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October 27, 2017 10:18 pm

Gun Violence Continues – Update

Thursday, June 23, 2016 @ 10:37 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – One person was injured and another five arrested in relation to another targeted shooting in Prince George this morning.

RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says the latest incident occurred at around 12:20 a.m. at a residence on Gould Crescent, off Ospika Boulevard.

He says once police arrived they arrested five people and sent a 26-year-old man to hospital where he was treated for a non-life threatening injury “that was not a result of a gunshot wound.” 20160623_122409-1

Mounties believe that this was a home invasion and that more than one person fled the area before police arrived on scene.

The RCMP’s Major Crime Section, Forensic Identification Section and Dog Service Section are all involved in the investigation.

Due to the need for public safety, Douglass says the Prince George RCMP have also requested assistance from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C.

“The Prince George RCMP are concerned about the recent incidents that have taken place within a relatively small area of our community,” he says. “These incidents have been targeted towards known individuals in the drug trade. Although the motives for these incidents are still under investigation, they appear to be conflicts centered around illegal activities.”

Douglass adds the focus will not only be to determine who is involved in these crimes but why.

“These violent acts are completely intolerable and all available police assets at the Prince George Municipal Detachment will be utilized to combat and target those involved.”

Anyone with information about this latest incident is asked to call police.

This morning’s shooting happened right around the corner from another shooting on Forest Avenue last week which left a 33-year-old man dead.

Bullets from another shooting earlier this month on Freeman Street just narrowly missed an innocent neighbouring family.

No word yet from police on whether or not all three incidents were related.


Looks like our Gang Task force in the old Kal Tire building on 22nd Ave have been letting these scumbags slip through the cracks. Getting out of hand.

One block down from the Forest attack.

Funny how the gang task force command centre is 4 or 5 blocks from there. Anyone who thinks that all the drug trade is centered in the VLA is wrong. The addicts and the users live there. The supply chain lives in what we would call normal neighborhoods all over Prince George.

    hate to break it to you, but addicts and users also live in what you refer to as “normal neighbourhoods”. They also have “normal” jobs, “normal” familes, eat “normal” food, etc…

That’s not the gang task force command centre, that is the Emergency Response Team response centre. Better know as ERT, our version of SWAT.
They are not patrol cops, they respond when called out to an incident.
The Gang Task Force is centred in the lower mainland.

    Thanks for the heads up and clarification.

    umm no it is not the ert centre. nor is it the gang task force centre.

Where is our mayor and council on this issue. Are they scared to do a public statement on TV. What is going to be done about this issue? Does the local paper care? Why doesn’t the Citizen call out the mayor and do an interview? Let’s all stop waiting for the police to cure this issue (I believe they are doing their best)and start calling out the politicians and the lawyers who defend these lowlifes and the judges who give out the lowest possible penalties. Get the paper and local news to show the faces and names of the criminals. Also if these criminals are known to the police have them tell residents where they live. Let’s get active in the community to stop this.

    What role do you see Mayor and Council playing in this?

      Perhaps the mayor could get the lawyers and judges together and demand that no plea bargains be allowed and that judges start handing out maximum sentences. Perhaps council could make stopping crime the number one issue in this city. Council could stop promoting low income and drug users as a place to live. Start giving homeowners and business incentives to secure their properties with cameras and / or fences.

It’s about time we started treating these lowlifes like terrorists, all they do is terrorize the community they are in and spread there poison.

Libs have made it impossible to put criminals away for a long time. Instead they insist we give them hugs, fundraisers, rename a few more parks etc..

    The Cons had a whole decade to get tougher! They did not. So they are all too soft on crime.

      Who kept fighting the conservatives on this issue, the left freeloaders like our useless dear leader.

Best thing for these neighbors to do is install cameras that record.
Costco sell them. Also record all licence plate numbers.
Then hand it over to the cops.

Some interesting comments, but seriously people have to understand that these thugs generally tend to carry out their business in the shadows, away from the spotlight. they don’t advertise to their competitors, law enforcement, or city council what their next move is going to be, so to say any one particular action is in any way preventable simply by committing to try harder is naive.
These very public violent episodes are not the norm!
What was effective a few years back when the gangs were at war was the constant harassment of the thugs by the Gang Unit. That drove most of them underground, and out of town. The public displays of violence stopped rather suddenly.
These thugs need to know that there is no place in PG for them to hang out, no place for them to do their business, and no place in PG for them to feel comfortable without being harassed by the cops!

Guess the criminals doing the shooting are not aware of the laws regarding firearms in Canada. To bad Canada was not a little bit more like the USA and allowed the law abiding citizen to carry hand guns. When the bad guys start shooting at least you can fire back.
A little frontier justice might go a long way to solving the criminal activities plaguing PG.

    Pretty sure the accidental shootings in the states far outnumber the few times a good guy with a gun saved the day. I might see your point if they actually had less gun violence than we do.

All this talk about needing cameras is just b.s the cops know who all these guys are and what they are doing and who they’re doing it with. they’ve got undercover peeps and informants etc etc. so what good is a few cameras really going to do?

    Yes the cops know who dirtbags are in most cases but because the laws favour the lowlifes it is hard to get the mountain of evidence required for conviction. Even when sentenced no big deal as they can get all the sex, booze, drugs they want at the country club.

    Use terrorists laws against these lowlifes but the liberal arts majors running the asylum would be aghast.

I still say …spend some money on recovery centres …treat the addict and help them to become productive members of this so called society. Remove the customers the dealers go away and there is nothing to fight over .

Where is the Batman?

To think that drugs and addiction are ever going to go away is naive at best.
This entire war on drugs has cost governments billions if not trillions of dollars and to what end? There are more drugs in circulation now than there have ever been, and more addicts.
What the war on drugs has accomplished is the creation of wealth for the drug dealers, and an incentive for those drug dealers to fight over the trillions of dollars that are spend each year on so called illicit drugs. That is what leads to these turf wars between gangs. They are simply trying to protect their market share or take someone else’s! It might be time to remove this huge profit incentive by making the addicts drugs of choice controlled, legal, and distributed by Pharmacies. Make their production controlled and the proceeds taxed and take this out of the hands of the gangs!

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