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October 27, 2017 11:30 pm

New Online Map of World War Monuments in BC Launched

Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 3:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Heritage BC has launched its interactive web site that  lists  World War I and  II  memorials,  but  Prince George’s  Veterans Plaza is,  conspicuously, missing.warapThe interactive map allows  site visitors to click on  highlighted  locations for  details on the monuments and special stories  about those  memorials.

Nearly 200  sites throughout the province are  listed on the map,  but  there is no link to the Veteran’s Plaza in Prince George.   Project consultant Elana Zyblast says the  initial  mapping of monuments  is  a result of information  gathered from the public, not the Provincial inventory of such  memorials.

In the case of Prince George,  the  changes  to the cenotaph which saw the  river rock  monuments replaced by the new  pillars,   the  involvement of the Dutch community to have tulips planted in the  Plaza as a thank  you to all who served, are just two of the stories that could make Prince George’s World War monument  connect with  visitors.

“I know that the (provincial ) inventory  could not include everything that’s in Prince George” says Zyblast  “There may well be memorials in churches  that have plaques in windows and they may not be on the  inventory, so it is  a good  opportunity for the community of Prince George to say  What do we  have,  how did we participate in world War I and II, and what  can  we  do  to get the word out on how our community  contributed?”

There are more than 700 World War memorials in the province,  and  they take a variety of forms.  From  names of streets, mountains and lakes,  to rows of trees.  According to Heritage BC, the RCAF Women’s Auxiliary would plant  a blue hydrangea outside the Chilliwack High School  each time they had been notified of a death of an Airforce member during World War II.   By the  end of the War,  there were 49 hydrangea bushes, only a handful of the  plants   are still on site.

The map was  intended to cover  those monuments to the  World Wars,  but  Zyblast say there were  numerous submissions  about the Korean  War, “Because by the time communities got around to erecting a World War II monument,  the Korean  war was underway,  and  if the monument mentions Afghanistan,   we will mention that,  but the map was meant to  commemorate the two World Wars.”

She  says the hope is, that in the future,  the map will have numerous layers  detailing   heritage sites, parks,  and other themes that can be added in the future. “We are really hoping we can all kinds of sites, anything that’s of interest  and increases  awareness about the heritage and history of our Province, if it’s  on an interactive map, people enjoy it, and when you  get in your car,  or   you’re on your phone  and you want to see something, you have the GPS coordinates to lead you there.”

Prince George  will be added  later this month “Send pictures,  send stories,  telling us  about the  cenotaph,   and if it comes from the community  it might be someone’s story,  or that  it was  fundraised to get  it together,  or a soldier who won a medal.  Really  interesting stories make it more personal  and more connected to the community.  So don’t worry Prince George, we haven’t forgotten you,  it’s a great opportunity to  have this discussion, so that  when we launch the next phase in a couple of weeks,  we have all the  Provincial inventory sites, and one or two  that  we didn’t know about.”

To have the Prince George monument story told,  interested parties can send information and the location along with a high resolution photo to getonthemap@heritagebc.ca


My Grandpa fought in Both WW1 & 2…good Scot he waz.
Now how bout a MAP that points out POVERTY and Dangerous sites that need to be cleaned up,and there are plenty..

I notice they conveniently forgot to
include or just flagrantly omitted
the cenotaph in Prince George.
check for yourself

go ahead ,
down thumb me,

    I did notice that you forgot to read the story.

      actually I read the story and check out their web site.
      I guess PG doesn’t rate?

      If you read the story, there’s a great explanation as to why PG is missing. There’s even an opportunity for you to rectify that omission.

One would think that the Prince George Heritage Commission would have known about this project.

How come they did not or, if they did, what did they submit, if anything?

As the article states, it is also likely very true that the cenotaph is not the only World War Memorial in Prince George if one includes plaques, etc. which might be in other places accessible to the public, such as churches.

“Project consultant Elana Zyblast says the initial mapping of monuments is a result of information gathered from the public”.

Who did the consultant contact in PG?

So we have cenotaphs and similar public monuments from places such as
Prince Rupert, Terrace, Houston, Burns Lake, Granisle, Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, Mackenzie, Dawson Creek, Wells, Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, and so on ….

Then we also have the Veteran’s Memorial at the Cemetery: 250news.com/2015/11/08/prince-george-war-veterans-honoured

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