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October 27, 2017 11:40 pm

Impact of Bill C-7 on Municipalities Not Clear

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 @ 3:52 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  The Federal Government has  started debate on Bill C-7,  the  legislation that  sets the stage for  collective bargaining for the RCMP.

While making it clear they support  the  move to collective bargaining,  Conservative MP’s have raised two issues  with the  document.

First,   they would like to see  the legislation allow for secret balloting for  members.  It’s a move they say would  allow members of the RCMP to vote on collective bargaining issues without fear of retribution from  fellow Mounties or Senior  Officers.

The other issue has to do with the potential impact on municipalities.

If  new contracts  are negotiated and  wage or benefit packages approved by the membership,  Tory MPs want to know  what consultation  there has, or will be, with the municipalities which  will be  responsible for the extra costs. Cariboo -Prince George MP Todd Doherty says the concerns raised  are not about  being  anti-union “I meet with Mayors and Councils from across our region every time I’m back home,  and the rising cost of policing, that is born to our municipalities.”

Doherty rose three times in  Parliament yesterday asking  the Government if the  financial implications for municipalities had been considered  and the only response was  that “consultation is on going”.

“I think people know my stance when it comes to policing, armed forces and our first responders” says Doherty ” I am 100%  with those who are on the front line, and I believe they are increasingly having to be taxed even further and having to work longer hours because those resources  aren’t there for another member to come in.  We just want them ( the Government) to  know, that our communities from coast to coast to coast, in the 8 provinces where we have an agreement  with the Federal Government for RCMP Policing, that  increasingly, our communities are being taxed  to  capacity.”

Most recently,  it was announced the increased costs for DNA analysis  in  police investigations will be passed along to municipalities,   in Prince George, that bill is expected to be about $60 thousand dollars, and  the rate will be increased further over the next few years.



Interesting Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty would say; “the concerns raised are not about being anti-union”, however back to that later…

Just a little background info on this issue. Last year the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the RCMP has the right to “freedom of association” under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While it did not specifically go so far as to say the RCMP has the right to unionize, the ruling goes in that direction.

Conservatives tend to take a rather simplistic black or white, good or evil, either – or, point of view on issues, so one can sense the conflict this specific issue has for them as many Conservatives are anti-union, yet are staunch supporters of our boys in blue (in Canada’s case, boys in red serge).

I look forward to reading the many comments from them that contain qualifying statements like; “While I support our RCMP,…” or “The RCMP do an important job, but…”. One can only hope some of the more boisterous Conservatives on this site would share with us their “for or against” position on this issue. ;-)

My position is; Labour Rights are important rights that should apply to the RCMP.

Prince George City Police, has a nice ring to it PGCP…

    And they will inherit a 40 milion buck building…and they[rcmp] should be sent to Baffin Isle to watch for the Russians and that palin broad…

      Don’t get your hopes up if a city police force is ever formed the RCMP will pass on the file of local pot peddlers. You can be found under H, no not Heisenberg more likely Hindenburg. When you say “Say my name!” the response will be “deadbeat” and instead of a black fedora you will have something more resembling a traffic cone.
      How are things going at the fencing club? En Garde Cut Thrust Parry and all that.

Todd’s comments are legit and as stated: He agrees that our boys in blue should have a right to form a union, and going further insisting they have a right to have a private vote. As Todd pointed out, our biggest concern is, “what is the extra cost for our local governments and cities going to be?”
I’m only assuming that he is suggesting that the Feds to step up and absorb some of this cost and if so I am in total agreement.

I will explain without prejudice.

Every RCMP detachment across Canada needs to increase their budget and manpower to protect all Canadian citizens, their property and their rights.
Most RCMP members log some extremely high hours of overtime, due to court time and short staffing.

Due to our new government eliminating the below act, as of Dec 18/206, they have basically taken on ownership of adjudicating how the taxpayers money is spent on Canada’s Indigenous People.
Read the complete First Nations Financial Transparency Act

That being said, the Federal government has a responsibility to take ownership of all aspects involving these people, including community and provincial policing.

These are the facts for Canada:
• 23% of all inmates in our prisons and First Nations People
• 75% of all criminal case loads, that appear before the courts involve First Nations people.
• 65% of the inmates in the Prairie Provinces are First Nations people.
All the arrests, paperwork and court time amount to a lot of $$ in wages being spent on the RCMP. The local governments cannot afford this or any increases.
I feel that a portion of the budget money allotted yesterday to assist the First Nations, should be allotted in proportion to the cities and provinces to compensate for any additional costs. (see budget below)
This consideration for compensation should only come second to funding available, after the Feds (whatever party) FINALLY clean up their act to ensure that all reserves have adequate clean drinking water and adequate/functional water treatment facilities. This issue alone is so embarrassing —– and we condemn other countries for their mistreatment of their people??

2016 Budget – Indigenous Peoples:$8.4 billion over five years, with $2.6 of that to improve primary and secondary education on reserves. Other funding for drinking water and housing, as well as family and child services.

    The most serious problem facing police forces across Canada is naive politicians who have no understanding of the budget (money and manpower) required to do the job to the city’s expectations let alone the public. There are so many people commenting about the police not going after distracted drivers, drug dealers etc, then there are those who whine when they get a ticket, demanding police to go after real criminals. If politicians were able to spend some time walking along side an investigation from beginning to end they just might get a clue.
    But they are always tasked to do more with less, bosses pass it down to the rank and file, and burnout occurs, raising costs in overtime.
    I sincerely hope they unionize, they need what every Canadian is entitled to.

So lets assume that they form a Union. What next?? Meet their demands, or do they go on strike. If they go on strike who minds the store. If they are forbidden to go on strike because they are an essential service, then what is the point of the Union???

Don’t they already have a Police Association that looks out for their interests.???

One should keep in mind that in addition to the Police Officers, we also have some 60 City staff that work in the Police station, and this needs to be looked at along with other policing costs.

Seems to me that we shouldn’t have the Federal Government negotiating a contract with the RCMP without some input from Municipal Governments.

Municipal Governments like Prince George pay 90% of the police cost, plus they are responsible for the Police Station and other costs.

No, to secret balloting.

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