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October 27, 2017 10:24 pm

Multi- Jurisdictional Probe Nets Drugs, Cash, Firearms

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 @ 5:28 PM

policeidPrince George, B.C. – Search warrants executed in Prince George, Chilliwack and Richmond have resulted in  arrests and  the seizure of drugs, cash and firearms.



The sweep  was part of a 14 month  investigation  by the Prince George Federal and Serious Organized Crime Unit (FSOC) into drug trafficking in the Prince George area. During the course of their investigation, police gathered evidence which led them to expand their investigation beyond the Prince George area and into the Lower Mainland.

Four individuals  were arrested, and police  seized substances believed to be cocaine and heroin, as well as  seizing cash, firearms, body armour and vehicles.

Police believe these individuals were responsible for supplying cocaine at the kilogram level in Chilliwack and Prince George.

This 14-month investigation highlights the fact that those associated to the drug trade conduct their business across multiple jurisdictions, says Cpl. Dave Tyreman, North District Media Relations Officer. We are confident that our latest enforcement action, with support from our law enforcement partners in Chilliwack and Richmond, will seriously hinder these individuals’ drug trafficking network.

Once formal charges have been laid,   additional details will be released.



Nice work you guys! Thanks.
Its amazing to me that these drug dealers don’t seem to know that they are being watched. Quite closely too, I might add.
More evidence from these four, may implicate more people as well. I hope so anyway.

Already released!!! According to CKPG.

14 months of hard work and effort and I bet the 4 individuals arrested will not spend 14 months in jail combined.

All drugs should be legal. Nothing but American propaganda war on drugs crap. Belongs in history not in modern society.

    Oh good plan.. whole buch of stoned, potentially crazy or violent, sickly, addicted drug dependant people running around the streets.

@vocer not true, when Portugal abolished all criminal penalties for personal drug possession in 2001, drug users are provided therapy rather than prison sentences. Research found that in the five years after the start of decriminalization, drug use by teenagers declined, the rate of HIV infections among drug users declined, deaths related to heroin and similar drugs dropped by more than half, and the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction had doubled. Drug use did not rise.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in the world and alcoholism is treated as a health issue not a criminal issue (except when driving under the influence) and there isn’t a whole bunch of drunk, potentially crazy or violent, sickly, addicted alcohol dependent people running around the streets.

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