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October 27, 2017 11:28 pm

Site C Turbine Contract Awarded

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 @ 12:40 PM

Victoria, B.C.-  Premier Christy Clark and BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald shared the podium  to announce the awarding of the turbine contract  for the Site C  project.

The $470 million dollar contract has been awarded to Voith  Hydro Canada,  which is based in Germany and  has a Canadian  headquarters  in Quebec.  The company will be responsible for the design, supply and installation of 6 turbines and 6 generators.

BC Hydro CEO  Jessica McDonald says a model of the turbine that will be  used at Site C, was built and tested  at Voith’s lab in Germany and at an independent lab in   Switzerland.

McDonald  says  Voith  has a history  in B.C, supplying the first generating unit  supplying a generator in 1930 and  more recent  upgrades to a number of dams including Revelstoke.

The  magnitude of the project was  described  by Premier Clark,  “The six turbines could fill an Olympic sized  swimming pool in one second.”

Voith says it is  committed to hiring  unionized workers and will need as many  as 150 employees during peak installation and will need mill wrights, electricians, pipe fitters boiler makers and other related trades. Voith,  through the Construction Labour Relations Association, has negotiated a labour agreement with the Bargaining Council of British Columbia Building Trades Unions, which represents construction craft unions in B.C. The labour agreement includes participation from 10 BC Building Trades Unions for the installation of the turbines and generators for Site C.




Recklessly pushing this Site C project through without considering the results of a number of court challenges is pure folly on the Christy Clark governments’ part.

Aside from First Nation challenges to Site C already before the courts, this news about the Peace Valley Landowners Association taking the government to court over Site C just came out 2 days ago.

www .cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/site-c-landowners-challenge-appeal-1.3519495

So what is this government going to do if any of these challenges or appeals are upheld by the courts? Reminds me of the Harper Conservatives forcing legislation though only to have it rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada. First Nations have RIGHTS and so do landowners, again simply ignoring those rights is pure folly IMO.

    Weird… I get very fast -16 thumbs down within a half hour before a single response opposing my comment is posted. Its’ like 15 people disagreed with my comment but didn’t know why, or comment why. Never seen that before for any comment by anyone else on here before.

    I have see something similar on the CBC comment board, they use to call it Conbot automated responses, or likes/dislikes, to certain pre-selected politically sensitive subjects that hit the news. Site C seems to be that subject on this site.

      Why would you be the least bit concerned with thumbs? These are simply opinions forwarded by folks who are concerned about particular topics. It’s not a popularity contest, it certainly shouldn’t bolster a persons view of themselves.
      If I were teaching a Psychology class today, the comments on this site and others would be part of the class curriculum, and I have no doubt they are being used.

      I think there are those who just go around pushing down thumbs because they have no thoughts of their own and they think is it the thing to do… lets just call them “children”.

    Welp, I can plainly see I got between a dog and its bone on this one. The bone being $8.8 Billion of our tax dollars ear marked for Site C, and the dog being some very greedy companies and loyal Christy Clark government supporters, IMO.

    With these contract announcements the feeding frenzy is beginning because they can now smell the money… god help anyone that trys to get between these people and all that taxpayer money!

    They kicked me off this site, and it was a real pain-in-the-butt just to bypass login protocols to post this my final comment. This is not goodbye, but so long until next time… ;-)

    JGalt signing off.

The courts have already said that these groups had ample opportunity to voice their opposition, including court action, to Site C in the years before construction started as the project went through all the environmental reviews, town hall meetings, information sessions,etc,etc. That the farmers and FN sat on their hands during this time is their loss, had their chance and blew it.

The courts will continue to toss out these actions as Hydro has met all the requirements demanded of them under law. Signed sealed delivered!

To wait until the shovel hits the ground before launching action would mean projects would never get done better know in industry as a ndp project template.

Site “C” will be build , so I can keep on heating my Home or to you want me to use an
Oil Burner or even better an Outside Wood Burner to smoke out everyone ? If we do have Surplus Power we will sell it! Everyone against it , please unplug everything you use right now, no TV and your Wife can wash by Hand .

    B.C. is not running out of power. Do you think all the existing power and future power creation is for our use? Once land is removed from the ALR you dont get it back. It will be good for the short term economy but people need to respect that it will come at the cost of loss of ALR land.

    Or they could generate power in a way that doesn’t literally destroy land.

