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October 27, 2017 10:31 pm

CN Layoffs Affect PG

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 @ 12:26 PM

Prince George, B.C. – CN has laid off approximately 1,200 employees across Canada and Prince George hasn’t been spared the pain.

In a statement, the rail giant blames the layoffs on “lower rail traffic volume levels” though they wouldn’t confirm exactly how many employees have been affected locally.

“Layoffs include some mechanical workers in Prince George,” says spokesman Patrick Waldron. “When volumes recover CN expects to bring those workers back. Some mechanical facilities in Prince George remain open.”

In reference to lower traffic volumes, he says in CN’s first quarter results, “The company reported that carloadings for the quarter declined by seven per cent and revenue ton-miles (RTMs), measuring the relative weight and distance of rail freight transported by CN, declined by nine percent from the year-earlier quarter.”


Rail traffic is directly proportional to how the economy is doing….Thank you Trudeau.

Ugh. I hate seeing this kind if stuff. Let’s hope the affected workers get back on their feet quickly.

Sorry Trudeau has little control over this company’s greed, they still receive millions in Taxpayer subs and grants which is corp welfare

    Oh, do tell what grants and subsidies this private company gets?

      First, they’re a public company, not private. Second, they get annual subsidies in the neighborhood of $55 million a year from the feds to run VIA Rail.

      Well this site won’t let me respond to you directly gecko so I’ll respond here. Obviously cn is a public company in that it’s shares trade on the markets. By private I mean it’s not government owned. Secondly you are completely wrong about it getting subsidies. It doesn’t run via rail. Via is a crown corporation. So what else have you got?

    Yes, because Trudeau personally controls the consumption habits of millions of people around the world and the economy wasn’t already sinking toward a recession even before Trudeau took power. The logic of you Cons defies all reason.

      and yet you hold Harper responsible for all the ills in the world!

      Your logic defies all reason and common sense!

CN is horrible.. They miss rail switches all the time, bring in the wrong cars, charge for demerge when cars are stored on our tracks etc. Their training is weak, turn over huge.

Of course this is all trudeaus fault.. He is the master of the universe…I guess.. Feel better now X-it..lol

Remember the supervisor for CN that derailed the train and the river caught fire, all because he was showing the guys how to do there job.
He got shipped south for awhile ,now I understand he’s running Alberta rail now.
Wonder if he gets laid off. NOT

No I do not feel better, we are 35 billion farther in debt, the economy is going in the toilet ..except for bc, the Baltic index as reported above is at an all time low. lattes shops will not save our economy like this spoiled brat thinks it will.

    The dollar is getting stronger, price if oil increasing..in the toilet..okay.. Calling yourself a spoiled brat is a bit strange but whatever floats your boat I guess

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