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October 27, 2017 10:36 pm

Cowart / Hwy 16 Intersection Upgrade to Begin Soon

Thursday, June 2, 2016 @ 6:02 AM


Intersection of Vance, Cowart  and Highway 16  one of the  worst for crashes in P.G. – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.- It is one of the busiest, and worst intersections in Prince George,  and  work will soon  be underway to  make changes to  the Cowart, Vance Road Highway 16 intersection.There  were  27 crashes at that intersection last year,  15 of which  resulted in  injury.

There was new urgency to upgrade the intersection following a fatal crash  earlier this year.  In the wake of that death, the Ministry of Transportation  began work to  prep for the installation of a dedicated  left turn signal.

The design work is complete and  the procurement  stage about to begin.  The new  dedicated left turn signal means  drivers will no longer  be able to make a legal  left turn  when there is a gap in traffic.  The change is expected to be complete by the fall.

The neighbouring  intersection of Highway 16 and Ferry Avenue is also in for an upgrade.  It too will see  a dedicated left turn  signal,  replacing the  advance green left turn arrow.   That intersection has been the scene of  37 crashes in 2015, of which  20  resulted in  injury.

The total cost of the upgrades to the two intersections is half a million dollars.



The intersection is fine, it is peoples driving skills that are the issue.

    I agree with this I’ve used this intersection many times. Is it a dangerous intersection IMO it’s just like any other intersection in town it’s just many people don’t pay attention mostly because there is a hill involved and people focus on the hill more than the intersection

That intersection is not fine and needs to be upgraded to have dedicated lights for turning. Should have been that way since the beginning.

    Sorry, I look at the picture and it looks like a million other intersections in North America. People just have to pay attention, drive defensively and get off their damn phones.

      Well 250 should have taken a better photo of the highway and not Cowart/Vance Roads because it shows nothing! This part of the intersection is not the problem and this part isn’t getting a dedicated turning since it doesn’t need it.

    I agree, there isn’t the most accidents at that intersection for no reason. Yes, some ppl are on phones, some try to beat the light and some think it’s safe to turn thinking the on coming traffic will stop. The latter example, in most cases, is inexperienced drivers. However, if it had it’s own turning signal then it should help.

    It is to bad an over-pass is way out of budget.

    Dedicated left turn lights are great. But the lack of them don’t cause crashes. Guess what does.

Unfortunate it takes injuries and deaths to occur before action takes place on the intersections but hopefully with the new changes the situation will improve.

    Sorry but even with dedicated turn signals there will still be collisions, people just stare at the light and when it turns green they go. This reminds me of the workplace, you have to take your most inept worker and develop policies and procedures around that worker.

We teach driving in Prince George and Highway 16/Cowart road intersection needs an upgrade. It’s need a merge lane or a Yield when turning right on to the highway from Vance road. Because of higher speeds no left hand turn on a solid green only on advance only. Highway 97 and Highway 16 junction to 5th Ave you are not allowed to make a left hand turn unless you get the advance arrow. They should also change the traffic lights at Highway 16 on to Ferry Ave to turn left only on advance turn signal. Maybe there has to be a fatal before they make the change. I see drivers running late amber lights purposely. People slow down your life is worth it.

    Please re-read the article.

Running the yellow light is a huge problem here. One car runs the yellow then three cars follow because the car in front of them moved. I’ve seen people just stare at the car they are following and never even look up at the light! The next time you are sitting at a red light, count the number of cars that run the yellow. It’s a given in Prince George that you never just go on a grenn light.

    You never just go on a green light anywhere. It’s called defensive driving.

      Look left, right, then left again is what I do. But I ride a motorcycle which is like having a big target on my back.

**green light

I have to agree with Peter. As we were coming out of BP on Tuesday, we heard a mighty roar of a sheepie truck, black smoke and everything, going through the intersection on the RED light. Your wounded cow roar is what made us look up. The light for Cowart light was already green. If the driver of the car crossing 16 (an “N” btw.), wouldn’t have looked both ways You would have another memorial at that intersection Please, Yellow means safe to stop if safe do so, Red means STOP’

    Glad your comment was mainly positive,
    but why focus on the brand name of the truck?
    I assume you are inferring that it was a Dodge-ram-sheepie?

    Personally, I’ve always thought that among the ‘chip it/bigger turbo/straight pipe exhaust/lift kit crowd the Ford/Navistar was the most likely to emit a troubled bovine sound upon aggressive application of the go pedal. Nothing like the sweet hum of a MUFFLED Cummins ;)


    You eat at BP?

I see a lot of vehicles with N on them running the lights. The stats do not show how many of those accidents have drivers using N..

I can’t believe that there is even one person opposed to making intersections safer!

Just saying I saw a good “N”, for once. Saved a life.

Ppl have been saying for years, “Is it going to take a death to get something done with that intersection”? Yes, apparently that was what they were waiting for. :(
I go through that intersection everyday and several times a day, my heart hurts every time I see all the flowers.

Well it has been way too long coming but at last both intersections will be as they should always have been————very happy to hear.

That young girl did nothing different than any of you (us) old fools who have turned on a green… when we couldn’t see the entire way down the road.

She made a mistake, lost her sister because of it.. how horribly sad.

That truck that hit her looked about 10000lbs overweight, I wonder if there is an investigation into it being an illegal load? Did they hit the scales?

Stop acting so much better than any that young girl, I’m sure all of you have had so many close calls you are ashamed to admit it. In fact, you can count on it.

First off just because it has a N on the car does not necessarily a new driver is driving..some leave the sign up all the time so it could be a “experienced” driver behind the wheel.

Also it is a intersection in need of a upgrade..has been for decades.. I would rather see it upgraded than have another person die because of it.

I know all the posters here who say it doenst need an upgrade are perfect drivers..have never sped, change lanes without signalling etc.. If we could only always drive as perfect as you.

    Legally, the N is only supposed to be put on WHEN that driver gets behind the wheel.. It’s part of their learning process. It’s not supposed to become a permanent fixture on the vehicle. This is so other drivers and law enforcement can distinguish the driver

      Legally yes.. But still lots that don’t remove it or forget to.

      Yes, but many that don’t require the N still drive like they require an L.

So with the high traffic density no upgrade is needed some are saying. Then the upgrade to Domano and 16 was a waste of money then? The passing lane and fourlaning of the highways are also a waste? I get it now.

I wonder which politician was related to that last tragic loss.
There is not other reason I can think off that things
after all this time are happening so quickly..at last maybe now we won’t lose another young life.

and yes in some instances it is definitely bad driving that causes accidents at intersections not the roads themselves.

we shall now see which.

In this day and age it has become the norm to idiot-proof everything. This is one example of that.

There is no doubt that a lot of PG drivers leave a lot to be desired.

Upgrading these intersections was long overdue. In fact most of the work on the Highways is long overdue, and the fact that it was not done sooner is a testament that the Provincial Government does not pay much attention to anything beyond Hope BC.

Of course with an election coming we will get a few kernels thrown our way, and then be forgotten for the next four years.

For all of you making “statements” like you know the facts, I would like to see your data backing up your claims that the majority of these 64 crashes in a year at these two intersections were “inexperienced drivers.”
Please, provide a link!
Also, dedicated left turn signals have proven to make intersections safe, time and again over the years. Why would this be a bad thing?
These two intersections all boil down to speed. No one, including me, sticks to 60kph on this stretch of road. Stopping left turns into oncoming traffic will save lives and injuries. No doubt about it.

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