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October 27, 2017 11:15 pm

Gravel Truck Mishap on North Nechako Rd

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 @ 12:49 PM
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Prince George, B.C. – Motorists can expect delays on North Nechako Road near Parkhill Centre for the next while.

This after a gravel truck hit the overpass and rolled onto its side at around 12:15 this afternoon.

Emergency crews are on scene. There are no reports of any injuries at this time.

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Truck drivers are having a rough few days..

Poor guy left his box up. It looked pretty wild when he hit the bridge as I watched in my mirror. I blew my horn at him as he went by me, but he didn’t get the message apparently.

stuff happens…but I suspect there will be a job opening for a gravel truck operator.

It is surprising how many times this happens in the trucking world. I thought these things had some sort of alarm on them so if the box was up and the truck in gear the alarm sounded. If not, sounds like a good idea to me.

I see they blocked the bike lane!!!!! Joke.

    Well played…lol

Yeah, I had one go up on me one time. I had pushed the lever down to lower it and then went over bump. I guess it kicked the lever back into the up position and up it went.

    That’s why the PTO has a switch. It prevents this from happening when the PTO is disengaged.

The amount of traffic on foothills between 15th and the bridge that are going way above the speed limit is nuts, including transport trucks. Waiting for a major accident to happen there again. Used to see radar there all the time, where are they now?

    Not sure what foothills has to do with HWY 97 as crosses Nechako. The latter is a truck route. Foothills is not.

A simple limit switch that turns on a big red flashing light on the instrument panel when the box is NOT fully down! There could have been fatalities and/or injuries! Is it true that human beings made it to the moon and back again? If so, what is going on?

I spent my share of years driving a dumptruck. Myself, I dont understand how people do this. As soon as your box is raised over 12 inches, you see it plain as day in your mirrors. You also feel it because the box is no longer stable and the truck gets a lateral sway.

To have the box go high enough to clip the bridge above? Driver had plenty of time to notice! Undo care and attention, distracted driving, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle… these are just a few of the charges that could be laid, UNLESS there was a situation of medical distress like the logging truck incident a couple of weeks ago.

Lucky nobody was injured and that the overpass is tougher than a puny little dumptruck.

There’s a joke about this: Two guys driving a truck come to an overpass with a sign saying “Height limit 2.4m”. One guy says: “Our truck is 2.5m tall, so we’ll have to go around.” The other guy says: “Nah, there’s no cops around. Let’s go for it!”.

Re-training as a welder seems like a natural fit.

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