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October 27, 2017 11:10 pm

Special Hearing Set on Connaught Motor Inn

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 4:11 PM

Prince George, B.C.- A special meeting of Prince George City Council has been set for the morning of May 25th to hear an appeal of a decision to suspend the business license for the Connaught Motor Inn .The decision to suspend the license  for the Inn was  based on   what Bylaw Services Manager Fred Crittenden  calls a “history  of issues”  which includes staff and patron behaviours, public health and safety, security, and the physical condition of the building.

Crittenden says  the owners of the  Connaught had been  issued  a notice  calling for specific actions and the owners have not complied .

A notice of the decision to suspend the business license was issued on April 8th.

The restaurant operates under a separate license  and there is no business operating  out of that building at this time.

250News contacted one of the co-owners of the  property,  John Carhoun ,  at his home in  Vancouver .  When asked  about the  issues which  were cited for the license suspension, he  said he had “No comment”.

The Connaught Motor  Inn is home to a number of clients who rent  rooms on a month to month basis.



Its really sad to see this, once fine motel, fall into disrepair like this.
Someone should put in an offer to buy and bring it back to standards again.
It has a fine location and it could be again, a fine motel.

Classic case of the old guys busting their ass for years, build up a nice cash flow deal like the motel and the second generation screws it up.

Its about time something is being done about this Motel , my guess the Old guys have made lots of money off of the Motel and have reinvested it and moved on and do not care about the City that got them there. IF they do not care about the Motel its time to sell it to someone that would care and bring it back to its former glory. We do not want it turned into social housing as that is what it appears to be used for now and that could be the problem as steady cheque from the Government and no up keep keeps them happy. The Connaught area has more their share of Social Housing.

    I am not suggesting this space be used for social housing, but since you mention “the Connaught area has more their share of Social Housing”… What exactly are your concerns with the social housing in this area? There are three developements to be specific; Friendship Lodge, McQuaid Place and Victoria Towers. All three are run fantastically with minimal to no concern for the neighbourhood. In fact, all three are maintained and run far better than the average rental property anywhere within this town. Social Housing is not the problem, landlords that think short term with low investment are.

Everything has a best before date . Primo location . I wish I had the money to buy it .

Nice spot for the PAC.

If you type in John Carhoun it appears the 86 year old also had a motel in Williams Lake and in 2015 it had a demolition order on it . Maybe P.G. should contact Williams Lake , there seems to be a history here. Dear John its time to retire.

Is McQuaid Place the building formerly known as Jacobs Motel?


    On the corner of Patricia and Queensway.

Wonder who wants the property?

yet another clown from Vancouver turning our city into more a slum for a quick buck

It’s none of the cities business how it operates, as long as they aren’t breaking the law,or bylaws. They are not near the ugliest motel in town, nor are they near the ugliest business in town.

So you want to revoke a license because people who stay there don’t live up to your standards? If that’s the case, I want the 4 Seasons Swimming pool’s license revoked, it brings in the riffraff off the street. Free swim day is an adventure not unlike an African Safari would deliver.

So what? You close the motel and we get hookers and their buddies all over connaught hill, doing it on the park bench instead? Has the city been by the soup kitchen lately? It’s like The Walking Dead around there. I guess we should close that as well as it is very unpleasing to the eye.

There is nothing wrong with Social Housing but we need to share with other neighbourhoods, how about yours Leroy? do you want people doing it on benches in your area? we have children living in this area. The City sent us Hookers to clean up the downtown, thanks a lot. We have been working ever since to clean up our neighbourhood and its people like you think its a good idea to send more problems our way. The Motel is a mess and very little has been done to it in years and no one should be staying there. We are asking the owners to take care of their Motel and stop making it into a slum. It is our business , its in our neighbourhood.

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