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October 28, 2017 12:01 am

Police Urge Caution on Region’s Roads

Sunday, February 28, 2016 @ 11:05 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Police are advising motorists driving in the Prince George area to be aware of road conditions and drive accordingly.

Snowfall turning to rain, coupled with temperatures right around freezing, are combining to make road surfaces slippery in some spots.  Accidents have been reported within city limits as well as on both Highways 97 north and 16 west.

Environment Canada’s forecast for the area calls for snow to turn to rain this afternoon and continue into the evening before changing to wet snow for the overnight period.  The high today is expected to reach plus 3, with tonight’s low at minus 5.

Police urge those on city streets and the two highways to drive safely and according to road conditions.


I wonder what all those folks are doing today after getting their summers on yesterday…..hopefully sitting at home .

    Haha I was thinking about swapping mine over yesterday too and then I remembered that it’s even March yet. I’ll probably keep my winters on until at least easter, too much chance of snow even until mid April.

      That should say not even March yet. We need an edit option…

It’s definitely sloppy out there. We are getting off good so far this winter.. Looking like this is a small blip then continue on with the very nice weather

Friend of mine and his son barely escaped getting t-boned by a 3/4 ton dodge with a heavy bush bumper. The idiot was driving way to fast for road conditions, came shooting across 2 lanes of traffic and plowed into and up over the curb. I know that its hard to comprehend for a few but in winter weather you have to be aware and drive accordingly to road conditions…otherwise you are going to kill somebody.

Driving in from Salmon Valley this afternoon and there was some dude headed north driving in the south bound passing lane by Wright Creek. I wonder how far he made it?

Seen 4 accidents on way to work tonight one was a single vehicle pickup the other 3 all involved cars it appears people either forgot or don’t know how to drive in winter conditions still be nice if they stayed off the roads might make it safer for us responsible drivers to be on them

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