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October 28, 2017 12:02 am

That’s a Wrap!

Friday, February 26, 2016 @ 11:19 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Yet another sign that spring is right around the corner as Prince George’s Outdoor Ice Oval has officially closed for the season.

Spokesperson Dick Voneugen says the season actually ended February 5, which was the start of a 22 day thaw period.

He says it’s the earliest the ice oval has ever closed though it still managed to attract 8,292 visits over the 56 days that it was open.


So they spent over a million dollars on a venue that was open 56 days last year? They spent all that money on a venue that couldn’t be relied on for the winter games, or the ice man. Pull that plug on that callosal waste of money, and put it into something worthwhile.

Or, at least , see if it would be viable to build a Kin 4 at the University and attach an indoor ice oval to it, and make it a worthwhile community venture. There is nothing to boast about in this article, it is a pathetic waste of community dollars and resources.

    While it’s a waste of money now… if they had a cooling unit.. it would be a different story.


      They should have spent the money at the time of the games for an outdoor refrigeration system the same as Halifax did.

      While it is not ideal since the ice has to be shovelled and there are still some weather problems, it would extend the season in years like this at least double if not more.

      The club in Ottawa is saying it would cost about $1million to install the refrigeration equipment. I think $1.5 would be more like it.

      That said, it would be one of the few places in Canada which would have a refrigerated track and only the second outdoor one.

      What other needy community group wants to line up for access to that money?

      BTW, 56t days is a good run compared to Ottawa which is looking at 30 days this year with normal years of 50 in recent history and the early with 70 days.

      Man made. man influenced, whatever, I think there are a few indicators of global warming around. Maybe it is just Canadian warming. :-)

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