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October 27, 2017 10:09 pm

Cooling Off Period Ends in Postal Talks

Saturday, July 2, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The 60-day cooling off period in the contract dispute between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers expired today, but so far neither side has made a move toward job action.

The corporation can now legally give 72-hour lockout notice while the union can give strikePOSTAL notice, but there have been no such filings to date.  The earliest any form of job action could occur would be Monday.

There are, in fact, two contracts covering urban and rural postal workers which are under negotiation.  One expired in December 2015, the other in January of this year.

Local CUPW President Tami Brushey says the union presented Canada Post with a comprehensive counter-proposal on the contracts covering its approximate 50,000 members on Friday.

Pay equality between urban and rural mail carriers, pensions, home delivery and working conditions are some of the major issues in dispute in these negotiations.

Canada Post and CUPW have agreed that should a strike or lockout occur, social assistance and pension cheques would still be delivered to Canadians, but nothing else.


I think in a generation, there will be no more point to this. Once everyone alive grew up in the age of computers and access is ubiquitous there will be no more need for physical mail delivery.

For me, this is a check mark in the who cares column because it doesn’t affect me anymore. Get all those pensioners on direct deposit. Make it mandatory when signing up now. As for people who are too poor to have bank accounts what the government used to pay in postage and handling costs they can give to banks as a service fee for giving these folks their money without the need of them having accounts.

Yes changes are coming. It is only a matter of time and we will no longer be sending students to high school, or universities. Why would we build schools and pay for teachers when these programs can be delivered directly into our homes and accessed by our computers. Once we go to computerized education, we will be able to close thousands of schools, and lay off thousands of teachers, and save billions of dollars.

We are also going more and more into buying consumer goods on line, and this of course will result in the closing of many retail business’s. Our purchases will be delivered by couriers, and at some point some of the deliveries will be done by drones. You can now order you car through your computer and pick it up when it arrives, so we wont need car salesmen.

Most theatres are gone now as people watch movies from home.

So big changes coming. Anyone who thinks they wont be affected is living in a dream world.

Don’t they get enough. How hard is it really to deliver the mail.

    I suggest you volunteer to carry a mail persons bags and follow them for a week in nice weather, then do it again in -20. Then come back and tell us how easy it is.

    Why don’t you get out there and try it if you think it is so easy? You are probably the same type who thinks cashiers at the supermarket have “cushy” jobs.

Its always easier to sit back and watch someone else work. Once you try it yourself you get a different perspective.

P Val, piece of cake. After a year and half in early part of the 2000’s delivering for both papers here. I could deliver mail in my sleep. I laugh how easy that job would be to do. I could be blind folded, sleeping doing it.

This is no car P Val. On foot. Many fliers. Many, hundreds of papers. For next to nothing pay. so

They can stick it those people. Get to work government worker!

    Your last statement shows how brainless you are. Postal workers are not government workers. They work for a Crown corporation, Although it is a Crown, CP is expected to operate along the lines of a private corp. It is expected to return a dividend to it’s shareholder, the government, every year. Laid off Crown corporation employees don’t get to move to other government departments, unlike true government employees. They just end up on EI like other “surplus” labour.

    I worked for a Crown and never once did any of my paychecks have the words “Government of Canada” on them. The only time we ever got treated as government employees was when our contracts came up for negotiation and then that was only to enact back-to-work legislation against us, freeing management from ever having to actually bargain in negotiations.

Hey P Val, I’m no kid. Just so ya know.

changeit. It all depends on how many customers you had on your route. I suspect not that many. On the other hand the postman/woman basically deliver all day long.

So give us some numbers on the number of papers delivered and the actual time spent doing the deliveries. Otherwise you are just blowing smoke.

I delivered hundreds of papers. Up wee morning hours till mid afternoon. I said that in a post already. You man don’t try and minimize what I have done in my life.You don’t know me. I sure don’t wanna know you bub!

I have a relative that lived for Canada Post for thirty years. No offence to those with weight problems. However this man was fat as a house. It was a miracle he was able to get off the couch to deliver the mail. So I fail how this job is so hard to do.

Sorry for spelling mistake there. But my issue is that we pay these people so much money to do something that a lot of people would do for half the price. It really is a sham! Truly is.

I have a relative that delivered for Canada Post for thirty years. No offence to those with weight problems. However this man was fat as a house. It was a miracle he was able to get off the couch to deliver the mail. So I fail to see how this job is so hard to do. My issue is that we pay these people so much money to do something that a lot of people would do for half the price and a lot better shape I might add. It really is a sham! Truly is.

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