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October 27, 2017 11:39 pm

LNG Delay Making Northern MP ‘Nervous’

Thursday, March 24, 2016 @ 11:22 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Headshot of Bob Zimmer MPThe decision this week by the federal government to delay its decision by 90 days on whether or not to grant an environmental certificate to the Pacific NorthWest LNG project in Prince Rupert isn’t sitting well with Bob Zimmer.

The Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Conservative MP worries the delay could be costly.

“If this project is not realized, to me it’s a big loss in a couple of ways, not just the 4,500 jobs and billions of dollars in revenue to pay for things like health care and other social programs,” he says. “It would also send the message that Canada isn’t open for business as we once were.”

He questions concerns regarding environment impacts, noting the proponent (Petronas) has been “arduous” in answering all questions brought before them.

“There’s been a lot of times that concerns have been brought up and the proponents have come back with the information required and kept responding quite positively to what was asked of them,” says Zimmer, adding the project would also address global environmental concerns.

“This (project) has the potential to cut pollution in half in China if full conversion happens from coal to natural gas. I mean that’s massive and that’s just one country alone.”

He also notes the project has full First Nations support, including conditional support from the Lax Kw’alaam Band.

“It was the last Aboriginal group to really give the thumbs up to it, again with conditions, but yeah, that was a huge addition.”

And though he admits he’s nervously awaiting the government’s final decision, he remains optimistic.

“The delay is definitely concerning but I’m a glass half full guy, I think it’s going to go through still. I’m confident with what the proponent has offered.”


This guy looks more foolish every tine he opens his mouth.

    I lived during the Trudeau he Elder years, and Western alienation was no joke. That we got to feed the Canadian cow, and receive little of it’s milk was apparent to us all, and Trudeau the Elder made little effort to hide his contempt for all things West of Ontario.

    So, despite our MP isn’t visually pleasing to you, this is a valid concern. Is this Trudeau Jnr. sending us a message that we voted wrong? Would this delay have happened under Harper? Is there a valid environmental concern? I hope it’s the latter and not the beginning of another government from the East, for the East.

      Check out how well BC did in the new budget, according to the Vancouver Sun

The very last coal fired power plant in Scotland just shut down yesterday but they don’t need our fossil methane either .

    The future is obviously in renewable energy, such as wind, tidal, geothermal, solar, wave power and of course additional hydro.

    The Rockefellers who amassed most of their vast wealth through oil and coal just announced (David Rockefeller) that they are divesting themselves all fossil fuel related investment, including coal and tar sands holding in Alberta.

    He cites moral and ethical concerns about man made global warming and the deplorable degradation of the global environment.

      It’s even happening in Alberta in spite of the fossils . Ironmandearth.org

      That’s ironandearth.org I read yesterday the guy that invented the auto fill/correct died . Restaurant in piece ya big pain .

      Who’s buying what he’s supposedly selling?

How did we create jobs and pay for our health care and other social programs before we got this proposed project from Petrona’s. Since we haven’t received one cent from Petrona’s one could conclude that we will survive quite well if the project doesn’t go through,.

Also the suggestion that somehow this project will cut half the pollution in China is bogus. If this project does not go through then China will get their gas needs from some other Country and will make whatever reductions they are planning to make.

Reducing China’s pollution reduction is not dependent on Canadian natural gas, so lets get than suggestion off the table.

There are 37 LNG Liquefaction Plants around the world on-stream. None in Canada.

There are 13 under construction ie; 5-USA, 4-Australia, 2-Malaysia, 1-Russia, 1-Colombia. None in Canada.

There are 19 Planned plants. 4 in Canada, 29 proposed, 7 in Canada

So you can see that we haven’t come close to getting started in the LNG game. Other Countries have been in it for over 30 years.

The PETRONAS plant will have little or no effect on pollution in China.

    Thirty years pal really ? The USA has been exporting LNG since 1972 .

    And when an EARTHQUAKE hits and pipeline rupture then they go Oh No who gonna clean up this mess……there are 10-20 sites in BC that are contaminated,will cost Billions to clean up…and crusty doing bout it??
    And do not need No Dam ,damn it!!whew! PP…

      No problem, Natural Gas evaporates into the air, NO SPILL TO CLEAN UP.

    There’s actually another way of getting China to cut their pollution… we need to stop buying their cheap Made in China crap whenever possible.

“It would also send the message that Canada isn’t open for business as we once were.”

So we were open for business? A lot of good that did Northern Gateway and other pipeline projects.

Exactly what major projects benefitted from that “open for business” environment?

Of course, we are assuming that the “open for business” notion has changed.

These are major projects and when there is a new CEO in a company as well as a new Board of Directors, they have a due diligence responsibility to make sure they can support any major decision/process which they will be the ones who will carry the responsibility of success.

To do otherwise would be foolhardy in business as it should be in the case of running a government at any level.

I’ll make ya Nervous zimmmmmmm…like I called you out and do not respond?
Backbencherboy…..You give me Gas!!

