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October 27, 2017 11:54 pm

CYC seeks City Assistance

Monday, March 7, 2016 @ 3:58 AM

connaughtPrince George, B.C.- The Connaught Youth Centre is home to  many  organizations,  and  is looking to  the City of Prince George for some help.

The CYC’s neighbourhood  has  more than  4,000 residents,  and one in three are single parent families led mostly be  a single female parent.  According to stats to  from the Connaught  Youth Centre to be  presented to Prince George City Council this evening,  the neighbourhood has the most transient  population an of any neighbourhood in the city

Yet through those challenges,  the Centre is  home to a number of organizations from quilters to cadets to  sporting  groups.

While it has received  funding to  assist in  program delivery,   the Centre is calling on  the City to  give it a hand up so it can focus more on programs and less on  facility infrastructure.

Specifically,   it is requesting;

  • a long term lease from the City of Prince George,
  • that the CYC facility  improvements be  added to the City’s funded five year capital plan,
  • that the City  pave and maintain the CYC/Ron Brent  parking lot,  and
  • that the Connaught Youth Society  be involved in  all planning to develop and improve Ron Brent park.

The park  has recently become the focus of attention  as a  major seniors housing  complex   requires  part of the parkland  in order to proceed.  Neighbours want to ensure dollars  raised from the sale of that portion of parkland be used to  improve what  remains of Ron Brent  Park.


more schools have been closed that were in better condition. Rip it down and rebuild something more energy efficient and accessible….

    If the city won’t spend the money to upgrade and maintain the existing facility, do you really think they are going to spend even more money on a brand new facility? Anyway, they have more important things to do; like figuring out a way to jam a 50,000,000 dollar arts center down everyone’s throats for the benefit of a few hundred live theater patrons.

at least this gets used year round, I would rather see money go here than to say hockey arenas or another bunch of soccer fields that are use 2 months of the year.

    Hockey arenas get used year round. Perhaps you should take a look at a community events calendar once in a while. You’re making the assumption that when there’s no hockey they sit idle.

Maybe the city could take some of the money they give Theatre Northwest or the Symphony and put it to better use here. It would help a lot more people.

Theatre Northwest attracts in the excess of 5000 people per show, But they do it wisely spreading it over three weeks, so they don’t need a huge facility. The quality of their show is very good. It is a non-profit organization. Thus they do need sponsorships and other grants to make it viable. It is a very valuable asset to our community.

I do not know how much the playhouse gets used. I have only gone to a few handful of events there. I have gone to Vanier Hall a lot to see the children performances and others. It is a very good facility.

I would have to admit that the success of the PAC will be the death of Theatre Northwest. That is a pretty high price.

As far as I am concerned grown people should pay for their own entertainment. I pay for mine, and I don’t expect a handout. If I can’t afford it, I don’t do it.

    I pay for all my entertainment and activities as well….

So duffer and bcracer in your mind it will be okay to shut down the pools, ice rinks, civic center, playhouse, Vanier Place, stadium, baseball diamonds, skate board park, will you get my drift.

Care to elaborate on your entertainment?

Seamutt, obviously you didn’t understand what I was getting at. I don’t mind using my tax dollars for youth and students so I think we should subsidize everything on your list except for the playhouse. As far as subsidizing for adults, I am still against it. I pay in excess of $1500.00 per year for a golf pass and no one subsidizes me. I certainly don’t agree with the handouts to the Theatre and Symphony orchestra. If you want to watch a play or music, either pay for it yourself, or turn on the tube.

Differ, are you talking about the PG Golf and Curling Club? Didn’t the city “donate” that land? The club didn’t pay for it and they have a difficult time maintaining it.

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