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October 27, 2017 10:44 pm

Suspect in Custody Following Prince George Police Pursuit

Sunday, May 22, 2016 @ 6:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George RCMP have a suspect in custody following the pursuit of stolen vehicle that came to an end with the use of a spike belt and a canine unit.

Corporal Cory Eggen with the Prince George detachment says that around mid-afternoon Saturday the RCMP received a call from a person who was driving northbound south of Hixon who said they were cut off by another vehicle whose driver waved a gun at them.

Cpl. Eggen says North District Traffic Services had cars on Highway 97 at the time and they took up the pursuit of a pick-up truck that had been reported stolen in Langley and was bearing stolen plates.    North District officers laid a spike belt on the highway south of the Simon Fraser bridge and that brought the truck to a halt.

Cpl. Eggen says “the vehicle was dumped and we ended up tracking the guy with a canine unit and we took him into custody.”  The man was flushed out by the police dog and placed under arrest on Industrial Way in the BCR site.

The suspect is a 55-year-old lower mainland man who, police say, has a very lengthy criminal record.

The takedown, says the corporal, was effective.  “North District had people on at the same time (as) City (detachment) and dog guys so we had enough people on at once that helped save the day, so we’re good.”  He adds no officers were injured in the episode, “no PCs (patrol cars) were touched and it was all a successful take-down, for sure.”


55? Just shoot him.

Wonder what happened to the gun, if he had one.

“The suspect is a 55-year-old lower mainland man who, police say, has a very lengthy criminal record.”

Very lengthy, eh? That is why we need a ‘three strikes and you are out’ law in Canada like they have south of the border! Perhaps it should be called ‘three strikes and you are in’ – in the clink for a long, long time instead of being an armed danger to our law abiding society!

    We do have a law like this, it’s called the Dangerous Offender designation. The 3 strikes law in the U.S. has been a terrible failure that has led to a lot more unnecessary death and injury, especially to law enforcement officials. Their law is very rigid and out of desperation, criminals with nothing left to lose often kill witnesses, pursuing police officers and anyone else that gets in their way. This is one of the principle reasons why the U.S. has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world and a still very high violent crime rate. The deterrent effect doesn’t really work for crimes that are committed in the heat of the moment or while intoxicated. Most criminals don’t believe they will get caught either which has a serious dampening effect on the deterrent factor. Only 10% of serious violent crimes that occur in the U.S. result in an arrest. Then there is the odd $100 billion a year it costs the U.S. to house all these criminals. That’s almost half the annual gross domestic product of British Columbia, a province of over 4 million people.

    No, we need to find a better way to deal with career criminals, because the same old isn’t working anymore. Actually it never worked, so it’s time to try something new.

      Or something old. Like execution.

      “I heard all those arguments before! Truth is when they are locked up they are not out and about in society committing more crimes.

      “The deterrent effect doesn’t really work for crimes that are committed in the heat of the moment or while intoxicated.”

      Yes, because in the heat of the moment they simply reach into their jacket pocket or the glove compartment where they (often legally) keep their loaded handguns!

      “Or something old. Like execution.”

      No, because often they execute innocent people or let guilty people (like O.J.) walk free after a double murder with three times the evidence required for a conviction!

      Just keep them under lock and key!

      Also, the US three-strikes law is not limited to offences involving violence. Many of the people incarcerated under this provision are not dangerous and would not qualify as Dangerous Offenders here in Canada.

And where was the CN Police?? Probably safe to say he wasn’t at the gym that’s for sure.

Its not the solution to throw him in jail for a long time. Its a social problem that needs more then jail time. And as you mention ,”down south” where there is a much greater crime stat then here in the north and even their privately operated jails don’t solve the crime rate.

    With this poor misguided lost soul being from Langley he is practically your neighbour. How about we send him your way and he can crash on your couch giving you ample opportunity to have a few heart to hearts with him to explain the error of his ways. No need stash away the silverware or jewelry I’m sure it will be fine. Might even be a second calling for you to help these people….could even start Kimmy’s Komfort Kottage:P

    What might help more is giving the local police the keys to the old cop shop so they could introduce these out of town troublemakers to the elevator as rumour has it that a certain amount of mansplaining went on during those short rides down to the cells!

    Global did a story a while ago about these repeat offenders with rap sheets as long as your arm and found that the more times they appeared before a judge the LESS time they were given when convicted. Throwing away the key is not really a viable option at some point the judge must inform them that if they appear again they will be going away for a couple of years not a couple of weeks.

    One guy that did say that a longer term in the clink did help him straighten his life out was the infamous “ONCOMING” Surrey methhead guy that was all over youtube. He said he had time to not only get clean and sober but also do some thinking about the downward spiral he was on…don’t know if he is still doing good but when last interviewed was holding down a job, had a decent place to stay and avoid the people he used to hang with.

      It wasn’t down to the cells, it was up. And no, nothing ever happened in there, you got my word on it. Well, maybe a little….
      We seriously need to get these goofs on the hill working in forestry camps, re-open Terrace CCC, open a few more around Fort Nelson, Valemount for the short timers. And get the spud farm on the hill back.

Don’t confuse rehabilitation for serving time for committing crimes.

If you do the crime, you should do the time to pay your debt to society.

Crime without consequences is not the way to go. Rehab on the other hand is an option for the person in jail, however it should not become a part of his release unless there is some way to show that he is serious about changing his ways.

For some people crime is how they earn their living, however they don’t pay taxes, and cause others to have higher taxes, and higher insurance rates.

I have heard this song and dance about rehab for many years, however no real stats to show whether it works or not.

A lot of people grow up between the age of 40 and 50 but not all.

    Well, you’d have to be actually interested in reading such statistics and reports, but I assure you a lot of them exist about the success of different rehabilitation methodologies. Actually if you read more news than the local gossip blogs you’d discover a world of information there to enlighten and inform. You have to first read and understand it though.

      Or perhaps watch the way others with successful rehabilitation do it . Watch Michael Moore’s latest movie and be shocked at how badly the USA and Canada are at it .

      Michael Moore? You are joking I hope?

    “Crime without consequences is not the way to go.”


    One can make allowances for a first time offence with a suitable punishment! If there is a second one committed by the same person, all the red flags are raised! The punishment will be very severe, given as a deterrent – together with the warning that a third one will result in indeterminate exclusion from society.

    Society must be protected from habitual criminals. They can sit in their cell and think it over and stop blaming society!

    Imagine if you are driving along and a person in a passing car is waving a gun at you! What if he had pulled the trigger?

    I agree, rehab has never worked for criminals, drug addicts, alchoholics, spousal abusers, etc, until they Want To Change.

Perform a lobotomy and all the bases are covered and all the bleeding hearts will feel ”not so bad”

almost like instant zombies, think about it ,no one dies or has to be locked up.

Locking them up would probably cause a lot of unemployment, come to think of it, so letting them run loose and keep repeat offending may be the ‘better’ thing to do!

This type of scumbag needs to locked up and fed bread and water, PERIOD. Why does our govt keep unleashing these turds upon us? Don’t let me catch one victimizing my family or I. It won’t end nice for it. Bleeding hearts should be made to supply them with room and board when they are freed.

    Why blame the government? Has zero to do with them really, it is the judges that let them go or reduce the sentences because they cried on the stand and are remorseful. They continually defy or strike down any new laws the government tries to pass to combat crime. Unconstitutional or undue hardship are key judge buzzwords for any tough on crime legislation.

      Judges don’t make the laws, our govt does.

      Sorry but laws don’t “unleash these turds upon us” – that be the judge

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