      The short version is that BC does not need the power. Water that could generate power is being piped away from Lake Williston and used by the oil and gas. Industry to fracture underground rock. All site C does is flood out existing farm land and pollute the area with more methylmercury.

It is actually refreshing to see that this government on this particular project has made it clear that they are not going to allow some special interest groups to delay, and derail the project indefinitely.
As has been previously stated, the FNs, and the landowners had ample time while this project was in the planning and approval stages to launch their court challenges, but chose to wait so that they could cause further delays. In this case the government is pushing full speed ahead, while the court challenges wind their way through the courts. I would suggest that if government had fallen for the strategy this project would have been delayed by at least 5, and more likely 7 years. BC is going to need the power, and BC’s economy can use the jobs now…push on!

The world’s population is increasing, as is the population of Canada (now 36 million) and British Columbia. All these people need electricity for practically everything that they expect to use in a modern society. A cleaner source of electrical power than hydro has not been developed yet, although scientists are working on it and making some progress in laboratories.

It is a trade-off. Even FNs and groups of objectors like to have a source of electrical power for all the modern conveniences and needs.

In other words – just keep building it!

Just like land was arbitrarily selected and put into an ALR – land can be removed from it if needed and other land can be added into it! B.C. is two, three or even four times the size of some countries which have much higher population densities! We certainly have more than enough land.

    The ALR will weaken each time a piece is removed and re-added. It would be a rare case that a move has been to an area more prosperous for farming. The ALR is less the 5% of B.C. Land. We have a lot of mountains and lakes, should we just arbitrarily select some of that land to re-commission?

      The financial return to a landowner who farms peace river land is in the order of 100 times less per hectare than that for a landowner who farms land in the GVRD area.

      The value of ALR land to growing crops in the north is nowhere near the value of ALR land in the south.

      The highest and best value for this particular strip of land along the river is for the generation of clean energy.

      The government has expropriation powers for such situations. The only question that might still remain is the amount of compensation if land transfers have not been finalized.

    “We certainly have more than enough land. ”

    B.C. certainly does not have more than enough good farm land, and that is the major point. The best farm land in B.C. is in the lower mainland, and is under continual attack by developers applying to the ALC for re-zoning, and they are slowly but surely winning that battle.
    All the more reason to protect good farm land elsewhere in the province, where millions of people do not want to live.

    In this age of drought affecting “America’s food basket” we can no longer rely on California to supply most of our vegetables.
    We need to start providing for ourselves.
    The area being lost to flooding is capable of supporting vegetable production, just because that is not being done on a large scale right now is no excuse for removing that potential forever.

    If a lonely canyon where nobody lived and worked was being flooded for a hydro electric dam, there would be few if any complaints.

Show me one project that is not being blocked or taken to court in this province by special interest groups and FN. Time to move forward.

Happy to see this government standing to the special interest groups.

I as well, am happy to see this project finally proceeding, good to see some good folks who want to work, gett’in her done.

This is great news for the world class electrical and pipe trades in BC. And the jgalts of the area should be supporting these guys, and so should their ndp bosses. Do a bit of research and you will find this ‘pristine’ peace river farmland is marginal at best and at a discovery hearing they will quickly find out they have wasted a ton of taxpayers money (not their own of course).

The big problem is that we don’t need the power. Christy Crunch is providing this power to export and to provide opportunity for her friends to make money. They have been suffering for lack of it.

    Any project such as a hydro project cannot be built in small enough increments and quickly enough that it is right sized for say a 10 year period before the next component is built.

    If we get the project on line, it would be only prudent to sell any excess at the time to a potential buyer, whether other provinces or the USA. Over time, that sale to out of province will be reduced. In the meantime, we will be getting some income from the generating station.

    Whenever we then begin to run out of power fro our domestic provincial use, those who will be here at that time will go through the same process again.

I agree with Retired 02. I am actually getting sick of the comments by those who want to flood this valley so that they can provide a few short term jobs, and make millions of dollars profits for the big construction firms.

Most people in favour of Site C are like parrots and just repeat over and over again what they read in a newspapers somewhere, or perhaps they heard something on the radio, or they work for a construction company that stands to get a contract, or a union that would love to have all the jobs.

The fact of the matter is, this is Canada, and British Columbia. A lot of the land that the Government wants to flood is private property and the Government has a legal requirement to show that flooding this land and building Site C is in the public interest. They are having a difficult time showing this because the BCUC in a previous application by Hydro showed that there was no need for this power. This time around the Government circumvented the BCUC and had an independent review which, also showed that there was no need for this power at this time.

