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October 27, 2017 11:29 pm

Cottonwood Flasher Caught and Released

Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 1:47 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Police were forced to release a man who exposed himself in Cottonwood Island Park yesterday.

RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says they received a report of an indecent act there around 5 p.m.

He says officers attended the scene and spoke to the complainant and another witness who advised that a man approximately 25 years old had deliberately exposed himself near the boat launch.

Douglass says a search ensued and police caught up with the man but were forced to release him without charge after the witnesses declined to provide statements for court.

He says a similar incident occurred near the same location about a year ago though the suspect then was believed to be 40-50 years old and therefore not believed to be the same person.

In light of yesterday’s incident, police are asking all users of Cottonwood Island Park and other area parks to report suspicious activity to police.


Absolutely Frustrating!

I don’ know the circumstances but if you call you should make a statement.

Wasting Police time and resources, is that not unlawful?

    This may not have been the ideal scenario, but a waste? It is likely the individual stopped what he was doing for at least that day. Nobody else traumatized. I would consider that a good start.

    Why is the focus on the witness as the person who has done something wrong?

You’re right Grizzly. Very frustrating for the police. If you’re going to report something at least have the decency to give a statement and be willing to appear in court, otherwise don’t bother complaining.
I have been to court several times as a witness after having given a report.
Usually, in the face of enough evidence the perp will plead guilty.
Stand up for what is right, or don’t complain when the police can’t do anything for you.

sick piece of crap … just needs his lights punched out.

Without details, none of us can pass judgement on this case. I do agree that if you call the RCMP to make a complaint, you need to back it up. Maybe the guy was just taking a poorly planned leak and was spotted? See, more supposition without knowledge of the facts. Even by a reasonable person like me.

No description of the pervert but I would guess he was white. How do I know that you ask, comments are still open.

Why call the cops? Deal with the scumbag yourself. Our justice system will only slap his wrists and let him out to do it again. Gotta start taking care of business ourselves to send the message that we are done with all you scumbags and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

just my opinion, Vikingnuck: You guys display consummate liberal thinking.
I don’t think the guy was just taking a leak. The report says “deliberately exposed himself”.
The guy, rather than stopping, is now laughing and emboldened because the police couldn’t hold him.

    Call my thinking whaty you will. I consider it logical.

    Of course it would be better if a flasher received a significant consequence, I don’t deny that. I simply said, the scenario was not a complete “waste” the way it panned out. There is plenty of ground between the extremes.

    Well, when I take a leak, you could say I am “deliberately” exposing myself. So what does that statement explain? Nothing really. I don’t usually take a leak where other people are likely to see, unless of course they really try to. I have seen people standing on the side of the road taking a leak, and if I was to actually look at them as I was driving by, I would probably see something. Should I call the cops because they are “deliberately” exposing themselves? My point is, that in this day and age some people tend to over react to the littlest thing and maybe these people realized they had over reacted and felt afterwards it didn’t justify any more legal action.

There were no charges because the evidence was a little short.

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