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October 27, 2017 10:30 pm

Friday Free for All – June 10, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Another week has  passed, and  that can only mean one thing.  It’s time for  the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.


shhhhhhhhhhhh you might wake them up and they’ll start whining..:)

Have a ggreat weekend

Hug your children, you don’t even need a reason. Just do it.

Yesterday afternoon, I had to do a bit of running around to several small businesses in the Hart! These included the new Shoppers Drug Mart, the Hart Home Hardware, the Dollar Store, Save-on-Foods and in between a quick stop at McDonalds to grab a coffee to go.

Every business that I entered provided excellent and courteous service, from staff that ranged in age from young teenagers to those with more than a few years under their belts.

I was met with friendly greetings such as “Hi, how are you today?’ and “Hello, how may I help you?”

I was offered assistance in finding what I was looking for! I was asked if I had found everything that I was looking for!

I was thanked for coming in! Everybody extended a “have a nice day” or a similar type of comment as I left!

Kudos to each and everyone in these Hart businesses for the excellent customer service provided!

Gotta love the Hart!!

    You than sir must be a majority race in town :-)

    Thank you, come again.

Still no word on the victor in the chili contest?

    CFIS won

    Go to CFIS-FM facebook web page.

    June 6 posting: “Congratulations to the CFIS-FM crew for the historic win at the 41st Annual Great Northern Chili Cook-off!”

    I did not realize that the event had been going on for 41 years. Can anyone confirm that? If so, it must be one of the few annual events that has lasted this long in PG

      So neither Opinion250 nor the Citizen report it but only the winners themselves? Isn’t that a little weird?

      It is weird. Blame the people who give us the news.

      You can also blame yourself because you could have gone to the Studio 2880 web page (the source of the information), clicked through to their facebook symbol at the top and when on facebook, even if you are not a member read the following post dated June 6, 2016:

      “A huge ballot box of votes were counted, the results are in and the winner is….. Drum roll please! Congratulations CFIS- FM 93.1 Community Radio! They rocked the crowds with their Crossroads Recipe at the 41st annual Great Northern Chili Cook off on Saturday at Studio 2880. 2nd place went to 6 time chili champs MLA’s Shirley Bond & Mike Morris. The Prince George Citizen took 3rd and 4th place went to The Community Arts Council/Board of Directors. On behalf of the PG Potters…

      “If you have been following the news you would have seen that Studio 2880 has a funding crisis at the moment and has let go several staff. Perhaps someone who was to follow up with a media release was no longer there and others were too busy taking care of more important things, thinking the media would pick it up themselves if they cared or were also not too busy with other things going on.”

      Sorry, the last paragraph should not have been in quotation marks. They are my words.

      I could see that the Citizen might not be happy to report they came in third. :-)

      CKPG also reported on June 4th after the event was over and stated the results would be announced on Monday … which they were …. however they too did not seem to report further on the matter.

      After all, the important thing to know is how much money was raised. It would be nice to know how we fared against the other 40 annual chili cook-off fund raisers.

      It is not about the winning as much as it is about the activity and volunteerism and going there to enjoy it on a nice sunny late spring day.

Guess Canada will think twice before recruiting workers from Africa

    Yup, apparently yet another of many companies had tried to take advantage of foreign workers, in this example to use South African workers at slave wages ($50 per day) to turn an even bigger profit. When Rachel Notley heard about this, she set things straight by demanding all workers, regardless of race, nationality or gender, be paid the LEGAL minimum wage in Alberta.

    So companies like the one who hired the South Africans to fight the Fort McMurray fire now have no low slave wage competitive advantage over others and will probably… gasp… have to hire unemployed Albertans or Canadians. Way to go Rachel Notley!!!

    www .cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/rachel-notley-alberta-firefighter-south-africa-1.3625499

      They shouldn’t have been here in the first place when there are Canadian firefighters unemployed. All of the people that were so happy to see them dancing and singing should step aside and let them take their jobs.

DOGS!!!! Holy Hanna there are some inconsiderate neighbors out there! If your damned dog is barking please quiet them down. Nobody wants to hear your dog’s barking incessantly for hours on end!

I’m talking about you people in the Rochester area of College Heights! Shut your damned dogs up!

    Good lovely summer morning to everyone!
    Yeah, there’s one over close to Beech Crescent too. We’ve put up with it for years. We don’t mind it too much-we don’t have any bear problems, perhaps as a result!
    Oh a lighter note, my brother used to drive my sister crazy, he used to go out on their back deck and start howling like a wolf. Soon all the dogs, many of them, in the neighbourhood, would all be howling and barking in answer!
    It was quite a chorus!
    Have a great weekend!

