh, by the way UNBC would make a great .

Refugee processing centre.

Notre Dame University College was a private university in Nelson BC established in 1950 by the Roman Catholic Diocese. At the height of operation, it enrolled 2000 students, including a wide range of foreign students from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the USA.

In 1963 it was chartered as a four year University by the BC Government, and adopted the name Notre Dam University (NDU)

Dr. Hugh L Keenleyside was Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Governors from 1969 to 1977.

Although the university attracted sufficient number of students, it encountered difficulties, perhaps in part connected to internal strife-Notre Dame was the first university in Canada to endorse a faculty labour union.

In 1977, at the request of the Notre Dame Board of Directors, the BC Government assumed control, renaming it the David Thompson University Centre, and placed it under the administration of the University of Victoria.

In spite of local and regional popularity, the Provincial Government found the per-student cost too high and closed the university in 1984.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here.

Have a nice day.

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016 @ 11:56 AM by Ataloss

What you don’t seem to understand dirt man is that they actually did nominate him . Suncor and Clark are conswervatives , obviously .
Try reality for a change, you might find it refreshing.

HG:”The Liberals now expect to cap the deficit at $30 freaking BILLION this year alone?”

The 169 billion that your twit added to the national debt are really scary freaking billions….your pot is calling the new 2016 kettle black!

    Oh come on now PrinceGeorge!

    Let’s not forget that the Harper Government debt/deficit occurred largely during the global economic meltdown that started in 2008.

    Let’s not forget that the debt/deficits occurred largely while Harper had a minority Government.

    Let’s not forget that the debt/deficits largely occurred at the insistence of and support from both of the opposing parties at the time, the Liberals and the NDP!

    Let’s not forget that now, while elected with the promise of small deficits, Trudeau’s new Liberal majority Government is spending like a drunken sailor, spending massive amounts of money OUTSIDE of Canada, and spending as a majority Governmet that does not have the support of the opposition Conservatives and the NDP!

    Justin’s on his own with this one! Let’s not forget although I am pretty sure that you will, if you haven’t already!

    Hang on to your wallets! Can’t trust Justin!

4 signs in the gallery deserve this attention??? Is this really a democracy?? I’m damn glad my kids don’t have to attend this institution of liberal crap.

“Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so” ~ Federal Minister of Indusry; James Moore. According to Mr. Moore, child poverty is not Ottawa’s problem.

Mr. Moore carries way too much “baggage” to the UNBC Chancellor position. Stepping down would be the “honourable” thing to do here.

www. news1130.com/2013/12/15/federal-minister-says-child-poverty-not-ottawas-problem/

    Moore was right. It wasn’t his job to feed his neighbours child, that’s the child’s parent’s job. And if the parents won’t/can’t do it, it’s the provincial government’s job to step in. Welfare is not a federal responsibility.

Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic
hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and
would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer
and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the

These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the
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1 . Liberals
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Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of
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Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at night while
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Some of these liberal men eventually evolved into women. They became known
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Over the years conservatives came to be symbolized by the largest, most
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Modern liberals like imported beer (with lime added), but most prefer white
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Conservatives who own companies hire other conservatives who want to work
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They crept in after the Wild West was tamed and created a business of trying
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Here ends today’s lesson in world history:

It should be noted that a Liberal may have a momentary urge to angrily
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A Conservative will simply laugh and be so convinced of the absolute truth
of this history that it will be forwarded immediately to other true
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And there you have it. Let your next action reveal your true self …. I’m
going to have another beer.

    What really should be noted is that the tale is all over the internet. The earliest version of it I can find is early 2010.

    While the author appears to be unknown, someone who is ethical would normally identify that it was found on the internet, even if the author is unknown.

    The dead give away is the length and the reference to elephants and jackasses which is not exactly what the symbols for Canadian political parties are.


Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016 @ 12:59 PM by shadowy

The Moore appointment is one of many problems at UNBC that have been created by senior management. It was untimely, unnecessary, and completely avoidable. A huge error in judgement.

There are enormous costs that will result from this decision. The appointment has damaged relationships and communications inside of UNBC and has affected UNBC’s reputation.

A better solution would have been the appointment of a benign Chancellor that does not carry the baggage of James Moore. Moore may be a more suitable candidate in the future, but not at a time when there is so much conflict at UNBC.

A huge error in judgement? Why, because he isn’t competent to fill the position? Or maybe you’re suggesting they should have known the faculty would throw a childish tantrum?

There are enormous costs that will result from this decision? Enormous??? Like what? They’re funded by government. Are you suggesting the BC govt. will cut funding?

Damaged relationships and communications inside of UNBC is due to the tantrum thrown by people who should be acting like adults. I’m sure it has affected UNBC’s reputation – the faculty have lost a lot of respect by their behaviour.

Another later time would make no difference. The only “baggage” that Moore carries is that he’s a conservative 10 or 20 years from now he will still be one, and the left leaning faculty will be just as “outraged”.

Time for them to grow up.

    “A huge error in judgement? Why, because he isn’t competent to fill the position?”

    He may be competent, but the word I would use here is he is not the appropriate person to fill the position, especially at this time. He may change based on the next stage in his career.

    People do change over time, so to think that he will be a conservative 10 or 20 years from now is pure conjecture.

    There are conservatives as well as liberals who support the institutions we call universities and there are those who give money to research done at universities and associated organizations.

    While he was with the government he spoke and acted in a fashion which was not very supportive of universities. Based on that, he is a disingenuous hypocrite.

    Chancellors are part of the marketing team of a university team. A well known and respected chancellor will draw money to a university.

    As far as the faculties reaction goes, it shows me that the Board of Governors is not a very astute body. They should have know that this COULD blow up. They took a risk, and it did not work out fro them. Then again, maybe they follow the notion that any news is good news since it gets the university known much more quickly.

Conservative, n: A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others.

Ambrose Bierce – US Journalist, 1842 to 1914

I think goode olde Ambrose hit the nail on the head.

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