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October 27, 2017 10:51 pm

Northern Fancon in Full Swing

Saturday, May 14, 2016 @ 4:21 PM
David Stanley, AKA 'Chevalier' - photos 250News

David Stanley, aka ‘Chevalier’ – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Warehouse worker by day, cosplayer at night.

Well not quite but David Stanley, also known as ‘Chevalier’ – is having a ton of fun at Northern Fancon this weekend.

There are literally hundreds of cosplayers on site, dressed up in a variety of costumes, from Cat Woman and martial artists to the Joker and Batman.

What is cosplay you ask?

From left, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Super Girl

There were hundreds of cosplayers on site today, including Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Super Girl

“Costume play for grownups who still like to play and pretend,” says Chevalier, who describes his costume as “a steam punk inspired time lord from Doctor Who.”

“Chevalier is French for knight, always trying to do the right thing.”

A Quesnel resident, Stanley says it’s just a hobby and acknowledges it’s a bit of an outlet for him.

“I have to say it is. I’ve been playing with costumes since I was about three years old. I used to be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. An organization into medieval re-enactment.”

So once he gets off work does he jump right into his costume?

“No, the costumes are usually packed up until I get to a convention or for costume based themed parties. It’s not an everyday thing, no.”

Northern Fancon runs until tomorrow at CN Centre and the Kin Arenas.


Very enjoyable lots of cool trinkets, books and costume pieces amoung many others can be found there I found many of the actors who are card signing very approachable and pleasant to talk with the viewer panels have been entertaining and very engaging and the cosplayers are awesome quite frankly many of their costumes would give even the professional cosplayers a run for their money great job all around

Biggest complaint is how the vendor kiosks are setup it can be very difficult to get to vendor kiosks due to crowding

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, gender dysphoria… no problem, but this Cosplay stuff should stay in the closet…. just kidding ;-) Hope everyone had fun.

    I bet the furries will be jealous I’m sure .

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