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October 27, 2017 10:52 pm

Crash Reduces Highway 97 to Single Lane Traffic just South of Quesnel

Friday, May 13, 2016 @ 2:17 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – A serious motor vehicle incident temporarily closed Highway 97 10 km south of Quesnel earlier this afternoon.

North District Corporal Dave Tyreman says the two vehicle crash occurred just before 1:15 p.m. No word yet on the cause or what kinds of vehicles were involved.

He says the road just reopened to single lane alternating traffic.


Went past this accident on my way home….it happened on the straight stretch just south of quesnel buy the fertilizer plant….travel was using the road right beside the highway…there was a semi in the ditch and a newer mini van. The minivan was totalled…we past within 30 yards of the accident and I honestly will be amazed if the driver survived….there was at least 4 or more ambulance at the scene….must have been more people in the van….sooo sad to see…

    Quesnel only has 3 ambulances stationed here, so not sure how there could have been 4. And it’s actually a pellet plant, not a fertilizer plant.

      Just an FYI BC Ambulance is a provincial service. And by that I mean, ambulances are not limited to doing calls just in their own communities . It’s not uncommon for Prince George to have 2 or 3 out of town ambulances doing calls in PG to help when it gets busy. Same applies to Quesnel, there very likely could of been a few ambulances on scene, perhaps a Williams Lake ambulance was doing an out of town patient transfer and came across the accident first? Unless you were there, you don’t know for sure…

Just returned from a round trip to West Quesnel. Driving was a mixed bag. Traffic was heavy in both directions. A lot of pavement is in bad need of repair and there are a lot of heaves and potholes. On the straight stretches they will do incredible stunts weaving in and out at 140 km/h trying to get ahead of each other before the oncoming traffic gets too close. One wrong calculation and bang, it is all over. Not a single police cruiser to be seen anywhere. The sooner this bumper to bumper traffic is able to spread out over 4 lanes, the better!

I left PG at 9 am to travel to Kamloops. I saw 4 cops along the way. Heaves and potholes… I didn’t encounter any of those. Traffic was heavier today however…

    there are many heaves and some very rough spots…I drive the highway quite a bit and every time I comment to myself that it’s hard to believe it’s a major highway.

I was strictly commenting on the highway between Prince George and Quesnel. It has stretches that are in pretty good shape, others which are not. Check the many tens of rough kilometers before and after Cinema, for instance.

Hah, north of McLeod lake they have a big lit signboard which states
“Potholes for the next 32 km Drive with care”
I guess this is the new road repair for the north.

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