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October 27, 2017 11:25 pm

Otway Proposal to Dominate Council Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 6:01 AM

city hallPrince George, B.C.-  The  changing of the OCP and rezoning of  a property on  Otway will be front and centre this evening as a  Public hearing on the application will take place at City Council.

The applicant would  like to rezone a  portion of the lot to  light industrial  in order to  develop  a metal  fabrication  operation  and on site storage of  equipment.

Numerous residents  on the north side of the Nechako River  oppose the  application, and   will be appearing before Council  to  state their case.  In addition to a  petition  bearing  more than 180 signatures,  they will make power point presentations.

The applicant  has also  prepared for this evening’s meeting,  with a power point presentation, and   more than 300 letters  of support,  some from  businesses,  some from  current  and former employees and some from  residents in the North Nechako and Miworth areas.

Also on the agenda for  this evening,  Council will be asked to select  an electoral approval process to borrow money for a few projects.  Because the  proposed term  for the  loans is  long,  the City  needs approval from the  electorate either through referendum or  the alternate approval process which calls  for  a percentage of  eligible voters to sign  a petition opposing the  loans.( see other story)

As reported  on Friday,  the Manager of  Public Works will  present a report on street sweeping and line painting.   ( see Lane Lines Still Several Weeks Away) In his report, Dave Dyer  notes it could be early June before lines are painted on Prince George roadways.

Council will also receive an update on the  performance of the Nissan Leaf electric car.  The report indicates the only issues with the vehicle are  how long the battery  will last, and that  during cold weather the vehicle  was “sluggish”  when  climbing  University Way from  Foothills Boulevard.



Build up in the boundary road area. Do not add industry to the bowl.

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