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October 27, 2017 11:40 pm

Parking Questions on New Seniors Residence

Monday, March 21, 2016 @ 7:25 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The Riverbend Prince George Seniors residence  has  been granted a  variance  in its  development.

The  developer of the 173 unit  building  proposed the  required  239  parking spaces be reduced to 135.

According to the developer,  this development is a carbon copy of  their facility in Kamloops and it has been their experience  that  since  this  is a senior’s complex,  many  of the residents  don’t drive,   there is  a “scooter” room,   and since 66 of the units  are  for social housing,   the reduced number of parking stalls  would be more than  sufficient.

But  of the reduced number of stalls,  only eleven spaces will be  designated for visitor parking,  and  19  will be set aside for commercial parking.

Councillor Brian Skakun  was the  only one to  oppose the  request.


Good for Councillor Brian Skakun, what an uncompassionate bunch of councillors! 11 visitor spaces for 173 residents, the 135 for 173 units is bad enough. Have they ever had the opportunity to visit a family member or friend in a similar residents?

    I believe the Prince George Chateau is a comparable type of seniors’ residence. It has 114 units. I counted between 50 and 60 parking spaces from an aerial photo. Some are covered.

    That makes it roughly 1 parking space per 2 units.

    Looking through some bylaws in Canada as well as ordinances in the USA, that meets with the common requirements for senior residence. That being said, if the use of the building were to change to standard apartment units, additional parking would be required.

    If the City bylaws required 239 parking spaces, it appears that the City does not have much experience with senior’s housing parking requirements.

    Gateway Lodge has about 50 parking spaces. Due to its different function, there are likely more visitors coming to that facility. I notice that 20th avenue is frequently a very busy on street parking facility at the lodge. I do not know how many rooms are available at the Lodge.

There is no way 11 visitor parking stalls are sufficient for 173 seniors, especially as visitors tend to be people who are still employed so evenings and weekends are busier times. You are not spreading visitors out over a 24hour period. Many seniors need daily assistance from family members IMO council dropped the ball on this one.

Parking doesn’t seem to be a concern for the City. Just look at the downtown and all the lots they have closed.

There was a lot across from the Keg… closed, blocked off, and sits vacant.
The parking lot at the Achillion on 4th was closed for some time. Open at the moment but may be part of the new park plans.
The parking lot right next door behind the Wood Innovation Centre is slated to become a park.
Lanes along Ospika and other road that I seem to recall being built as parking lanes are now bike lanes.

I am sure there are many more examples, but it’s too early to think of them.

Apparently these Seniors aren’t expected to have any visitors. 173 of them, but only room for 11 vehicles to park.

Where are people in this town supposed to park????

It appears to me that the reasoning behind the developers’ request to reduce the number of parking stalls boils down to that most common of denominators, money.
They have this concept, its looking like the concept will proceed, now (naturally) they want to start shaving off “unnecessary” costs. Like politicians, they will use any argument necessary to support their thirst for greater profits.

I think that we need more seniors housing, but surely it is obvious that at least more visitors’ parking is required. Why clog nearby streets with even more parking (already a problem with Gateway)

Most of us will be using automobiles to get around for the foreseeable future, now is not the time to (continue to) cheap out on parking.

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