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October 27, 2017 11:49 pm

Parking Restrictions Remain for Street Sweeping

Saturday, March 12, 2016 @ 4:02 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Just as one year ago, the changing of seasonal weather from winter to spring conditions seems to be ahead of schedule in the Prince George area. However, City Hall reminds you that winter parking restrictions are still in effect.

Those restrictions won’t be lifted until April 15th and adherence to them is a must, especially in light of the street cleaning now underway.  City workers have moved from snow clearing to removing winter traction material from streets and lots.

“In order to ensure the fastest possible cleanup of neighbourhood streets, residents are asked to avoid parking on the street during spring sweeping,” says Director of Public Works Gina Layte Liston. “If sweepers have to maneuver around parked cars, this slows sweeping and leaves a sandy and dusty area once the vehicle moves.”

The City’s Clean Air Bylaw outlines requirements related to dust. “Removing traction material quickly is important to reduce the dust that contributes to poor air quality, but the manner in which the material is removed is equally important,” says Layte Liston.

Key points of the bylaw include:

  • Dust control procedures (air filters) or dust suppression liquids (water) must be used at all times.
  • This also applies to leaf blowers, brooms, and vacuum sweepers.
  • When dust suppression liquids are used, they must be applied in sufficient quantities to prevent dust.
  • When an Air Quality Advisory is issued, all sweeping activities must stop immediately.

You can get further information on the City’s website.

Organizations wishing for additional information on road and parking lot dust control can contact the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (250-612-0252).


The city should use tow trucks, others in the lower mainland tow you in a heartbeat. After a 300.00 tow bill and fine it would never happen again, although for my daughter it happened twice – if you have an expired tag they can also tow you for another 300.00. Word would travel like a wildfire in heavy winds. Problem solved.

    I would add one more thing to your idea. If the City had to sweep or plow around your parked car (and didnt tow it) then bylaw could come, fine you/tow you and then you have to sweep or shovel off your spot before they release the vehicle from impound.
    Parking restrictions are simple rules and are there for a reason (ease of maintenance of streets, garbage collection and traffic flow being some of them). Since the City does not enforce them, very few care to abide by them.

    To those who believe it is their god-given right to park where and how they please… have no fear, the City wont tow you anyways… go on being a self centered, ignorant, obnoxious twit. Your neighbors love you for it!

Lived here for 50 years and I’ve never heard or seen anyone get towed for snow clearing or street sweeping .

just saying

    And therein lies the problem

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