    It’s more likely the hand that feeds him that is making him nervous . He’s pretty well useless for them now . Except for perhaps organizing trucker rallies to no where .

Petronas is not interested in this money loosing venture in the first place. Election is coming and the BC liberals are going to try and milk this pipe dream for as long as they can to get re-elected.

Hey let’s get everyone in northern BC excited about this LNG plan on how great it’s gonna be for BC. Let’s hype it up so much that we vote for Christy Clark again. Let’s get the economy turned around and lure investors to towns like Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers to open up restaurants, hotels and retail stores all hoping for that rush of skilled workers to spend their hard earned money at. Just to watch it all fall apart because our government can’t make a decision that they should have been able to make years ago. Either approve it or not. There is enough information gathered by biologists and economic analysts to be able to say “yes or NO”.

    And PPLs like you…Eh seadog…go look in the mirror..ya sound like those Goofballz that live across my drive…

He (Zimmer) questions concerns regarding environment impacts, noting the proponent (Petronas) has been “arduous” in answering all questions brought before them. “There’s been a lot of times that concerns have been brought up and the proponents have come back with the information required and kept responding quite positively to what was asked of them,” says Zimmer.

Unbelievable that this MP would believe an energy giant like Petronas at face value when it has “catastrophic safety issues” relating to some of its current operations.

www. vancouversun.com/energy+giant+petronas+faced+catastrophic+safety+issues/11354054/story.html

Furthermore; more than 100 scientists, in a letter addressed to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, and copied to Trudeau, urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to reject a Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency draft report, these scientists said that scientific flaws in the draft report include: not accurately characterizing the importance of Flora Bank for fish; conclusions on the lack of harm to species such as oolichan without evidence; and a Petronas disregard for studies that were not funded by the company.

www. vancouversun.com/business/resources/scientists+want+federal+environment+minister+reject/11773076/story.html

Thank goodness we now have a government that will consider “scientific facts” and “evidence” before making a decision… should this make an Oil & Gas Industry MP like Bob Zimmer nervous? YOU BET IT SHOULD!!!

    JGalt, I find it interesting that you would state the following:

    “Thank goodness we now have a government that will consider “scientific facts” and “evidence” before making a decision.”

    It seems to me that many of the global-warming alarmists, including scientists and government, don’t have an issue with completely ignoring any scientific facts and evidence that does not align with their side of the fence!

    Just saying…..!

    JGalt, maybe government should consider the scientific facts, evidence and opinions of Dr. Tim Ball?

    “Timothy Francis “Tim” Ball is a Canadian geographer and historical climatologist. A retired professor, he taught in the department of geography at the University of Winnipeg from 1971 until 1996. Ball rejects the scientific opinion on climate change, stating that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas. He has worked with the Friends of Science and the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, and is a research fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.”

    Dr. Ball rejects the scientific opinion on climate change! He has a lot to say! You can read some of it here:

    Providing Insight Into Climate Change – Dr. Tim Ball’s Climate Digest Series

    ht tp://www.friendsofscience.org/index.php?id=415

      JGalt, I also find it humourlessly interesting that the “greenies” are already giving me a negative score, haha!

      How interesting that the “greenies” will bend over backwards to give David Suzuki’s butt, but aren’t interested in the opinions of someone like Dr. Ball!

      David Suzuki has a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Chicago in 1961, and was a professor in the genetics department at the University of British Columbia!

      Dr. Ball is a Canadian geographer and historical climatologist.

      If I want an opinion on zoology or genetics, I suppose that I might ask David Suzuki for his opinion. But, if I wanted an opinion on geography, which a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth, then I think that it might be more beneficial to ask the opinion of Dr. Ball! If I wanted an opinion on climate, then I suspect that the opinions of someone who is a climatologist, then again, I suspect that Dr. Ball might be a better resource than a zoologist/geneticist like Suzuki!

      Funny then, that so many are so quick to kiss Suzuki’s butt!!

Hurry Bob-we need someone to organize another LNG Job Fair. We must be ready!

Hey Ataloss I am still curious about your solar sytem? How large, cost, return on investment, still connected to the grid? Come on Ataloss come clean. Oh wait you do know how expensive and inefficient it is especially up in this latitude.

Here is some reading about coal

At the very moment President Obama has decided to shutter America’s coal industry in favor of much more expensive and less efficient “renewable energy,” coal use is surging across the globe. A new study by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences detects an unmistakable “coal renaissance” under way that shows this mineral of fossilized carbon has again become “the most important source of energy-related emissions on the global scale.” Coal is expanding rapidly “not only in China and India but also across a broad range of developing countries — especially poor, fast-growing countries mainly in Asia,” the study finds. Why is coal such a popular energy source now? The NAS study explains that many nations are attracted to “(relatively) low coal prices . .. to satisfy their energy needs.” It also finds “the share of coal in the energy mix indeed has grown faster for countries with higher economic growth.” –Stephan Moore, Investor’s Business Daily, 7 August 2015

Oh by the way Scotland’s power rates have greatly increased, bird slicers dot what used to be beautiful vista’s and they depend on Nuclear power in France for when the wind don’t blow.

