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October 27, 2017 11:05 pm

Back Road Cleanup at LC Gunn Park

Sunday, May 1, 2016 @ 6:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If you’re concerned about the environment and have a few hours to spare, the Spruce City Wildlife Association could use your help today.

The organization has helped organize a back road cleanup from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at LC Gunn Park.garbage 1

“The entrance is right across from the jail on Highway 16,” says one of the organizers of the event, Steve Hamilton.”It’s quite a mess.”

How messy?

“Anything from environmental waste, yard clippings, car batteries, fridges, tires. If you can dump it, they’re dropping it.”

He says parks shouldn’t be treated in this manner.

“It’s something that everybody in the area should be able to go to and feel that it’s a pristine environment. I’m hoping we can make a huge visual impact and hopefully deter people from doing it in the future.”

Hamilton hopes to help organize additional cleanups throughout the summer.


“The entrance is right across from the jail on Highway 16,”

Seems to me that all the help you could need is right across the road.

    Not a bad idea, goofs dump garbage, goofs pick up garbage.

Seriously, what kind of a moron simply dumps their garbage in a park? What part of the thought process of disposing of their trash didn’t trigger in their pea brains that perhaps this is a bad idea?

I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this kind of selfishness.

“and feel that it’s a pristine environment” .. as you smell the pulpmills that are in close proximity, the roar of the traffic going by on the highway, the rumble of trains. This is about as far from pristine as you can get.

    agreed 100%.

    Still no need to dump there, even though the industry dumps into the air.

    Also obviously not backcountry. That’s what happens when city slickers start describing wilderness.

    As far as deterring people from dumping in the future, what is he proposing to do to make that successful?

    I suggest that since the Regional District charges to dump at the landfill, that they use that money to pick up the well-known and newly reported “backcountry” dumping sites such as this one.

    When I bring something to the dump and pay for it and spend money and time to bring it there, then I would like to know that I am helping to clean the backcountry as well.


    Which reminds me, what do those in the jail do to at least pay part of their $70,000+ cost for their room and board?

This is “backcountry”?

Yes, the Regional District of Fraser Fort George’s decision to institute a $6 dumping fee has been very successful at reducing the amount of garbage taken to the Foothills Landfill. In other news, the amount of garbage being dumped indiscriminately everywhere else seems to have increased in proportion to the reduction of garbage being taken to the Foothills Landfill. Dumbest decision ever. I can’t believe these people get paid to come up with this stuff.

    What kind of a person dumps garbage anywhere they feel, just to save $6? What does that say? Are they sticking to “The Man”, or they just a bunch of lazy cheap slobs?

      If it has increased since dumping fees are charged for small amounts it is probably a bit of both.

      What would happen if the Regional District would put a small dumpster at the start of the road leading to the park and other similar spots for weekly or other periodic pickups?

      Too simple, I suppose.

      I wonder if they could be charged under the wildlife act for feeding bears and other wildlife?

Like it or not the imposing of dump fees cause all this mess and it will not stop until this mistake is fixed, but unless some admits we have a problem then there is not a problem. Recycle the asphalt shingles (paving), useful building material and all metal, then reopen the swap shed this would cut the waste in half.

Keep an eye out for identification. Most garbage is loaded with junk mail that shows the owners name and address.

It doesn’t matter where it gets dumped. If its not in a landfill or garbage bins, the people that do it are plain and simple ,,, DISGUSTING PIGS. Sorry but opening up swap sheds wont solve the problem. Even if dump fees were free this would still happen. Get caught, pay huge fines , enough to keep a few people employed looking for the pigs. A known presence and people being caught on a regular basis would eliminate a lot of this sad behaviour.

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