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October 27, 2017 11:28 pm

City Reminds Residents, No Open Burning

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 @ 4:58 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The City of Prince George is issuing a reminder that open burning is not allowed within City Limits.

Prince George Fire Rescue has received a number of calls requesting permits to  conduct  open  burning  which is defined as the burning of “yard and garden waste, land clearing debris, or any other material. This includes the burning of any of these materials in a container. Land clearing debris is any organic material cleared from land in the process of preparing for development, agriculture, silviculture, highway construction, utility installation, or any other usage.”

Simply put,  burning debris of any kind  is  not allowed.

This does not  mean  you can’t have a backyard weenie  roast,  as recreational fires, ( small in size)  are OK  as long  as there is no air quality advisory in effect.  Recreational fires are  defined as  being contained in a permanent outdoor fireplace, fire pit or bar b q that is no larger than 60cm in diameter ( just under 2 feet).  If  you are having a recreational fire,  you are to use only seasoned  fire wood.

If a resident is concerned that someone is open burning in their neighbourhood, they are asked to call the City of Prince George’s Bylaw Enforcement Division at 250.561.7622.


Bacon and eggs on my fire pit, I am happy! The coffee tastes so much better when done there as well.

    Most excellent Griz! We do the same, with the smokies anyway. And our neighbours are not near enough for the smoke to bother anyone, except me.
    Invite me to your next smokie roast, and the smoke will leave everyone else alone as it drifts directly toward me every time!
    Must be my personal magnetism.

And some people give it a thumbs down? Get a life!

But I got dry wood, hardly any smoke, but them thar smokies, they sure taste good!

Sure would be nice to see just who posts an up or down, the three comments above are in no way deserving of a down smh. I would have to say it might be time to remove the up, down and even commenting all together and make it a read only.

    BTW I gave myself a down just because I’ll surely get a bunch.

I think there are posters on this site who are just juvenile morons who get a thrill out of down-voting everything regardless of content. I’m not quite sure how that brings pleasure to their miserable, brain-dead lives…but I wouldn’t put too much stock in the voting on this site. It’s mostly being done by retards or politicos who put zero thought into the actual message before they vote down.

It would be better if the site had a network of “trusted” posters that you could add to your queue and filter out the garbage. For example, I may not always be on the same page as Palopu or gopg2015 but they always have an intelligent post…and I appreciate reading their thoughts even if I may ultimately disagree.

    Only reason I would down vote, and I didn’t, is to some a weenie roast and a campfire is an excuse to have over half a dozen friends, lots of beer, open the doors of the truck and play music, and do so until the wee hours of the morning. And please, don’t say there’s a by-law to control that, there is no by-law officers anywhere outside the path of the police station to the Tim Hortons. And RCMP sees it as a low priority call.

    And while Grizzly2 might burn drywood and keep smoke to a minimum, in my experience he’s in the minority. But even dry wood creates enough smoke to irritate someone with allergies, so while you’re enjoying your weenie roast, your neighbor is hiding in their house unable to enjoy the same beautiful day because you want a real fire, vs a propane fire.

    So on the face, a weenie roast should be a totally thumbs up comment, but because of some people’s inability to be considerate when they have a weenie roast, some would see it as a thumbs down moment.

    “but I wouldn’t put too much stock in the voting on this site. It’s mostly being done by retards or politicos who put zero thought into the actual message before they vote down.” .. clearly you do put too much stock in the voting though for it to offend you this much.

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