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October 27, 2017 10:50 pm

Work Begins in Hart

Monday, May 16, 2016 @ 11:23 AM


Prince George, B.C.- It is the third straight year for  sewer installation  in the Hart Highlands of Prince George.The   sewer installation is being paid for by  residents  in the  Killarney, Sussex and Wildwood area under a local area service agreement.    Supervisor of Engineering projects, Hayley Sedola,  says the  sewer installation portion of the project  will cost $1.9 million  and will be shared among the 80 residents.  Further upgrades to the water line and road rehabilitation have been added to the project  bringing the overall total to $4 million  dollars  but the  water and road rehab portion is covered by   the City’s capital plan.

This year,   the   project  is starting on Wildwood   then  move to Sussex Lane, Sussex Place  and Calvin Lane and the final  piece of the project, Killarney,  will be partially done this year  and the balance completed in 2017.

The project was approved by more than 50% of the residents representing more than 50% of the assessed values.  Residents are paying for their share of the project ( estimated at $24,300 per lot)either  through a lump sum, or  spread out  over time . This estimate represents the highest probable project cost (based on construction by City crews), and includes a 20% contingency to account for circumstances such as bad weather or difficult soil conditions.
Property  owners won’t be responsible for costs beyond $24,300 should the project  run over budget,  but  if the project is completed under budget,  the savings will be reflected in the amount they have to pay.

This is the third year for  sewer installation in this part of the Hart Highlands.  The first  project saw Wallace Crescent, Berwick and Dundee  completed,   last year, Ridgeview  Drive was done.  Sidola says once the current project is completed,  there will still be  about  100 homes  that  remain on septic systems.

During construction,  some residents may not have access to their driveways  for  as long as 2 weeks.  Residents are  advised to use off street parking  whenever possible.   The construction will mean some  detour routes for transit,  as buses #91 and #96  will have to  alter their routes.   Detailed  bus route information ins available by checking the BC Transit Trip Alerts section



nice back slope. good job guys.

Piece of cake to install sewer in these soil conditions.

Finally getting some things done. Good to see.

The City is being fair with the pricing, a stated maximum price, and if it comes in cheaper, the property owner sees the savings. Also, allowing the option of financing through taxes or making a lump sum payment is generous too.

    Good to see they set a maximum. First couple of times they did the local area improvement projects they were open cost, which destroyed the market value of the homes while the projects were planned and until completion.

    IMO it’s not a good deal at all for home owners, but it’s all relative if one really needed this service or not.

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