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October 27, 2017 11:54 pm

2015 Canada Winter Games in PG Best Event in Canada

Monday, March 7, 2016 @ 12:13 PM


Mayor Lyn Hall, Kathleen Soltis, Anthony Everett of the 2015 Canada Winter Games, and Leanne Schinkel of Tourism Prince George -image courtesy City of P.G.)

Prince George, B.C.- The 2015 Canada Winter Games  held in Prince George, have been named the Sport Tourism Event of the Year.

The runners up were  the 103rd Grey Cup Festival, and the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships.

Oh but  there’s more.

The 2015 Canada Winter Games also took  top prize for being the Sustainable Event of the year.   Runners up in that category were the Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games, and the 2015  FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The awards were handed out  today at the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance  Prestige Awards ceremony in Ottawa.

Mayor Lyn Hall  says the awards    validate what the City is able to do  when it comes to hosting major events “I think  it highlights us as a community of  highly dedicated volunteers and  highlights the facilities that we  have,  so I rally think it bodes well for us   when it comes to applying for games in the  future, whatever they  might be,  it  really bodes well for us.”

The Mayor says  being named the “sporting event of the year ”   is a “huge, huge honour, and this was for events  that were in excess of a million dollars.  It is a huge  honour for us in that particular category because there were other major sporting events  in much larger centres.  You take a look at  some of them, they were in much larger cities,  and you take a look at what we did  in Prince George and   the size of our  community and again, it boils down to those 4500 volunteers , the bid package that was put before   the  Canada games Council,  our venues,  and we absolutely showed them we had the capacity to deal with all of that and produce a very successful Games.”

The Mayor says the  victory  belongs to the whole community  “It’s a gold medal day for the community and everyone who had a part to play  in  the Games.”

A message of congratulations has been sent by Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies MP Bob Zimmer ““Not only are these awards recognition of the hard work and dedication of those who made the Games the great success that it was, it is also representative of the importance of continuing to promote and encourage sports tourism in Northern BC.  “Congratulations to Games Host Society Chair Anthony Everett, Mayor Lyn Hall, and the many volunteers of the Games on today’s two big wins.

The 2015 Canada Winter Games  were the only  event to win awards in two  categories.


(Editor’s note:  this article has been updated to included comments from Mayor Lyn Hall and MP Bob Zimmer.)



I know I had a Hell of a Good Time.

Elected politicians seem to have a need to pat themselves and each other on the back (for merely doing their job?)
I think that phenomenon is pervasive due to the fact that most of the people these elected ones represent do not appreciate just how hard they work (tongue firmly in cheek).
I suppose the politicos see these holiday trips as their just reward.

Another photo-op for the taxpayers!!

“Sustainable Event of the year”?

Does that mean the taxpayers of Prince George have very deep pockets?

    pretty much

Well done PG ! You’re punching way above your weight . A well deserved pat on the back is more than in order .

“Sustainable Event of the year”?

Say what? Guess all those carbon trails into PG where ignored, lol.

    The Canada Winter Games was first in 1967 in Quebec City.

    Every year that it continues, it grows more and more sustainable. Will it last 100 years? We do not know until it happens.

    The Quebec Winter carnival has been held on and off since 1894 with a continuing carnival since 1955. The Briar cup event started 1927. The PG Ex is older than the City of PG.

    There are many festivities and sporting events in Canada and the rest of the world which have been and continue to be sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.

    In that sense of sustainability, I do not know what made the 2015 Games special. Where can we see the criteria which were used to measure sustainability?

Way to go guys and gals, and all the countless volunteers. It Was a fun event

I wonder is the PAC going to be sustainable?

    I wonder if Canada will be sustainable.

    There are three countries which lay claim to the title of the oldest country in the world

    San Marino, Japan and China.

    San Marino was founded on September 3 in the year 301 CE. San Marino’s constitution is the world’s oldest, having been first written in the year 1600. Despite San Marino’s founding in the year 301, it wasn’t recognized as independent until the year 1631 by the Pope.

Some of these comments really do tell us who the people are that will never support this community to move forward and show the rest of the country and the world what we really have to offer. I really do not understand how people can be so negative, yet live here and bitch and complain day in and day out, regardless of the stories posted. I have heard the comment too many times, If you don’t like it! Leave!!

The people of prince George can take pride in these awards, everyone played a role from volunteers to the Citizen just giving directions. Excellent all the way around for sure. Even mother nature help out :)

There are many factors surrounding these games that do not get any mention, not the least of which is those business’s who geared up for the games and lost money,.

In addition the volunteers worked many many hours over and above what they originally thought they would work, and this was because there was actually a shortage of volunteers for some events through out the week.

Kudo’s to those who put in all the extra hours, and got little or no mention.

Furthermore the taxpayers of Prince George put in an additional $15 Million in taxes that certainly helped make these games a success.

Once the games are over, and the hoopla draws to a close, we go back to work and continue with our lives. Not sure what’s to be gained by constantly bringing up the games. Time to move on.

I am so proud of the Games. No one does these kinds of things for the awards but I’m glad that we were recognized nationally for the outstanding results achieved by the entire northern community. We all worked so hard to welcome the country and celebrate our young athletes. We advanced not only our own “brand” but that of the Canada Games, not just with visitors but with ourselves. The changes across the community are obvious… Turn out at public events is exponentially higher, people are excited about possible future events, a new generation of civic minded volunteers has learned not only HOW to help out, but WHY they would want to. Congratulations to everyone who planned, worked, volunteered and attended, and a special shout out to my incredible team of volunteers and staff at the CN Centre – thank you for everything you did, this award belongs to all of you!

Congratulations to all involved in Games… any award is deserved. I went to lots of events and enjoyed it all… Really enjoyed the short track speed skating :)

I know some of you are complaining about them.. AGAIN.

How many of you complaining even went ? How many of you volunteered ?
My guess is ZERO on both counts.. I hope you enjoy life from the couch..because I am guessing that’s where you spend all your waking life.

    “I hope you enjoy life from the couch..because I am guessing that’s where you spend all your waking life.”

    Did it ever occur to you that there may actually be some who would love to get out or get out more, but cannot?

    You have no idea what the mix of people who sit at a computer, tablet, etc.

    I try to be a bit more inclusive and respectable of the spectrum of computer users on the internet. Perhaps you and others might give that some consideration as well.

      Of course it occurred to me…but are those the ones whining about the games or are those the ones who enjoyed them by watching the telecasts? As for who uses computers and other devices..um yes.. Everyone. But do they just sit and whine or do they use them for news, entertainment etc.

      the games where great.. My gold passes got me into any event.. And I took in as much as I could because we may never see them again in PG.

Congratulations PG, and all you awesome volunteers out there!

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