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October 27, 2017 10:32 pm

Participation in Bike to Work Week Down Slightly

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Fewer people took part in Bike to Work Week in Prince George this year.

Though she doesn’t have exact numbers, coordinator Jessy Rajan estimates there were almost 500 participants last week compared to around 600 at last year’s.

She believes the slight dip was due to a mixture of miscommunication and poor weather.

“I feel we could have improved communication or outreach,” says Rajan. “A lot of participants that were coming to our stations told us they didn’t think they could register as a sole participant or if you didn’t have a workplace which you totally can.”

She says the bad weather – especially on Friday – hurt their numbers too.

On the bright side, Rajan was pleased to see a whole host of new cyclists take part.

“We did have over 100 new cyclists that were identified as not previously cycling to work which is what we were aiming for.”

In all, she felt it was still a good year.

“In my perspective it was a great year. I‘ve never really been involved in Bike to Work Week before – I’ve been involved in Bike to School Week. So it was really exciting to be part of the community this time rather than just the university community.”


NO KIDDING…. but let’s go put in more bike lanes and keep the cars off the road for they will have no where to park

    When has your car ever been kept off the road because of a bike lane? Just wondering.

Bad weather? So will the bike lanes be open to cars during “bad weather” since nobody is using them?

Looks like Jillian won’t be getting to much votes next time

promote helmet use.

    Promote bike use. Make sure you have fenders on your back wheels.

I believe the huge drop ( slight dip is 5% or so). Was because bikers where protesting merricks bike lane fiasco.

Even cyclists know it’s stupid in a city where you can’t ride for 5 months of the year..and some live a good distance from work.. Adding a hour each way on top of a 12 hr shift is not in my cards.

Ban all two wheeled vehicles on our roads.. That will fix it ;)

    You know, there’s some merit to what you say. In Quesnel they have a bike path/walking trail system, and they painted a line giving 1/3 of the path to bikes. When you consider the low volume of both pedestrian and cycle use on our sidewalks it would seem more sensible to create mixed use pathways, maybe upgrade the surface a bit, and everyone wins. Because at the end of the day, bike’s and cars can co-exist, but they’re both better off with their own part of the road.

With the out migration of families from PG it’s no small wonder that there are fewer cyclists .the aditude of the posters on this subject and many others, will make sure that those looking close enough at PG will have second thoughts about locating there . I know I’ve changed my mind about moving back thanks to the non-inclusiveness and open racism exhibited here daily . The great one . On his dying day could not even escape being called by his slave name by an obvious PG bigot .

Cycling is so good for you. Why would anyone have a negative remark about it. Those bike lanes give us the cyclist room. Even in winter folks. Lots of people cycle in winter. I noticed Ataloss that some people come and post on this site because they are miserable and need to push their issues on others. This site should only allow people to post comments if they use their real names. I know that CBC is doing something of that sort to their website. Don’t blame them at all. You a bigot. Well we I wanna know who you are then!

    Both the CBC and twofivezero know the real names of their posters are . The viciousness of some posters knows no bounds here . I have been counciled by Dow on two occasions on this site to commit suicide there by breaking federal law against counciling someone to commit suicide . Yet he still babbles on . Maybe for him the third council is the charm .

Down slightly? 600 dropping to 500 is a decline of 16.7% A 1%, 2% or even 5% decline might be seen as a slight decline, but a 16.7% drop would seem problematic in most situations!

    Exactly HG..

SO my question to the group is what is the threshold of the number of people riding bikes to where we all stop complaining about creating bike lanes?

How about the reverse of the thought process and use the “if you build it they will come” idea regarding the process. I will be using my bike more with the addition of the new bike lanes. Will I be on my bike every day of the week? NO. Will I sell my diesel guzzling lifted Duramax Diesel? No. Do I ride my bike to save the planet? NO.

I ride my bike because it takes me back to the days when I was a kid and I rode my bike everywhere over great distances to see friends, hang out, go swimming, see a girl etc. Like most people, I got my license when I was 16 and bought a car and quit riding the bike. A bike never fit in the family dynamic (tough to take a 5 year old daughter to figure skating on the back of a bike). Pretty hard to haul a fifth wheel or a boat to the lake with my bicycle. As my kids grow up and get cars of their own, I find more time to ride my bike. Is it too much to ask to have a piece of road to safely ride it on?

As you transition from a road that has a dedicated bike lane to one that doesn’t, you do watch out a little more diligently.

    I rarely see anyone riding their bikes..I always see people driving their vehicles..maybe if 10% of the traffic bikes then time to consider bike lanes..but right now when it’s less than 0.01%. It’s called pandering to special interest

500 people out of 70,000 or so. That is .007%. Wow! We are inconveniencing over 99% of the people in this town so a few can ride their bikes for 5 months of the year. Anyone that rides in the winter is a fool as far as I am concerned.

    What is the inconvenience? The only inconvenience that I see is the handful of people that park on Ospika to watch their kids/grandkids play soccer. The rest of it is just shifting lines on the pavement. The only additional lane width that I know of in town is North Nechako between Foothills and Toombs. I appreciate the extra land width in the winter. Traffic uses it in the winter. I ride my bike .007% of the time and I’m sorry but I don’t feel inconvenienced the other 99.993% of the time that I’m driving my 3/4 ton diesel truck.

Unreal man. So only kids ride bikes! What a bunch of …..

So why am I am fool for cycling year around? Who are you to judge there duffer? Eh!

So I am fool to cycle year around. You became a judge when?

Run me over if I cycle in winter? Give me a hard time to?

Biking is good for everyone. It creates employment for many people. I say if there are no bike lanes then share the sidewalk. If the police try to ticket you for riding on the sidewalk tell them you feared for your life and you would not be lying.

    So it’s okay for bike riders to break the law by riding on the sidewalks.. Interesting..if you get a ticket for parking in a bike lane just say you feared for your life as well…lol

When I was a young boy growing up in Prince George I rode a bike with no bike lanes. Not a problem if you ride on the right side of the road. A dedicated bike lane is not going to save you from a careless driver (false sense of security). Basically five months of reasonable bike riding weather and seven months of terrible weather and dedicated bike lanes? Sorry Jillian you won’t be getting my vote again.

Cheetos You’re just a big baby. Obviously you got nothing else to do but complain about such trivial things. Just like a number of you posters on this site.

    No I’m not “just a big baby” – changeit. But dumb is dumb; dedicated bike lanes in Prince George and the cost associated with it, is just plain dumb.

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