Political correctness has got to stop…. People want to change our national anthem because of the line “in all thy sons command” offends them as its not gender neutral… How stupid..

Besides that.. Have a great weekend everyone…

    Sounds more like a biblical reference than anything. Might as well change that other line to “Dog keep our land” and what the heck….change another line to “our home on Native land”.

      Why do Natives get to be recognized in the anthem? How about “our home and frozen land”?

    I read a comment from someone yesterday that suggested that we better also change the line “we stand on guard for thee”! After all, standing on guard implies a willingness to “fight” and fighting’s not nice!

    So, the suggestion was that “we stand on guard for thee” should be changed to “we stand around for thee”, haha!

    Yup, that’s us, standing around for thee!

    You are 100% correct P Val, this political correctness has got to stop! Either that or somebody better contact the President of the United States and demand that they change their anthem, the Star Spangled Banner! After all, who needs “rocket’s red glare and “bombs bursting in air” in any song!

      Maybe throw is a few “sorry’s” while were at it.

      Standing around for the??? You mean standing around for me …. with hands stretched out palms up. ;-)

Good morning all ☺

Can we practice stopping at a STOP sign properly this week?
Why is everyone always in a race. Where has people’s patience gone?
Life is too short.
Happy Friday enjoy your dash!

    How about merging when there is a merge sign and merge lane. This seems to be a huge problem in this city. Yielding when you’re supposed to merge and merging when you’re supposed to yield.

      Or stopping on a free flow lane..

    I can understand that some people might be smart enough to know that there is an intersection coming up and that one is supposed to stop but that they can multitask by using their neck to turn their head, use their peripheral vision to minimize the head turning, see whether there is oncoming traffic and, if not, conserve their brakes as well as the momentum of the car so that they do not require to start the 3 tons of vehicle they sit in from a dead stop.

    In fact, the faster they can go through the stop sign, the better the conservation of energy and the more likely they will arrive in the window of time just given to them by their observation …… which they know never fails them ….. ;-)

Now that T2 is on record saying, “… Sophie and I wish all those observing this holy month a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.” does this mean we’ll be hearing people say “Merry Christmas!” this coming December?

    I have heard people say, “Merry Christmas” every year in December for the past 70 years. Not a single year has ever been missed. This carping about it is only done by people who can’t accept that society is changing and other people have the same rights as Christians.

    Happy whatever celebration day it is in whatever tradition you observe, everyone!

      I hear an increasing number of employees saying “Happy Holidays” now instead of “Merry Christmas” in December. New company policy and all of that!

      Was it in Ottawa last year that the singing of Christmas carols on the steps of City Hall was banned?

      How many Canadian Schools now have a Holiday concert, instead of a Christmas concert/

      Have you not noticed how much harder it is to buy Christmas Cards that actually says “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”?

      I’m all for others having the same rights as Christians, but how does taking away Christian traditions accomplish that goal?

      There are two holidays at and near the end of the year – Christmas and New Year.

      Of course, it is not everyone’s Christmas nor everyone’s New Year. In fact, for Orthodox Christians, both occur a couple of week later.

      However, there are stat holidays in Canada.

      So, it is the holiday season with at least two in close proximity if not 5 within a few weeks of each other.

      I’m all for others having the same rights as Christians, but how does taking away Christian traditions accomplish that goal?


      Someone has taken away your right to say Merry Christmas or to manufacture Christmas cards that say Merry Christmas?

I don’t believe her. Does anyone believe anything she says anymore?

    Who you talking about??/ axman???

I live in Pineview and love it. However we sometimes lack in some of the services others in the area enjoy. We have been watching Telus install internet in our community for the last couple of years. It was progressing slowly but it is a big project so patience is the key. I was told by Telus in early February that we would be online in 3 months. Hooray? Well maybe not, 4 months later no sign of any progress so another phone call. Sorry no plans for your road in at least the next 6 months. So if you live in Pineview and you have DSL good for you, if you don’t…. Don’t hold your breath.

Where are the cops, I had 3 cars and a truck pass me on foothills between 1st and 15th last night and they must of been doing over 90 km. Used to see them there a lot a few years back, but not anymore.

Rip Gordie Howe

    Did you hear the Local News this AM ?
    Local Radio News Reader says Gordie Howe has “Kicked the Bucket” – this is something 2 guys say to each other at a BBQ — not on the Airways, Let’s have some RESPECT.

      One of the more well liked comments on this Friday Free For All is P Vals who’s comment about everything being too “politically Correct”… and here we have an example of that.