    Not quite sure why other countries buying coal because it’s cheap right now and creating a “coal renaissance” would be considered a good thing. Good for those who somehow monetarily benefit from it I suppose, but not really a good thing for those same people’s airshed. A philosophy that makes the cost of something somehow justify the use and disregards all other factors seems to be flawed in my books. Some forms of energy certainly do cost more than others, but are probably better for the flora and fauna on the planet, especially when looking at the big picture and into the future. There is room for more types of energy than just fossil fuels on this planet. A lot of people will go with alternate power sources because it’s the lifestyle they choose to live, so I am not sure why some people seem to be so against something that clearly doesn’t affect them negatively. We don’t have a huge subsidy program here in Canada for solar and we all know that solar on a large scale isn’t likely feasible here, but because someone on a personal level makes a decision to use alternate power sources shouldn’t bring condemnation from anyone, but rather thank them for not wanting to add to the increasing problem of global pollution.

      It’s actually more strange than you think Bent . Logic doesn’t even come in to play with the fossils because they see it as an ideological stand . Us verses them . They are part of the Rube Goldberg machine that exemplifies their business model . It’s a top down vertically integrated . So they are caught in their self reinforcing feedback loop and you can’t use logic to get through . It’s the same reason Kodak went under . They actually thought that digital cameras were a fad . It would be incredibly ironic if salesmutt ends by being run over by an electric car that was charged at home by solar panels .

    seamutt: with a score of -8:”Hey Ataloss I am still curious about your solar system?”

    Many people refer to the solar panels on their roofs as a *solar system* so I think your endlessly repeated sarcastic taunting is wearing extremely thin! It kinds of taints the rest of your comments which you like to be taken seriously!

Actually coal power with the proper scrubbers, filters as used in the eastern states, the gases coming out is actually cleaner than the air going in. Alternate forms of energy, wind, solar, tidal, are very costly and inefficient. Where ever they are used energy costs increase sharply, Ontario is a prime example. In England a lot of people have to decide between heat or food, sad.

Those alternate forms of energy will always be on the fringe and are by no way benign to the environment.

Want energy with the least effect on the environment, go new generation nuclear.

I see getting thumbs down with no facts to refute.

PG here is something about the Rockefellers

In a stunning admission, Lee Wasserman, Director of the Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF), today openly admitted that the Rockefellers are pouring millions of dollars into “media” organizations like InsideClimate News (ICN) and projects at Columbia University School of Journalism with a specific mission and outcome in mind.

ht tp://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/03/24/uh-oh-rockefellers-admit-paying-for-exxonknew-media-coverage/

“He also notes the project has full First Nations support, including conditional support from the Lax Kw’alaam Band.”

Perhaps we don’t speak the same kind of English language, but how can you have “full” support when some of it is “conditional”? Isn’t that just flim-flam?

Funny how Zimmer is now trying to get some points when he was missing in action – or so it appears in my re-collection – and failed to influence the Boss and keep him from closing our Veterans Affairs office in Prince George – is Z going to attend the grand re-opening ceremony?

From two articles about two different plants written in October 2014:

World’s first ‘clean coal’ commercial power plant opens in Canada
Two plants to put ‘clean coal’ to test

“The world’s first commercial coal-fired power plant that can capture its carbon dioxide emissions officially launched today in Canada — marking a milestone for ‘clean coal’ technology.

“The Boundary Dam project, in Saskatchewan, aims to capture and sell around 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year — up to 90% of the emissions of one of its refitted power units — to oil company Cenovus Energy, which will pipe the compressed gas deep underground to flush out stubborn oil reserves.”

“The refit will cost Can$1.3 billion, has depended on $240 million in government subsidies, and SaskPower hopes that regulators will grant it a 15.5% increase on electricity prices over the next three years.

“The oil industry has been piping CO2 underground to aid in oil recovery for almost half a century.

“The hope is that engineers can learn from the experience how to install the technology at lower cost.”



Germany is decommissioning its nuclear power plants and building new coal fired plants which they expect to last some 50 years and get them to mostly renewable energy sources.

Looks like coal will be around for some time yet and, if new technology will improve, it may continue to be around for much longer than people expect.

What is the worry about C02, life requires C02. The earth was getting very close to C02 starvation. Mans contribution to total atmospheric C02 is only 4%, the rest is natural.

Takes a lot of energy to capture and pump that C02 into the ground. Notice they never mention what the affect will be which is none for the increase in power rates. The stupidity is just amazing. Over 2000 coal plants being built around the world and Saskatchewan gets a rate increase

Now if mans C02 contribution to temperature is true which only exists in computer models, not real world observation, if Canada stopped C02 projection the effect on temperature would be .01 C. So SaskPower needs an increase for nothing.

Anyone care to refute me or only call me names.

    seamutt, nice to see you having so much fun!

    Keep it up, haha!

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