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October 27, 2017 11:03 pm

Red Cross Sets up Fund for Ft. McMurray Residents

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 @ 9:55 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  As the town of Ft. McMurray is consumed by wildfire ,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has contacted  Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and  advised her the Government is ready to help in any way it can.

Earlier this evening,  the town  of Fort McMurray was ordered  evacuated.  That includes  relocating about 100 patients  from the Fort McMurray Hospital  to other facilities. There are new reports the evacuated  hospital is  now  on fire.

Many of those trying to flee the flames  have become stranded on the highway as they ran out of gas.   They are being advised to stay put  as police are patrolling the highways and will have  fuel.

Residents of Fort McMurray  are being advised to  follow  the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on facebook, or on twitter  (@RMWoodBuffalo) for updates.

Evacuees are  being asked to email  wildfire@rmwb.ca  to  let  officials know they  are safe.

Suncor has posted the following on the   regional Municipality Wood Buffalo Facebook page:

“Suncor advises that as a result of the fires in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), we are focusing our attention on the safety of our people and the community. Our plant is 25 kilometres north of Fort McMurray and in a safe condition. However, we are reducing production at our regional facilities in order to allow employees and their families to get to safety.

We are working with the regional emergency response to help coordinate the evacuation efforts.”

The City of Edmonton is sending crews to Ft. McMurray to assist.  The crews are expected to arrive  around  5 tomorrow morning.

The BC Wildfire Service says it is not able to assist Alberta right now because of the situation here at home.   The fires in the Peace region continue to  rage   with four  areas  around Fort St. John under evacuation  alert . B.C.’s resources are needed here  at the moment  says  the Wildfire Service.

Meantime,  the Canadian Red Cross has  set up a  fund to accept donations  to assist those  affected by the  wildfire that is burning through the  town and the Salvation Army advises those who need aid to follow #ymmhelps  on  twitter for services and aid.. 




Good on the Prime minister to offer services, sure glad I and most of Canada voted for him.

Any Prime Minister in power would offer services.

As for most Canadians voting for Trudeau. Not likely. He garnered 6,930,136 votes. 10,486,274 voted for someone else.

    Palopu, don’t you find it interesting that you have received a negative score for stating the facts, while Medeon has received a positive score for stating what isn’t true?

    Interesting how some people just don’t like the facts!

That’s how elections work.. In a 3+ party system.. Has been like for a long time..

But instead of Trudeau bashing try some empathy towards the people of Fort McMurray.. Stop having to make everything political.

Let’s hope there are no lives lost. Let’s hope the fire is under control and put out quickly so this horrific event is over. Let’s hope the people of Fort MCMurray can get their lives back in order.

Election’s been over for a while people. Get over it. You need to start singing that song from Frozen, Let It Go!

I’m thinking the fire situation is going to get even worse this year after that dry winter we had.

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