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October 27, 2017 11:08 pm

Violence in the City

Thursday, April 28, 2016 @ 7:59 AM

policecarnewPrince George, B.C. – Two violent incidents in Prince George last evening have  resulted in the arrest of  three people.

The first happened around 6:20 at the corner of Spruce Street and 15th Avenue.   RCMP were called to the scene which had been called in as an armed robbery.   When they arrived,  they found two women,  one aged 27, the other 41. Police were able to determine there had been a disagreement between the two and one had pulled a knife  and  tried to harm the other.    There was no robbery,   and the 27 year old was  taken into custody and faces a charge of Assault with a weapon.

A little over 2 hours later,  there was a  report of an assault at a motel  in the 1600 block of Central Street East.   Officers responded  and found a 43 year old male from the lower mainland had been bear sprayed and his wallet  taken.  Two suspects had  left the scene in a vehicle.

The investigations led  police to a residence in the 2100 block of Norwood Street.   Two men,  one aged 32, the other aged 29,were arrested at the residence.  Both were held in custody  overnight and will appear in court today to face  a charge of armed robbery.




Hell Yeah…Welcome to Prince George.

    What ya think about Surrey and Abby?

They’ll be out soon. Slap on wrist and told to behave.

The investigations led police to a residence in the 2100 block of Norwood Street.

In other words, they were well known to the police and not hard to find. There was a time when a charge of armed robbery meant you might as well cancel your subscription to Playboy because you won’t be needing it for 5 years.

Now, maybe you get an anklet bracelet.

Whattttt they didn’t lock down the City like they do in WL ????

I love how society has changed. Now if you are unemployable, uneducated, a real piece of garbage.. you are forgiven for your crimes and lack of contribution to society. Now, the honest taxpayer, the guy who goes to work and gets a paycheck.. he’s responsible to pay all the support for the scum, all the bills, all the ways for these pieces of garbage to stay.. well..garbage.

Driving a car without insurance, because you can’t afford it? Taxpayer has your back, don’t worry. Can’t afford to make your kids a healthy lunch because you spent all your welfare on booze and drugs? No worries, we got your back. We will be guilted into a fundraiser in the name of ‘The Children’. It’s just not your fault, let us keep paying your way through life with zero responsibility. Your reward for being an honest taxpayer? Higher taxes, and 50k immigrants to join in our society, that have no work, no means.. but they will fit in perfectly with the rest of our unemployable.

You can get welfare if you are on drugs, in jail. But, you cannot earn a paycheck if you have traces of drugs(weed) in your system.

What an amazing society we have set up.

    Hope whomever down voted this is just mad they didn’t write it first …..

      Nobody down voted each posting starts with 50/50. So makes it people have been up voting, lol

      I proudly give a thumbs down to comments that are prejudice and make negative all-inclusive assumptions about select groups within Canada. Not to mention refering to people as “pieces of garbage” and “scum”. Have some respect for humans!

      I don’t expect many readers of this page to support this statement, but I will not sit back quiet while ‘Guesswhat’ tries to convince people that the only reason Leroyjenkins has a thumbs down is because the numbers start at 50/50

      TO: just my opinion with a score of -11

      “I don’t expect many readers of this page to support this statement, but I will not sit back quiet while ‘Guesswhat’ tries to convince people that the only reason Leroyjenkins has a thumbs down is because the numbers start at 50/50”

      Get a grip just my opinion. Where do you get I am convincing anyone. Far from the contrary. At the time I posted there were no votes up or down on his post. I was explaining how it works. By the way. I agree with your first paragraph. lol

    …..and if you ask the bleeding hearts, we aren’t doing enough!!

    I’m starting to like this guy.

    Why would you ask kids to pay for their parents mostakes btw? As a society are we to abandon those kids to a life of malnutrition etc. Cold hearted don’t you think?

      Absolutely not. But the current program is to transfer income from the middle to upper class to the poor via the child tax benefit. The assumption is that when these people receive this additional cash they will run out and get their kids new clothes, better food, and pack them a lunch. The reality is many of those kids will have no appreciable improvement in their life but their parents will have more funds to feed their addictions. In fact, this system will encourage them to have even more children. At some point in time, the taxpayer who is carrying the load, won’t be able to, and the house of cards will fall down.

      My problem, is I don’t have a solution either. Only thing I could think that might help, is schools feed kids breakfast and lunch. But considering there’s only about 180 days of school, what about the rest of the year.

      The other option, build orphanages, take kids from their parents, and we all know how that turns out.

Wow, first you came across as an ignorant red neck. but as I read more of it, I like it

Why not stop attacking each other here and go after who lets all this BS happen over and over and over again?


I’m beginning to think that the Russians had it right. Build some prisons in the Arctic wastelands and send some of these scumbags there. Some hard time in Gulag might set these people straight.

“by Leroyjenkins with a score of 61”

One of the highest scores I have seen after just a few hours! These misfits are a blight on our society.

This week in Prince George history, April 24-30:

“April 30, 1919: A group of returned First World War veterans smashed buildings and drove several people – including a former police chief and several German residents – out of town during a riot on April 24.”… “It sounds like an old-fashioned, alcohol- and racism-fueled lynch mob to me. If you’re wondering, a ‘tie-pass’ was old slang for hiking along the railroad tracks.”

www .princegeorgecitizen.com/opinion/columnists/germans-ex-police-chief-driven-out-of-town-in-riot-1.2241478

Looking at some of the Internet Lynch Mob comments on this discussion thread gives us some idea on where the kids and grandkids of that 1919 lynch mob hang out today. Got to love Prince George, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. LMAO.

    A bit harsh, eh? I read all the comments made about some dysfunctional aspects of our society! Nobody is making a threat of lynching or was trying to organize a “Lynch Mob” so what are the reasons for the extremism?


Just amazing how some people find the perpetrators as victims and the victims are the ones that are causing the problems. It really is a mad world when thinking gets this far wacked. Not hard to see who these people are by their comments. It is time for the world to have a reset.

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