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October 28, 2017 12:00 am

BC Hydro Granted Injunction

Monday, February 29, 2016 @ 12:02 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Protesters who had set up a tent camp  at  the Site C dam project will have to  leave the area.

A BC Supreme Court Justice has ruled in favour of BC Hydro, which had argued the  protesters  were  delaying the  project,  and  delays could cost  millions of  dollars.

The camp had been established  a little over 2 months ago in an area that  crews were assigned to clear  to make  way for the dam construction.

There is  no immediate word on when, or how, BC Hydro  will move to have the camp dismantled.



Big daddy wins one for the Gipper. BC Hydro’s top management should take a 10 year sabbatical.

Excellent news. It sends a clear message that there is actually the rule of law in this province, regardless of your ancestry.

This is why people need to research before jumping on the bandwagon then opening their mouths and inserting their collective feet but then again I’ve never given these protesters a lot of credit for brain power either

bill C-51 can now be implemented.

Most of the above responses seem slanted in favour of your government and big business.
I suppose you see nothing wrong with relying on imports for fruit and vegetables?
And that Big Brother is really only acting in our best interests?

Should have a look folks, last time I checked, Class one farmland is not also known as “agriculturally poor”
Somebody been drinking the koolaid.
The 30,000 + acres of land to be flooded range from class one and two (8,300 acres) to class seven. Class one farmland is relatively rare in B.C. especially Northern B.C. And the micro climate afforded by the river valley only adds to potential value of this land for food production.


    3,433 hectares (8,483 acres) class 1 to 3.
    1,299 hectares (3,209 acres) of high utility, 367 hectares (906 acres) moderate utility and 541 hectares (1,336 acres) in actual cultivation of grain, canola, and pasture.
    Total of 5,660 hectares (13,986 acres) of land to be flooded.
    Source: executive summary.
    Reservoir will be a total of 9,330 hectares (23,054 acres) which includes the current river.

      Source I found re: “30,000 acres:
      An excerpt:
      “In all, the project would impact 31,528 acres of class 1-7 farmland, roughly half of which lies “within the project’s flood, stability and landslide-generated wave impact lines,”

      Source reports on land acquisition:

      An excerpt:
      When B.C. agrologist Wendy Holm examined agricultural values that would be lost if Site C goes ahead, she calculated that 1,800 hectares of the best farmland on the Site C chopping block could produce enough fruit and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of one million people a year.

      “That’s a conservative estimate,” says Holm, whose work in agricultural economics received a Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal. “We have this breadbasket sitting right there, and it’s closer to Vancouver than [California’s] Central Valley.”

      As climate change brings drought to California and other parts of the world, including to the Canadian Prairies, Holm says B.C. will need the 6,500 hectares of Peace Valley farmland that will be destroyed by Site C. An additional 5,900 hectares of valley farmland — more than all the farmland in Richmond — is at risk of being lost to the $8.8 billion dam and its 107-kilometre long reservoir.

      Food for thought.


Metal man take a look at the map the river is basically only being widened some. What is your thoughts of the best agricultural land in BC being paved over, the lower mainland.
Very little class one is being flooded, look at the map. What is your alternative for more power?

Compare the map to the rest of the Peace region, comparison, flea on an elephants butt.

Sea mutt, thank you.
“we’re just widening the river folks, nothing to see here, please move along”
You are absolutely correct, Fraser Valley comprises B.C.’s best farmland, and it is a travesty that commercial and residential development apparently trumps feeding B.C. with our own home grown crops.
Heck let’s pave the whole place, get a few million more residents to pay their taxes, we can always get our fruit and vege. from some other country, there’s no need for self sufficiency.

8,300 acres does not sound like very little area to me, unless one compares that area to the total land mass of British Columbia. 8,300 acres and a favourable climate could potentially produce a lot of vegetables.

Sorry, I don’t have an alternative to Site ‘C’ unless it is to agree with those who say that we should burn LNG to produce electricity.
Which is the greater ‘crime’ against the environment? building another large reservoir, or relatively clean burning LNG?
the flea.

Sorry its not a large reservoir. Look at the map. Burning LNG so you are okay with higher power rates, have a look at the mess Ontario is in regarding rates, especially industrial rates. Bulk hydro electric is the cheapest power.

    I don’t think this is going to lower our rates at all..the government has already stated more than once that this power is slated for export.

Seamutt. Get a grip. When will you come to your senses. There is NO shortage of power in BC.

Site C. is a BC Hydro and Liberal Government con game. All it will do is produce some short term jobs, and then we will have a surplus of power that in all probability will be sold to the USA.

Don’t you think it is rather strange that we can sell natural gas to Korea, Japan, China, etc; so that they can produce electricity, but we cant do the same in BC.

Have you ever looked at the pollution from say 4 or 5 LNG plants that require at least two turbines each to generate enough power to cool the natural gas so that it can be shipped from BC. The pollution from exporting LNG, including fracking, etc; is far beyond anything that would be generated from having one or two natural gas generating plants in BC to supplement our electrical needs.

There is NO business case for Site C. Why do you think that the Government circumvented the BC Utilities Commission on this issue?

