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October 27, 2017 10:14 pm

Clean Up of Two Sites Given Green Light

Monday, June 27, 2016 @ 8:58 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Two properties in Prince George have been ordered to clean up.

The first,  located at 2444 Mytting  Road.   There have been numerous complaints to Bylaw services about the abandoned house.   The property has been identified  as unsafe.    The property is “quickly deteriorating” said Bylaw Services Manager Fred  Crittenden.

Council has   approved declaring the building unsafe  and  that it be demolished , debris removed and the site leveled by the end of July. This particular property  is  being looked after by the executor  of an estate as the property owner has passed away.  Crittenden says the executor would gladly have the City move in and do the work, but needs to  go through this process to make it happen.

Crittenden says  the  actions by Council  in cleaning up  sites throughout the City  over the past couple of years is sending a message to owners of other  problem properties,”We are seeing some improvements in response  to our requests, because they don’t want this (Council order) to  happen to them.”

The second property, located on Spruce Street, has become  over run with debris including derelict vehicles, tarps,  old appliances and  as late as this morning,  some transients are being allowed to take shelter in the yard.  This is also a case of the owner  being deceased.  His  common law spouse  was living in the building with her adult children, but is now ill and will not likely be returning to the  house.  The adult children have made no  recent effort to clear the debris.

“I think we are seeing the benefits of what we are doing in and around the community” said Mayor Lyn Hall   “I know there are different hardships in this latter one,   and we need to  take that into consideration, I think that we do that when we look at  action.”

Council has unanimously approved  declaring the  property to be a nuisance, and take appropriate action to bring the site into compliance. The deadline  is  July 31st.



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