      Has anyone seen a move about two older men who want to travel the world and do things they have always wanted to do before they die? The movie is called the “Bucket” List… anyone extremely offended by this movie title as well?

      Probably Hartley Miller. Talk about “class”

      There IS a Different between A Movie and Real Life.
      Movies don’t give a $#%& — Life you should Care and Respect.

Here’s a brand new environmental regulation that’s right up there with the water based road line paint fiasco. On Vancouver Island (not sure about the rest of BC) any pre-1991 drywall waste – apparently all wallboard has a date stamp – “may contain asbestos” and must be disposed of accordingly. Though any asbestos is typically in the mudding compound, not the drywall, no matter. If you can’t prove its vintage, it’s deemed to be pre-1991.
What this means is that it has to be double bagged in approved 6 mil poly bags taped/tied according to regulations. And only select disposal sites will take it, and it will cost you $950/ton to unload it. These costs are prohibitive for a homeowner doing a little reno project. Any guesses as to where this stuff is going to end up? I’m all for being green but this is out of control.

Hey doneright, when you are going 30 k , it just seems like they are going 90…..keep up!

    Probably has his left blinker on too, LOL.

Like to say I,m impressed with our RCMP. Never see them playing games to catch motorists, just out there to keep us safe and remind us to slow down. Tho nothing is perfect, I do think they are the best national police force in the world which compliments the best country to live in on earth. So glad to be Canadian. Have a safe weekend all, and lets go Sharks !

    lately noticed they been targeting those without helmets on bikes.. Hope they are giving tickets.. If not, then same should apply to motorists

Going back to the N drivers… They should change the law that they can’t drink any beverage or smoke or eat while operating and also carry only one passenger.. I see too many having a pop and trying to make a turn, forgetting their signal lights or gets turned on as they are making the turn. Having other passengers is a big distraction to them, especially if they are all teens

    Why should a rule like that apply only to ‘N’ drivers? If you want all these behavioral modification laws enacted then they should apply to you as well. Frankly, all you people who want the State to micromanage every aspect of peoples lives should just move to North Korea. Lil’ Kim Jong Un provides all the rules you would ever want on “proper living”.

The law states that N drivers can only have one passenger unless they are family members.

Search . Vertical farming game-changer for Manitoba First Nation .

    These are the people that are on leading edge of the tech side .

      Urbanagnews.com for even more resources . Singapore is food secure with highrise towers producing food . There is no reason northern villages should be food insecure and forced to eat food like substances to survive .

Too many restrictions on N drivers now. Nothing but an easy money grab. They are making it impossible for them to insure a vehicle in their own name. Many young drivers need their own vehicle so they can get to work but with the high cost of insurance they are making it impossible.

It’s come to light . The reason Christy was able to brag about SiteC air quality was that she turned off the air monitoring equipment . The people of bc have been had one more time and thankfully the federal gov is not happy . It will only cost us an additional 400K in fines . I think krusties well beyond her best before date by about twelve years . The story is @desmog.ca

Finally someone taking Greenpeace to task.

Jun 08, 2016
The Environmental Spectator: Greenpeace Faces a Resolute Opponent
Marita Noon

Finally, courage to counterpunch the green bullies.

When the name Resolute was chosen in 2011, after the merger of Bowater and Abitibi-Consolidated, the Canadian company, a global leader in the forest products industry and the largest producer of newsprint in the world, likely didn’t know what a harbinger it was. Today, it stands alone, set in purpose, with firmness and determination. Displaying the rare courage to stand up to the typical environmental extremists’ campaign of misinformation and shaming designed to shut it down, Resolute Forest Products is fighting back.

Many people are probably unaware of the shakedown tactics used by groups whose touchy-feely names belie their true goals.

Like most companies, Resolute originally went along. As Peter Foster explains in the Financial Post: “a cabal of radical environmental non-governmental organizations, ENGOs – including Greenpeace, ForestEthics and the David Suzuki Foundation – agreed to stop their campaigns of customer harassment in return for the members of the Forest Products Association of Canada, FPAC, agreeing to sanitize a swathe of the Canadian Boreal forest, and to ‘consult’ on development plans. Astonishingly, governments played no part.” The result was the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. The ENGOs ultimately aspired to put the majority of the Boreal forest off limits – ending economic development. Regarding the Greenpeace-promoted concept of “intact forest landscape protection,” Laurent Lessard, Quebec’s Minister of Forest, Wildlife and Parks, says it threatens “absolutely devastating” economic implications.

