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October 27, 2017 11:11 pm

Tax Rates Finalized

Monday, April 25, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The tax rates  for  property owners in Prince George have been officially set.

As previously reported,  the rate , once  combined with  taxes collected by the City  for others, will see  the average home owner  required to  pay  $9.10043 for each one thousand dollars of  taxable value.   That does not include  school taxes and does not take into account any grants  for which a homeowner may qualify.

While Council approved the rates,  Councilor  Frank Everitt praised staff for being able to  assist in whittling the requests down to  ensure the tax levy  was no higher than 3.21%.

That increase  was a little higher than  Councillor Albert Koehler had wanted.   “It is .7% higher than I had originally envisioned” said Koehler,  although expressing his disappointment at the  level of the increase in the levy,  Councillor Koehler  joined his Council colleagues in approving the tax rates.



Well Koehler when there is irresponsible spending like renewing the contract for the Leaf which was shown to be a failure in this climate what did you expect.

    This vehicle was leased for the purpose of evaluating its suitability for our northern climate. By now they must have found out that it is not really that great an idea! So it does not make sense financially to hang on to it and they should have sent it back to where it came from. Every tax dollar deserves to be treated with respect.

Envisioning a lower tax rate means nothing unless you are willing to go to the wall to ensure that your voice is heard.

Koehler never really makes an issue out of rising taxes, he just complains that the increases are higher than he would have liked. I suppose when you live outside of the City, you really don’t much care what the tax rate is because you don’t have to pay the taxes.

Tax increases are necessary primarily to pay for wages and benefits for those who work for the City. Can we afford to continue to pay these tax increases.?? NO. Does anyone at City Hall care.?? NO.

    Living outside of the city limits does not disqualify a city councillor from speaking out against issues that are of concern. In fact I am actually impressed by the fact a city councillor who does not actually reside in the city stands up for those who think that the city apparatus should find ways to operate within a budget with increases not exceeding the official rate of inflation.

    When mentioning wages and benefits it would be a good idea to also include salaries and benefits, imho.

One of the many. Sure wish I got a 3% increase in wages this year.

Prince George already has a very high tax rate. Why? I’d better not hear anymore talk of a PAC after this news. I mean seriously.

PAC = Protest Against City. :-)

Seniors who barely can afford to live in their home have another burden..an increase in their taxes.

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