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October 27, 2017 11:55 pm

22nd Overlander Rovers Fundraising for ‘Trip of a Lifetime’

Sunday, March 6, 2016 @ 3:00 PM
Some Overlander Rovers members, from left to right Dane, Delanie, Davy, Katt, Stan, Lawrence.

Some Overlander Rovers members, from left to right, Dane, Delanie, Davy, Katt, Stan, Lawrence.

Prince George, B.C. – Scout Canada’s 22nd Overlander Rovers are on the final stretch of a fundraising campaign and could use your help.

They are trying to raise money to help fund an 8,000 km, 19 day adventure which starts at Jp Magazine’s Dirt’n’Drive event in Las Vegas, and continues through to Moab, Utah for the 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari.

Following that it will wrap up with a trip through the Grand Canyon and finally home through California and Oregon and up the coast.

22nd Overlander Rovers team member Katt Greenwell describes it as “a trip of a lifetime” and notes they’re about $2,000 short of their $18,000 fundraising goal.

Rover Stan working on his jeep Eightball

Rover Stan working on his jeep Eightball

“The money will help pay for things like fuel, repairs, food, and hotels in a couple of places,” she says. “$18,000 would give us a really great sort of buffer.”

She describes the Rovers as “an interest-based Rover Crew, with a focus on off-roading, overland travel, and outdoor adventure.”

Greenwell says they also have a strong record of community service which includes mentoring the younger age groups of scouting, including Scouts and Beavers.

That’s not to mention the service they provide to the community at large.

“We all volunteer in some aspect at the Relay for Life each year. Members help the 13th RCMP Rovers with the maintenance of the Spruce City Wildlife Association, Camp Hughes maintenance at West Lake, food drives and the Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign.”

The 22nd leaves Prince George in nine days before returning April 3.

You can donate through their Facebook page. There is also an account set up at the Nechako Bottle Depot where anyone wishing to donate their bottles can just leave them there with instructions to deposit them into account #419.

Greenwell says any unused money will be filtered down to the younger age groups within Scouts Canada.


Thats nothing… if I was to crowd source for my dream vacation it would take me up to the Yukon to the Canol Road (which is the best drive in all of Canada).

The Canol road is rarely traveled and one might see signs of another human maybe every three or four days if you’re lucky. It goes maybe 800km+ into the heart of the Mackenzie mountain range. Canol Road was developed for a pipeline from a huge oil deposit that brought oil to Whitehorse for a small refinery they had there during WW2. Secure oil that the Japs couldn’t reach.

Once across the North West Territory border there is a small as yet named creek that flows through the remainder of the Mackenzie mountains into the Mackenzie River about a 400 miles journey. I would take a canoe from there and then once at the Mackenzie River its another 450 miles due North to reach Tsiigehtchic where one could disembark at the Dempster highway and then its only 1800km back to Whitehorse.

Total trip time would be anywhere from 25-days to two months… depending on the speed of the river and any obstacles on the unnamed creek-river connector from the Canol to the Mackenzie, which as far as I know has never been traveled. Drive time would take 3-4 days to travel to the departure point at a comfortable scenic pace, and another 6-7 days home from Inuvik back to PG. Float time would be anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on conditions in a late July start time.

Lots of worthy groups out there needing financial support. This isn’t one of them.

    at least they never went to city hall with their hands out saying YOU OWE US.

Pure genius, getting other people to fund your vacation.

Did you all not read the part where they actually GIVE BACK to the community?? They are not asking for donations while they sit on their ass and not do anything like a lot of people. These people work their asses off AFTER their actual jobs to help out in the community. How many of you with the negative comments can say you actually do anything to help your community????
And keep in mind, this trip will also bring more recognition to YOUR community and could potentially bring more tourists to your area of people that may never have even heard of it.
I say good on them!

To all the negative commenters; Is there something wrong with these people ASKING for assistance from the public at large?


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