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October 27, 2017 11:58 pm

New Short Term Radon Test Kits Available

Thursday, March 3, 2016 @ 1:34 PM

Prince George, B.C. – There  is now a  quicker way to find out if your home has  unacceptable levels of radon.

Radon is a naturally occurring, colourless, odourless gas caused by the breakdown of uranium in soil and rocks. Health Canada estimates as many as 16 percent of lung cancer deaths can be attributed to radon exposure.

According to a recent Health Canada  survey, 29 percent of Prince George homes have radon levels above Health Canada’s action guideline. Notably, more than half of the homes in the “V2M” area code have radon levels above this threshold.

That information prompted the City to declare last November “Radon Awareness Month” and to offer long term test kits at  a reduced price.

Results of those tests are not yet available.

Typically,   radon testing equipment  is placed in a  home’s lowest level   for several months  as levels can fluctuate over the seasons.  The BC Lung Association has now partnered with Radon Environmental Management Corp to provide a fast and accurate way to find out if your home, school or workplace has potentially unhealthy indoor radon levels.

The BC Lung Association, in partnership with Radon Environmental Management Corp  is making  two  short term tests available.  One  produces results within 48 hours,  the other  produces results over one month.  Long term testing  takes three months to a year.

The  48 hour test  costs between $250 and $300  while the 30 day test  costs $60 dollars.

The BC Lung Association recommends  those who opt for a short  term test also conduct  a longer term test,  just to  make sure the short term  results are accurate  and are  consistently low, or  high over   the longer period of time.

If  the test results  show  high concentrations of radon,  mitigating  measures can be taken  by installing a  pipe and fan system  beneath  the foundation of  a home.

Kits can be purchased online through RadonAware.ca .


Such kits should be provided free of charge to residents who can prove their home address lies within the established trouble zones, at a minimum.
Heck, at 60 bucks a pop, spread them around. They could require a refundable deposit, to ensure that the kits are deployed, and then returned for analysis.
That would be a proactive approach to a potential medical problem, and could save the medical system dollars in the long run.

    I agree the overall cost would be minimal to provide the test kits for free. However, the cost of having a mitigation system installed is around $1200-1700. I believe most who would consider paying the overall cost of mitigation would have no problem paying the test fee upfront.

250 reporters, sounds like that health CAN survey needs to be fact checked.

“Notably, more than half of the homes in the “V2M” area code have radon levels above this threshold.”

How was that determined? Who did the survey?

I have the long term kit going now – the northern health $20 campaign. It will be a 5 month test.

Radon is turning into a business model. Fear is the best sales tool
bar none.

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