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October 27, 2017 11:24 pm

NDP at a Crossroads

Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 3:59 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Where will the federal NDP go from here?

That’s the question many political observers are asking just one day after party members ousted Tom Mulcair as leader at their national convention in Edmonton.

UNBC political science professor Dr. Gary Wilson says one thing that seems fairly obvious is the NDP is at a crossroads.

“Yes, I think after any election where you don’t do as well as you thought you would do, that the party could be at a crossroads.

“These type of leadership campaigns also bring out different factions within a party as we’ve seen with the ‘Leap Manifesto,’ they’re speaking of a left wing faction within the party as opposed to the more centrist, more pragmatic types that were in the ascendancy under Mulcair.”

But is the ‘Leap Manifesto’ – which proposes among other things an end to pipelines and a swift shift away from fossil fuels – the ticket to power?

“I don’t know. Many people said the Sanders campaign was not sustainable but it’s certainly showing a lot of sustainability,” says Wilson. “Even in the U.S. political context. So it’s hard to say. The NDP has to find a constituency and build on that constituency.”

He adds this sort of internal debate is a normal part of party politics.

“I mean we’re seeing this with the Conservatives now and we’re going to be seeing it in the run up to their leadership campaign.

“But it’s a good thing, it’s a healthy thing for parties to look at themselves again and figure out what their values are and what they did wrong and how they need to regroup to move forward.”


Where will the federal NDP go from here? Away with luck, And in BC, Alberta, Manitoba. Saskatchewan ( well done)

    Funny.I feel exactly the same way about Conservative parties. And if only the Socred party running BC would go away permanently.

If after 80 years or so the federal NDP is still without a win, perhaps they need to consider a change in tactics?
It would have been interesting to see where the party would have gone under the leadership of Mr. Layton. Might have been interesting times.

If they can’t find themselves another Jack, or form a serious alliance with the Green Party, they will remain as they have always been, runner up.

I don’t support Leap, but it is interesting times when Tesla cars announces a $35,000 electric car with a range of 450km and charges in under 20-minutes, and sells 189,000 of them on their first day. That will be a game changer IMO.

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