The reason the Government is going full speed ahead with this project at this time is because of the pending election. LNG is in the tank, and Site C is all they have left from all their **stupid** promises in the last election. However this project is a huge cost to taxpayers, and power users, and will cost $8 to $9 billion dollars or more, and all we will end up with is a surplus of power that we will have to sell at a loss.

Those supporters of Site C, cannot give any indication whatsoever as to where this power will be used, other than to make vague references to electric cars, or an increase in the population, or selling to the USA. This falls under the heading of **Horse s..t**.

The population of Canada will peak in 2017 and after that the only way we can grow the population will be by bringing in more immigrants. We presently bring in approx 250,000 per year, and they are spread all over Canada, and BC gets only a percentage of the total, so there is no big increase in population. Industry in BC has **tanked**. If you look at the lumber mills, mines, pulp mills, plywood mills, etc; etc; etc; that have closed over the past 20 years you would see instantly that there is no need for the power. The USA is producing more of its own power, and therefore is less dependent of Canada, and Alberta requires less power, and is in fact building natural gas plants to generate electricity.

So not need for the power. What we have here is a gigantic con game being played by the present Government and I am amazed at how many people fall for the BS.

When we start to think that it is **ok** to remove people from their homes and flood their land, just to create a few short term jobs, we are getting pretty close to being brain dead. It is not ok, unless it is in the public interest, which it isn’t.

Those people who are in favour of Site C would be the first to bitch, bellyache, and complain if it was their land being expropriated, and their houses that were being torn down.

Time for some people to wake up and smell the roses.

    This project is going through, full steam ahead. I wonder how many of the cheerleaders have read the BCUC report. You know, the one the government used to have to abide by for large power projects, the one the government bypassed through some new legislation.
    I work in a power plant, we have been paid, during peak power times, to turn down. So we are being paid to not generate. Because there is no demand and it is cheaper for hydro to pay us to NOT generate power.Granted, we get the premium IPP rate, the one Seamutt talks about.
    This damn is going to cost us all a fortune, in our taxes and in our Hydro rates.
    It is electioneering and the promise of jobs. The possible bright side will be our ability store power and sell during peak demand which MIGHT occur if we have an LNG plant online, or if all coal is phased out elsewhere.
    It’ll look good for jobs and GDP, but eventually we’ll have to pay the piper. No one has proven the need for future demand for the next 30 years, no one.
    And the only reason we are not generating with gas is because we have clean air legislation, there are companies that would love to generate with gas, it’s efficient, affordable, and best utilized close to the source, us.

      If we would generate with gas, the price of gas would go up which means it would cost those of us who heat their buildings with gas would go up.

      One cannot look at this in isolation.

    You obviously have no idea how many jobs will be supported by the power which will be generated by this project over the next 50+ years. The total jobs greatly exceeds the jobs available during the construction phase.

    Without energy, the entire province would shut down. Without sufficient energy, the economy would stagnate. Without economical energy, our cost of production and living would go up.

    Do that calculation and get back to us when you have done it.

Palopu it is you that has to smell the roses. You, I mean you have never given up any facts to back up your claims and you are deriding others, amazing. Your fixation is amazing.

I find it interesting that people raise concerns about removing land from the ALR for site C, and I suspect most of them live in the lower mainland. I have been working temporarily in the Vancouver area, and noticed that the last farm on marine way in Burnaby is being covered with gravel for more industrial buildings. The best farmland in BC is in the fraser valley and it is being paved over as fast as possible. We wont be able to grow our own food. But heaven forbid we should flood some hay fields to make green renewable energy for our future.

Palopu, many of those land and home owners that you mention SOLD their land and home to Hydro many many years ago!

They have continued to farm the land and live in the house with Hydro’s consent even though they no longer owned the land and house!

The amount of farmland currently under cultivation in the affected area is a fraction of fraction of a fraction of a drop in a bucket of the land currently under cultivation throughout the Peace River farming district!

We are paving over the lower Mainland and the Okanagan Valley at a much higher rate and at a much greater percentage of the arable land available in those regions. Perhaps your efforts to save farmland would be more fruitful and more appreciated there?

    Great comment, imho! Factual and realistic! B.C. has plenty of farmland. For most of the year our fruits and vegetables come from countries like the U.S.A., Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile…etc.
    There they also dam rivers for field and orchard irrigation and power production.