What about the down stream benefits from the Columbia River agreement with the USA. We can tap into that power anytime we want. As it now stands PowerEx (subsidiary of BC Hydro) sells all this power on the open market.

So. NO shortage of power in BC. Give your head a shake for crying out loud.

We can use the agricultural land for producing food. Furthermore this land belongs to the farmers, and first nations. So, if there is not a clear cut case of PUBLIC NEED BC Hydro and the Provincial Government have no business flooding private land.

I am sure if it was your land, rather than some nameless farmer in the Peace River, you and a lot of other people who support this project would be singing a different tune.

    Oh my Palopu chill out, there is no shortage of power now but in ten years? Every major power project in BC had detractors like Palopu, how did that work out?

    Palopu, 65 billion?

‘So. NO shortage of power in BC. Give your head a shake for crying out loud.’

It’s called planning for god’s sake – it’ll be close to 10 years before the turbines are spinning and 60 years from now the dam and generating station will only be halfway through their design life. Look at the consumption trends – does anyone really think that the population of BC, and our need for clean frequency hydroelectric power is going to go down over the next 100 years?

Actually Palopu , BC Hydro owns a vast amount of the land.

They leased it back to people who wanted to farm.

The actual number of property owners that will have there property flooded.

Is around a dozen or less.

The Treaty 8 nations have signed off on this project and are getting.

Some major contracts from it.

By the time this project is completed, there will be a demand for the


Electric automobiles will become ever more popular in the next 10-15 years. In places like the Lower Mainland.

You are going to need the power to charge them.

I cannot believe that so many people cannot see the forest for the trees.

I and everyone else is fully aware that we will need more electricity in the coming years.

My point is that if we can sell LNG to foreign countries to generate electricity, then we can build two natural gas electrical generating facilities in BC and generate the same amount of power as Site C.

So we don’t need Site C for power for BC. In addition to two gas plants , we also have access to the Columbia River power.

Building large dams, and flooding thousands of acres of land, is the old way of doing things. Even the argument that dams are pollution free has been shown to be BS.

In addition to using natural gas for electricity, we also need it for heat. People seem to forget that Canada has long winters, and we need this gas for Canada.

Remember that all we get for Site C and LNG are the short term jobs. Foreign countries like the USA, China, Korea, Japan. Will bleed us of all our natural resources and then throw us to the wolves.

Future generations of Canadians do not deserve to be give short shrift by multi nationals.

Palopu:” Foreign countries like the USA, China, Korea, Japan. Will bleed us of all our natural resources…”

Great comment in favour of Site C! The only thing they will not be able to “bleed us of” will be our hydro generating capacity (spell dams and turbines), and our solar, wind, tidal and geothermal power installations.

Natural gas furnaces can be refitted with electrical heating elements eliminating the need for natural gas. A gas water heater can be replaced with an electrical one. Not to forget that Canada committed itself to reducing its carbon emissions, in accord with the global efforts.

How is it short term jobs, construction, most always something being built big and or small. I have friends who have worked construction all their lives and have never been out of a job. They always seemed to pick something off.

Carbon emissions, really. Hey NOAA which some always seem to use as a reference for temperatures is being investigated for fudging their temperature numbers up so falsifying information and seem to be playing the email game like good ole Hillary. Just hilarious. Warming from mann, what warming.


Lots of construction jobs building natural gas plants, highways, brides, highrises ,infrastructure, etc; No need to flood you neighbors land.

Vor— So. NO shortage of power in BC. Give your head a shake for crying out loud.’

It’s called planning for god’s sake –

You call this planning? The Christy Liberals have been in power for 10 plus yrs and all we have been coverd with is BS. If Christy stays in power much longer she will completely destroy this province. This political party is like a cult and many people do not know how to escape from it.

Prince George. And while you are making all these changes from Natural Gas to electricity, you are selling natural gas to China, Korea, Japan, etc; and they are using the gas to generate electricity.

My idea at least solves two problems. 1,. It eliminates the need for Site C and the flooding of agricultural land. 2. It allows for the generation of electricity as needed by using natural gas electrical generators.

I would support a very limited amount of natural gas exports, and only after if was determined that our local uses would be protected into the future. Selling everything now so that multi nationals can make billions is at best a mugs game.

These Countries must think that we are a bunch of country bumpkins, when they can come here and basically con us out of our resources with little or no effort. I’m sure they see us as the *Dog Patch* of North America.

Lil Abner, Daisy Mae, Granma, and Granpa, are running the Province, and we are all schmoos.

Site C = Site Christy

What do you want to bet it will be named after her?

your idea raises electrical prices, might be okay with you but what about others not so well off. Also raises prices for industry and then they move elsewhere. Just have to look at the mess in Ontario their rising electrical costs have caused.

After site c gas generation may come into play but then watch the nimby’s start jumping out of the trees.

Why would this government worry about having enough power for the future when they did not give a rats a** when they gave away our railroad system to transport goods and the loss of many good paying jobs. Who’s to say if site C is built that they won’t sell it also or give it away at a bargain price to balance the budget?

Seamutt. We have nimbys protesting against Site C. Hmmmmm.

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