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October 27, 2017 11:56 pm

Power Outages Plague Central Interior

Friday, March 4, 2016 @ 1:47 PM

Prince George, B.C.- There are numerous power outages  throughout the  Prince George  and Quesnel areas.poweroutages

(Map at right shows  the number of power outages in the  province, -image courtesy BCHydro)

BC Hydro  reports  22 current  outages  impacting a total of 2345 customers from Quesnel through to Prince George.

The high wind  has  been blamed  for  knocking trees down on to wires,  and there is a circuit failure  that is  impacting  Hixon.

BC Hydro  expects to have  power fully restored by  4 this afternoon



This happens around PG every time we get a good wind.
I wonder if Hydro actually looks at the cause of the outages, and make alterations to the problem areas, or just does a quick patch job to hold things until the next one blows through and repair again?

yep, that is how they do it.
Screw being proactive, wait till it breaks, duct tape it together, spend $8.2 billion on a dam we don’t need, all the while seek to deplete an existing power reservoir.

spend public money, spend public money, then pay executives embarrassing bonuses.

Yep, that is how they do it.

No it is not Duct Tape, it can be a Torpedo or Crimp Connector, depending if it is Primary or Secondary and if Wac would have not build the Hydro Dams you would be sitting in the Dark!

I’m sure Hydro is screwing the pooch on purpose because they like to have power outages all over the map when the wind blows!
It’s probably so that they can pay out all that outrageous overtime pay, and of course, you can’t miss the number of pissed off people!
I think that sometimes people need to get over themselves and their hatred for a certain government and realize that sometimes shit does happen, the wind does blow, power-lines fail, and trees do fall across them!
Last time I checked, no one has a really good handle on Mother Nature!

    you are right no one can handle mother nature, but Hydro could be a little more prepared for her temper fits.
    The trees that take out hydro lines this time will still be there and repeat the process down the road.

I think people would be outraged if they know of the wasteful spending with bc hydro. Management heavy and no responsibility to the public. The project planning is a joke and accountability for spending is nonexistent. A true managment overhaul and systems review is required to address the immense waste of taxpayers money.


“I think people would be outraged if they know of the wasteful spending with bc Hydro”
please enlighten us. I would love to know more. You sound like you worked with them or know of someone who does. Please share.

Yes I do and they are constantly frustrated with the ten of thousands of dollars spent on planning only to have the job stopped or canceled. Its not a singular incident is constant. Orders parts at local businesses and is charged 2nd or higher price when brings out hydro visa, trucking contacts out of vancouver are over priced. It’s massively miss managed.

I don’t know why BC HYDRO would allow the winds to come by their poles, trees or power lines in the first place. You would think they could plan better than this…heh heh.

    if you had a tree outside your house that when the wind blew hard there was a limb that kept breaking the same window, wouldn’t you remove the limb?

    same idea

      Have you ever noticed vegetation is always growing. It’s a never ending battle. I am sure hydro will appreciate any advice.

Maybe they should put a wind turbine on every pole and take advantage of the wind.

It’s funny how some people can complain that the trees aren’t trimmed back, yet a crew will go out to do a job and quite often the landowner refuses to have a new pole installed on or near their property. Or heaven forbid that tree get cut to provide ample room in relation to the power line, even if it jeopardizes their own service coming in. Easier to complain to BCH when their tree finally does come down.

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