    We don’t have their great climate so we can sell power to those who are willing and able to pay for it.

I wonder how interesting things will get when Alberta announces that they will build a dam on the Peace River?

Rachel Notley’s NDP is shutting down Alberta’s coal-fired electrical generating stations. It’s not a very big stretch of the imagination to think that in addition to building gas-fired electrical generating stations, they will, if they aren’t already, be considering a hydro-electric dam on the Peace!

    Possible, but gas is a better option.

      Show us the calculation to back that up.

Permanently destroying an entire river valley and the wildlife habitat it contains is “gittin ‘er dun”. Destroying that valley is worth a few jobs for “world-class” (whatever that is supposed to mean) pipefitters. Land is being destroyed in the Lower Mainland so what is the big deal with destroying thousands of hectares of wildlife habitat in Northern BC. Like an environmental crime committed in the LML makes it okay to vandalize the land up here.

All of the above is exactly why the human species needs to go extinct. Either the human species disappears or this planet does.

    the planet will carry on after we drive ourselves to extinction. Probably not in our lifetime, but it’s coming.

    So tell me what the difference is.

    I know, you want the planet to remain for some aliens to discover it for a second or third or fourth time and begin populating it.

Hart Guy. You continue to repeat the baloney put out by BC Hydo, the Government etc; If no one in the Peace was concerned about flooding this farmland, just who is taking the Government to court???

Seamutt. What kind of facts are you looking for. Don’t be naïve. Look at Prince George for example no increase in population in over 15 years and nothing to indicate the population will grow in the next 15 years. This applies to the whole Northern and to some extent the Southern Interior.

I notice when I ask for specifics as to what industry is going to be built in BC to use this power I get a wall of silence, so this should be your first hint that there is nothing big in the plans for years to come.

Also when I point out the huge downsizing of industry in BC once again I get a wall of silence, because (a) Most people on this site did not know that the industry existed in the first place, and (b) others have no clue as to what industry is actually located in BC.

Seamutt. I can tell from your posts that you are fully aware of the Hydro facilities in BC, and where the power produced goes,. So you know that the pulp mills produce a lot of electricity with their co-generation plants. You know about IPP’s projects, you are aware of the Columbia River treaty and where that power is sold, you are aware of the ability to add turbines to the Revelstoke and Gordon Shrum power plants, you are aware of the huge co-generation plant in Williams Lake and the one in MacKenzie, and you are aware of the import/export arrangement with Alberta in regards to power. Furthermore you are aware that Alcan Kitimat produces it own electricity for its needs, and sells the surplus to Hydro. You are aware that any proposed LNG plants will produce their own electricity with natural gas electrical generating plants.

So Seamutt. Seems you know all the so called **facts** so why, or how can you in good conscience support the Site C fiasco.??

Do you perhaps work for Hydro?? or are you working for some firm that stands to make some big bucks building Site C. Either way, you have no argument for this project that actually shows a need for this power.

I wonder if the trades people who are going to install these turbines get a wage cut like the ones building the camp?!

Way to go Pal. Love your post.

“I notice when I ask for specifics as to what industry is going to be built in BC to use this power I get a wall of silence, so this should be your first hint that there is nothing big in the plans for years to come.”

I know, Palopu, if you had been here in 1916 you would have wondered who would ever want to populate this region beyond the pioneers here at the time.

We had an increase from say 2,000 to 80,000 in this immediate area over that time. That is a 40 fold increase. So tell me, where is the crystal ball that you have that tells us that there would not be a 10 fold increase over the next 100 years to say 800,000?
You want to be conservative? Try 5 fold for 400,000.

And, BTW, the Peace river power generation stations will still be churning out the power with new generators in place by that time while the price of natural gas will have skyrocketed. …

Further to palopu asking for specifics. Every time this issue comes up he brings up sawmills and plywood mills that have shut down. One has to look no further than every skytrain station to see the highrise apartment buildings popping up like weeds. Combined they would use as much power as a sawmill…..times how many stations.

The transmission line to Bob Quinn lake will open a quarter of the province for exploration and development. Who knows what they might find but I bet there are more geologists with their little pointy hammers poking around.

Alberta would love to buy clean green hydro power. The oil sands is a major user of natural gas and would they would lower the carbon footprint by a significant amount switching to electricity.

And perhaps the biggest potential future use of hydro… when cultivation of pot for private use becomes legal there will be a few mini grow ops on every block:P

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