Resolute had been a major supporter of the Agreement and has participated in other efforts between ENGOs and industry to work out differences. Despite that, using a campaign of lies and intimidation, ENGOs have constantly attacked Resolute. At one point, in 2012, the false claims were so egregious, Resolute threatened legal action against Greenpeace – which garnered an unprecedented apology and retraction from Greenpeace. However, it came back with vengeance. Greenpeace continued to publicize the same false statements and dubbed Resolute a Boreal forest “destroyer.”

Engaged in a war without violence, Greenpeace has since attacked Rite-Aid Pharmacy for “getting millions of pounds of paper from controversial logging giant Resolute Forest Products,” calling Resolute “a company with a history of environmental destruction.” Greenpeace was successful with a similar harassment campaign against Best-Buy. Resolute was the company’s primary paper supplier, but due to the shaming, Best-Buy announced it would seek other sources. Greenpeace has no plans to stop the tactic. Other targeted companies include Canadian Tire (a retailer with more than 1,700 outlets), Home Depot and Office Depot, Proctor & Gamble and 3M. Foster reports: “Greenpeace itself has calculated that its campaigns have cost Resolute at least $100 million.”

Somewhere between the Greenpeace retraction and May 2013, an epiphany – similar to what occurred between the president of the U.S. and the space alien in the movie Independence Day – must have taken place. In the clip, the captured alien is choking someone with its tentacle and the president is trying to negotiate with it. He tries to reason with the alien and suggests that they could “coexist.” He asks the alien what it wants them to do. The alien simply responds: “Die.” Resolute must have realized that no matter how many agreements it might sign, the global network of ENGOs will come back with more and more rigid requirements until the tentacles choke the company out.

On May 23, 2013, Resolute filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace claiming it damaged the company’s “business, goodwill and reputation.” The suit asserts defamation, malicious falsehood, and intentional interference with economic relations and seeks damages of $5 million as well as punitive damages of $2 million, plus costs. Greenpeace says the suit “is an effort to subdue Greenpeace into silence and send a message to other groups that they should stay quiet.” It believes the suit should have been thrown out, but despite several attempts, the Judge has disagreed and allowed unflattering accusations about Greenpeace’s global law-breaking activities to remain.

While the Canadian lawsuit makes its way through the courts and the appeals process, Resolute has just taken another bold step to defend itself against the green bully’s attacks.

On May 31, Resolute took a page from the ENGO’s playbook and, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, filed a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) suit against Greenpeace and a number of its associates who, though they claim to be independent, act cooperatively. The RICO Act intended to deal with the mob as a loose organization, or “enterprise,” with a pattern of activity and common nefarious purposes, such as extortion. (Greenpeace has asked the Justice Department to use the RICO Act to investigate oil companies and organizations that sow doubts about the risks of climate change.)

The 100-page complaint alleges that Greenpeace and its affiliates are a RICO “enterprise.” According to the Resolute news release, it describes the deliberate falsity of the malicious and defamatory accusations the enterprise has made and details how, to support its false accusations, “Greenpeace has fabricated evidence and events, including, for example, staged photos falsely purporting to show Resolute logging in prohibited areas.” The suit also calls Greenpeace a “global fraud” out to line its pockets with money from donors and says that “maximizing donations, not saving the environment, is Greenpeace’s true objective.” Additionally, it cites admissions by Greenpeace’s leadership that it “emotionalizes” issues to manipulate audiences.

In the U.S. lawsuit, Resolute is seeking compensatory damages in an amount to be proven at trial, as well as treble and punitive damages.

Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, is disappointed that the group that originally wanted to help, is now an extortion racket. He told me: “I am very proud to have played a small role in helping Resolute deal with these lying blackmailers and extortionists.”

Discovery in both the Canadian and U.S. lawsuits will open up records and could well peel back the moralist tone to expose a global job-destroying, anti-development agenda. For too long ENGOs have been allowed free rein over regulating natural resources in what is really economic warfare on workers.

At a recent meeting, the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, according to Foster, “acknowledged that it was time to stand up and recognize ‘the significant economic implication of misinformation’” – though one has to wonder what took them so long.

Resolute is counter-punching the green bullies – and it’s about time. Just ask the coal miners in West Virginia or the farmers in Central California who are wild with enthusiasm for the Trump candidacy that promises to end the regressive regulations and return the U.S. to economic strength.

Hopefully other companies will now tune into the public’s change in attitude and, with firmness and determination, will, also, fight back to protect shareholders and workers.


    Good for Resolute. Hope they win their case in Court.

The Connaught Youth Center that also serves as a Community Center now has NO Parking out front as now there is bike lanes being installed on both sides of 17th , for the odd person that uses that street to ride their bike. This is so DUMB and one sided.

