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October 27, 2017 10:31 pm

City Launches Paving App

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 @ 12:30 PM

Price George, B.C.-  Paving  projects  have resumed in Prince George, and to keep  residents up to date on  what’s being paved when,   the City has  developed an  app.Screenshot_2016-06-08-12-19-41

The app,   which can be accessed here,  shows a map of the City  and  areas where work is  either underway (0range),  completed ( green)   or planned for this paving season (pink).

( see screen shot image at right)

Users can scroll  the page to  see more detailed information on a specific area, zoom in or out,  and clicking on any of the  coloured lines will  provide  details on that specific project.

There are five projects planned for this week,  with  one already  wrapped up:Regents Crescent from Queensway to Hamilton Avenue. Estimated cost: $83,000. Completed Monday, June 6.

  • Milwaukee Way from Boundary Road to Willowcale Road. Estimated cost: $460,000.  Expected to be complete the week of June 10 (weather-dependent).
  • Foothills Boulevard northbound from 15th Avenue to 5th Avenue. Estimated cost: $320,000.  Completion expected the week of June 10 (weather-dependent)
  • 17th Avenue from Victoria Street to Queensway. Estimated cost: $260,000. Lane kilometers: 1.656. Completion expected the week of June 17 (weather-dependent)
  • 17th Avenue from Elm Street to Ash Drive. Estimated cost: $109,000. Lane kilometers: 0.696. Completion the week of June 17 (weather-dependent)


The new app was produced by the City’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS) division with information provided directly from the Public Works department. The app will be updated multiple times per week during the paving season as projects begin and are completed



I wonder what I’m paying for this treasure?

How on earth did we ever survive without apps like this? Nice to know that we have tax dollars available to provide for this oh so important information!

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