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October 27, 2017 11:07 pm

Labour Leader Calls for National Ban on Asbestos

Friday, April 29, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- “We are seeing today, the effects of exposure from days  past”  those are the words of Don Iwaskow, President of the North Central Labour Council  and he is talking about asbestos.Iwaskow,  like other  labour leaders across the country, is calling for a national ban on asbestos.

Asbestos exposure  is deadly,  although it can take  years for the  effects to be felt .  “It is a known killer that causes disease,  suffering and death,  all of it preventable” says Iwaskow.

Last year, there were 122 work related deaths in B.C.,  Seventy two of those deaths were the result of occupational disease, mainly exposure to asbestos  from decades ago.

Iwaskow says 2,000 Canadians die each year from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos “It is the number one cause of occupational death in Canada.”

He  says despite the  startling  statistics,  imports of items that contain asbestos such as brake pads and cement pipes  are increasing.  “The lack of  a formal registry of buildings known to contain asbestos  puts  workers at risk of needless exposure.  He says plans for new infrastructure  at all levels of government,  make it all the more urgent to put a ban  in place  now to guarantee those projects, roads   transit stations and other public places, are  asbestos free.

Iwaskow says there are alternatives, such as asbestos free brake pads   which are developed in Ontario,  asbestos free ceiling tiles are   also  available.  “Substituting for safe alternatives will  create Canadian jobs and support Canadian industry.”

He says Canada can take ” a giant step forward with a comprehensive ban  on asbestos to make all of our workplaces, homes and public spaces  safer and healthier.”


I was under the impression it was already banned back about thirty years ago. I was under the impression that it was still mined in Quebec till just recently, they were selling it too third world countries.

I was always under the impression that asbestos in drywall, VAT, zonolite was ok, as long as you do not disturb it. The amount of asbestos in the drywall mud, VAT is very minute.

From what I understood the old Trafford tile and cement board, was nasty when cutting it. The worst is being used for insulation.

“He says despite the startling statistics, imports of items that contain asbestos such as brake pads and cement pipes are increasing.”

The Federal Government has the obligation and authority to ban imports of products which have been identified many years ago as causing disease and death of citizens. I am really disappointed that imports of asbestos containing products are still happening.

With all those employee intensive and expensive government departments in place one may wonder what the priorities are, if in fact there are any.

Nope, our previous Harper Conservative government ignored Health Canada scientist’s warnings about asbestos; “The Canadian government rejected advice from Health Canada that asbestos be added to a global list of hazardous materials in 2006, CBC News has learned.”

And then that same government successfully managed to keep asbestos OFF the United Nations international list of hazardous chemicals.

Harper liked asbestos so much that he and his family lived in asbestos filled Sussex Drive home for ten years . All the while fighting hard to keep selling the stuff . With the way he treated canada it must also have a great deal of lead piping . Thankfully Trudeau had the good sense to not put his family in harms way but then he isn’t in bed with the asbestos industry .

In Prince George we have a silent killer in zonolite insulation used in the attic of homes built in the 70’s era. Many homes are insulated with zonolite which was produced from mining operations at the Libby mine in Montana. The zonolite produced from the Libby mine is contaminated with naturally occurring asbestos that was part of the rock structure mined.

hmmmmm, at what point do these Trudeau Lovers are going to stop blaming someone else in history, and start looking forward…. OH, I guess that will never happen, because if you voted for Truedeau, your probably a a snivel servant that has never been accountable for anything their whole career.

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