Why are the “Bike Lanes” so WIDE ?
They should only be 1 meter wide as that is enough room for a bike and passenger and they are by LAW –NOT allowed to ride side by side.

    A metre is the minimum standard. They can be wider if the provider so chooses. Since they sometimes do double duty – i.e., shoulder to pull over on, parking lane, it makes sense to make them wider in places. Also, cars have trouble riding down the center of the road, so they need more space not to get hit with truck mirrors from dumbasses driving near the white line.

    And cycles can’t ride two abreast on a roadway, a bicycle lane is not a road way, that’s why you’re not suppose to drive on it, or use it as a turning lane.

    What is this sites problem with bicycles. 90% of the cars out there are non compliant with one or more rules of the road, and they can cause real harm when they make mistakes. Just yesterday I had to stop short on the cross walk because a dumbass ran the stop sign and turned in front of me. Almost ended up on his hood.

    (d) must not ride abreast of another person operating a cycle on the roadway,

      Ski51…What is this sites problem with bicycles.
      I only have one problem with bicycle lanes…not bicycles.
      And I have posted on this site during discussions about the bike lanes, that Jillian Merrick post the data or stats that show the reason why we need all the bike lane changes and costs.
      Maybe you could ask Jillian Merrick if she could post on this site, all that data so that we can all understand. She must have that data, don’t you think!!

      The way Ms Merrick has been vilified by troglodytes here . If I were her I wouldn’t give this rabble the time of day . Besides if you want cycling accident stats for PG the RCMP are the ones to ask . Why should she gather stats that she would only need to statisfy you ?

      Ataloss…Vilified?? Yeh right.
      She wouldn’t have to gather the data…All she would have to do is give a website link so all the taxpayers can look at the data.
      And if that bothers you, nobody will make you go there to see it.

      And cycles can’t ride two abreast on a roadway,

      Tell THAT to the bike cops downtown.. They like riding side by side on the road

Ataloss, I take it that you aren’t willing to look at both sides of an argument?

Your way or the highway?

You’ll defend our right to express our opinion, as long as our opinion aligns with yours?

Is that how it is?

The Prince George Herald has reported on statistics on bike accidents released by ICBC in conjunction with their work with motorists to increase safety for cyclists. In Prince George according to ICBC stats, 17 cyclists are injured each summer between June and September. That number jumps to 670 when you take into consideration the province as a whole, averaging 5 cyclist accidents per day in the summer. Four out of five of those crashes happen at intersections according to ICBC. So how do you prevent a crash at an intersection if you are a cyclist? The primary thing you need to do is assume that other motorists have not seen you. It does not matter whether you have the right of way or not, if you are a cyclist and are involved in a crash with a motor vehicle, you are going to be the one that suffers. Because of that take the extra precaution to make sure that motorists have seen you in the intersection. If you are riding at night make sure that you are wearing reflective gear and using a light. Use appropriate hand signals so that motorists know what you are doing and make sure that your movements are predictable to motorists. Do not cross an intersection in the cross walk unless you are walking your bike. One of the most common accidents between cars and bikes at intersections occurs when a motorist makes a right hand turn, cutting off the cyclist. As you approach the intersection always be on the lookout for cars with their signal lights on. If a car has a right turn signal light on, make sure that they know that you are there before you proceed. Be aware of cars that do not have turn signals on but that look like they are intending to execute a turn. Know when you are at the intersection that the most likely place to be involved in a crash on a bike is at an intersection and ride accordingly. Stay Safe There you go . That took about two minutes . Are ya new to this internet thingy ?

    The Prince George Herald ?

      The internet thingy says the Fort George Herald went out of business in 1915. Was there a big car vs bicycle issue back then ?

    No…not new to this Internet thingy. But if I had posted what you just did, readers might think that I made it all up. But since you posted it, that leaves me off the hook.
    Now, you say that 4 out of 5 crashes happen at intersections. That has been my question all along….Why all the bike lanes then ??
    Have a nice weekend and watch those intersections.

Prince George Herald???? Go away tool.

You guys have absolutely no sense of humour . It’s just like Ezra s. Mutt stuff . Never read anything with out a byline or header .

    Sorry DI . You do have a sense of humour for sure . Pretty neat that the problem is as old as it is . Over a hundred years . It’s about time bicycles had more dedicated bike roads with fewer intersections with cars and trucks .

Rex Murphy along with Mark Steyn are about the only rational journalists in Canada. Hang onto your wallets folks.

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-leap-comes-to-ontario-with-wynnes-new-climate-change-plan

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