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October 27, 2017 11:59 pm

Tanker Truck Leaks Diesel Near Mt. Robson

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 @ 9:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  A tanker truck  incident on  Highway 16 east, near Mount Robson  has caused some traffic delays along that stretch of  roadway.

Shortly before 6 this morning,   police were  advised a  tanker truck had rolled about 19  kms east of the  junction with  highway 5 in Tete Jaune Cache.

The tanker truck was loaded with 15000 litres of diesel fuel.   While  there are no injuries to report,  the tanker was leaking.

In addition to the RCMP and Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement,  Environment  Canada and  Parks BC  responded to the scene,  The leak of the diesel fuel is said to be contained.

The cause of the roll over is  under investigation, and both lanes of the highway are  now  open.


Better start banning them!

    good idea. then we would have to build a 12″ pipeline to carry diesel fuel to wherever. lots of jobs there.

      Environment before jobs!

Hmmmm, did this truck roll 19 km, east of the junction, or did it roll, 19 km east of the junction?

I’m hoping that it rolled, 19 km east of the junction! If it rolled 19 km, east of the junction, then that was one long roll! ;-)

    You do know, of course, that from the junction of HWY 16 and HWY 5 you can go either continue on HWY 16 eastward or go onto HWY 5 southward.

    19km from the junction takes it past Mt. Robson a few Km. If I recall correctly, that is an uphill climb part of the road.

    If it had gone the other way, it would have driven south of the junction.

    There is nothing in the writing which speaks about the roll having started at the junction and finally ended 19 km east.

    So, please explain to me/us what you mean by your interpretation which caused you to write such an incomprehensible comment.

      BTW, it does not indicate whether the truck was travelling east or west or even whether it was coming from the south or going to the south.

      Do we care?

      You missed his point. He’s reading the story as “the truck rolled for 19 km.”

      gopg2015, I was just having a bit of fun, you know, trying to lighten the mood of those that frequent this site!

      Sorry that you didn’t catch that! From my negative score, I would suggest that a few others missed my point! Too bad!

      Come on people, it was a joke!

      Tough crowd! No sense of “haha”!

    Good one.

    Good one Hart Guy.
    I think maybe your sense of humour is a bit too dry for some people, judging from the two comments preceding mine.
    metalman. ;)

H.G……why don’t you just …..roll on!

Where is all the ” on the phone ” guys?

    This is a trucker. Likely still using CB to connect to other truckers. May or may not be hands free CB. Not sure what the law is on CB having to be hands free.

      As soon as the wheels are rolling so is the lips. Hands free mikes are not law yet.

      Truckers don’t use CB’s anymore. No laws restrict radio use in trucks.

Global news reported the diesel spilled into the Fraser River.

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