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October 27, 2017 11:07 pm

Road Line Painting Underway

Friday, April 29, 2016 @ 9:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. – it has been a source of contention and subject of discussion on the Friday Free For All  on 250News,  for several weeks.   Today,   we can tell you,  the process to  have  lane markings painted on Prince George roads  has started.

Yesterday morning, Yellowhead Pavement Markings began painting in the Hart area and continued painting on roads downtown and on other higher volume routes through the evening and into this morning. All work is expected to be completed by mid-June,  with the exception of  markings that  will need to be done on  newly rehabilitated roads through the summer. 

The City’s roadway marking program has three components;  survey layout work, painted “handwork” pavement markings, and painted lane markings. Survey layout work includes all preliminary markings required by the contractor to correctly apply traffic markings. This work began weeks ago as the City’s sweeping operations neared completion. 

Once the layout work’s been done, and  Mother Nature provides  warm enough temperatures for the paint to bond with  asphalt,  the  real work can get underway.  There must also be enough ambient light present at 5:00am for crews to be able to paint safely at intersections too busy to be worked upon during the day. 

The current painted lane markings required for the 2016 season include all solid white and yellow, single dashed white, and yellow and solid double-yellow line markings – totaling 459 kilometers. Painted handwork includes the markings found at intersections such as crosswalk lines, stop bars, and directional arrows. The handwork required for the 2016 season includes 595 pedestrian crossings, 463 stop bars, and 609 directional arrows.

In the interest of safety, crews will are also putting line markings down along 15th Avenue and 5th Avenue. These lines will have to be removed and repainted later in the spring or summer.



Sadly by the time they are done painting they will have to repaint many roadways again due to the fact that the water based paint (or any other eco friendly paint which also disappears very fast) they are required to use by law disappears quite fast

I would like to acknowledge and thank our City Mayor and Council for getting on this road hazard / safety concern. From not starting road / street line painting until June, the whole process is now starting immediately and will be finished by min-June. Its almost as if this Mayor and Council is listening to our concerns and acting on them. Keep that up, it could get you re-elected. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    aahhahhahahah that was soooo funny… Thanks JGalt, for a good laugh

JGalt, would you not agree that our very early Spring and warm weather had far more to do with the line painting process starting now than the efforts of our City Mayor and Council did?

Use long lasting oil based paint… if they take into consideration of the number of accidents due to no lines..then all the fluids from the accidents that hit the road… putting a bit more oil on the OIL based pavement is minimal… and well worth someones life.

    LOL the eco-nuts are worried about oil based paint on asphalt roads.what is asphalt made from again ?

    Hmmm, would be interesting to see if someone would have a legal claim against the Green movement if they were involved in an accident as a result of worn off road lines. Old “oil based” paints lasted longer than the new more environmentally “friendly(?)” water based paints!

    Sue Greenpeace and/or David Suzuki if you get in an accident, haha!

It is about VOC’s for the most part – air pollution. Not so much it “flowing” into water ways although that is an issue as well. All of Canada and the United States are taking up the fight on behalf of the enviroment so I guess we are stuck with it.

Very happy to see it starting so soon. Kudos to City Engineering and the decision makers for getting on it early!

Please paint Carney arrows correctly at 15th Ave. We do not need a dedicated right turn lane but rather the same thing as 5th and Carney with a dedicated right turn lane. Sometimes only one vehicle gets through the intersection trying to squeeze between cars turning left and going straight through on the opposite side of the intersection.

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