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October 27, 2017 11:41 pm

Doherty Hoping Federal Budget Focuses on Job Creation

Monday, March 21, 2016 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Todd Doherty is hoping to see some measures that spur job creation in tomorrow’s federal budget.

The Cariboo-Prince George Conservative Member of Parliament says Canadians across Western Canada, including his riding, have been feeling the pinch. doherty3-630x586

“You know Cariboo-Prince George, our riding, has been one of the hardest hit,” says Doherty. “Canadians need to know that this (Liberal) government is looking to help them get back to work and that there is a plan in place.”

He says the government could take a positive step in that direction by granting an environmental certificate to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Prince Rupert (a decision that is expected tomorrow by Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna).

“We’ve been very vocal about accepting and helping with LNG in our region. It will have a direct impact on this riding,” says Doherty. “This area is a service centre so any jobs or projects that are in and around this area will always positively impact us.”

And though he doubts it will be announced tomorrow, he says the government needs to make sure a softwood lumber agreement is in place soon.

Doherty says that would give “some stability and confidence” to communities that are dependent on the forest industry.

He cautions a budget that focuses on big city issues won’t fly in his riding.

“This government campaigned that they had a plan for real change and they said that they were prepared to go $10 billion into deficit and we know already they’re going to be well over that,” says Doherty.

“So Canadians need to know that they’re not just hanging their hat on high speed transit because as I’ve said before that does nothing for my riding and the communities of Williams Lake, Quesnel, Prince George, and Vanderhoof.”

But despite such concerns, he remains optimistic the government do its best to deliver.

“I’m hopeful, we’ll see. If not, we’ll have an interesting three and a half years moving forward and trying to make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to build the awareness of how rural Canada impacts urban Canada.”


Even with the massive amounts of wasteful spending this government is doing, it still lags way behind the last government.

What high speed transit ? Look it up ! Canada is the only g7 country with no high speed rail of any kind . We do have a high speed rail advocacy group but that’s it . Too bad Tracy didn’t win this riding . She’d likely be a minister by now with a voice instead of a opposition back bench with a hope and another one with a prayer .

X-it you are correct… there is no way this gov is anywhere near doing the wasteful spending that harper did..

Why all of a sudden do the cons care about BC..and Prince George.. they certainly didn’t while in power.. the leader wouldn’t even come here for the CANADIAN winter games.. pathetic.

Wait for the budget P Val. Then you will see zoolanders incompetence.

    We just had 10yrs of Incompetence…..if you want more wait till next election…as for Backbenchers Dogerty and zimm…..hehehe..all bark no bite….

    spoken like a true conserva#*#@*….

Thats why Harper was praised for how he handled the global market collapse.
You could put your knowledge of a functioning economy on the head of a pin tliotg. Stick to gaming.

    I didn’t realize that Harper had implemented the regulations in our banking sector that helped keep us in relatively good shape when the global market collapse hit. In fact, I could’ve sworn that it was actually the Liberals that did that, and that Harper was against those regulations when he was in opposition.

    Wow, you learn something new every day, LOL ;)

I am game….. see prolly forgot more then you NO….lmao…..

    What regulations are you referring to? They blocked mergers and that was continued by Flaherity. Can you be more specific?

      You don’t remember how insured mortgages had a maximum term of 25 years before Harper was elected?

      If not, then maybe you don’t recall that after being elected, CMHC started insuring 40 year mortgages for a brief period? If I recall correctly, the Cons wanted to provide more people access to the housing market, and this was their approach to go about doing it (they wouldn’t have qualified under the old rules).

      I’ll give the Cons (probably Flaherty more like it) credit for recognizing their blunder, as they did eventually move the limit back down to 25 years, but it was only after they recognized the dangerous path they were headed down after seeing what was unfolding in the US.

      Getting back to your original point, we fared fairly well because of that foundational regulation in the banking system, despite the short-term relaxing of rules in the early days of the Harper government.

      I think Flaherty probably had a better mind for this sort of stuff than Harper. He seemed far more practical and less “textbook”.

      NMG you left out the zero down . All those chickens will come home to roost.

      NMG I think you’re giving Jim way to much credit for the timing of the reversal/vacillating . After all he set the whole ugly trap in place . I doubt many of the kids like Dow have even seen normal interests let alone the likes of the Paul Volker years .

    Are you speaking Klingon or just need another bowl tliotg?

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      I will smoke my MEDS and you will be the drinker.[one from City council would be fine]!.to be set in a Big parking lot like CN center,as I do not drink….I would rather smoke and fly …cause I arrive alive…rules will be so easy…

      tliotg you do know that driving high on pot is no different than on booze and is subject to the same penalties.
      You sound like you are addicted to thc-use the drug on a daily basis from morning till night. No different than those addicted to alcohol living under the bushes by the united church. Meds? What are they trying to cure, the long history of work boot allergy that you have that has left you scared stiff of work? Medication consists of things like aspirin not something that you suck on just to get high.
      Saw someone post that you also do a bit of fencing so will have to give you a HIGH 5 there as you must not sit around all day like a POTted plant. What kind of foil do you use?

      Come on now stockaloss. Normal? you know you’ve always struggled with normal.

Harper handled the global market collapse on the regulations put in place by the previous government.

Also remember oil prices were high in 2008.

    Just like the banks , big fossil had a huge role in tanking the markets . What’s the term ? Pigs get slaughtered . Kind of spooky all the shorting of our banks by foreign money eh ?

      The US Federal Reserve bought 85% of all US stocks and bonds between the years 2008 and 2014 through their quantitative easing program. The truth is there is no real market anymore, its all manufactured ponzi at this point.

      Was reading Trumps book from a decade ago about why he wants everyone to be rich, and he talks in it how the Fed likes to sell the inflation argument, but in reality what is happening is deflation in the value of the dollar. Gives a few good examples of that, and then brags about his real estate holdings protecting him from the deflation of the US dollar markets under ‘inflation’ propaganda.

    Oil got smoked 2bits. What regulations are you referring to

“I’m hopeful, we’ll see. If not, we’ll have an interesting three and a half years moving forward and trying to make sure that we’re doing everything in our power to build the awareness of how rural Canada impacts urban Canada. ” How true . If it wasn’t for the rural vote he wouldn’t have won his seat . Second time is the money shot .

Libs will present a budget that try’s to make change to the 1o years of cons that all put destroyed our Canada. The people made their choice and so far it was the right one by all accounts.

Maybe if you live on fantasy island steph.

You wiggle yer ears with it stuck up there …rite? too funni I say!

Governments cannot stay in power forever,. Even though Harper was the best Prime Minister we have had in a long while, he could not continue to win forever.

So we now have pretty boy, to run the show. So lets sit back and watch the action,. Harper did not leave these Liberals any money to play with, and that’s why they have gone to deficit spending. Their only other alternative would have been to raise taxes.

So (contrary to what some might think) Harper did what he set out to do.
Cut spending, cut taxes, and put the Gomery Liberals in a box.

    What? You mean he meant to lose the election? Or, did he plan on winning but didn’t want to leave himself any money to play with? I thought they had surpluses? LOL.

    X10 palopu. Looking forward to the budget and see where they stack up relative to the 10 billion deficit zoolander promised in the election only 6 months ago.

      Deficit? What deficit? The budget will balance itself! ;-)

Pal:”So (contrary to what some might think) Harper did what he set out to do.Cut spending, cut taxes, and put the Gomery Liberals in a box.”

Cut spending? Cut taxes? Balanced the budgets? Had a surplus? Duffy, I say!

The voters put Harper in a box.

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