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October 27, 2017 10:27 pm

Pittsburgh Penguins Win Stanley Cup

Sunday, June 12, 2016 @ 7:49 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the Stanley Cup Champions.  They beat San Jose Sharks 3-1 in San Jose.

Sidney Crosby was awarded the Conn Smythe  trophy which is given  to the player deemed most valuable to the team during the playoffs.


Wow! I kept my promise and did not watch any post regular season games as there wasn’t a single Canadian team that managed to qualify! However, long live the new Champions!

You missed an excellent and very exciting game! Our Canadian Sidney Crosby looked pretty darn good receiving the Conn Smythe Trophy and hoisting the Stanley Cup!

I remember when the Stanley Cup was awarded before the end of March.
But now hockey in June? I would rather be outside.

    Wow, you must be old, last time the Cup Finals ended in March was 1929.

    Congrats to the Pens and Sharks for doing something every Canadian boy dreams of, playing in the cup finals.

      that is even before a television.

Prince George: You missed out, might have been the best playoffs I seen in years. And most the players on the last two teams were Canadian. Crosby should have one the MVP, should have been Murray the young rookie goalie or Kessil with 29 points. Lets hope next year we have some Canadian team in the playoffs.

Oops, you’re right Stompin Tom.
I was told some incorrect info.
Most Cups were won within the first two weeks of April.
I’m not quite that old, but I’m old enough to remember
when the hockey games were broadcast starting at 6pm Pacific time.
Not only were they black and white, but the broadcast usually began at about 5 minutes into the second period. If there had been a fight or other delay, we sometimes got the last few minutes of the first period.
Not only were there only 6 teams but we could name every player on every team.
I believe that the players today have outgrown the rink. Upper body strength is more important than finesse or skill. I like the larger Olympic rink for today’s hockey.

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