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October 27, 2017 10:08 pm

Heavy Rainfall On The Way

Sunday, July 3, 2016 @ 7:33 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Get ready for some rain, lots of it.  Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for heavy rain potential for the Central Interior and northeastern B.C. through Tuesday.

The regions of Prince George, Williston, MacGregor, northern Cariboo, B.C. Peace River and Fort Nelson may receive significant rainfall amounts over the next two days.

An upper low pressure system will gradually drift across the middle of the province over the next 48 hours, reaching western Alberta on Monday.  Bands of rain, possibly punctuated by heavy downpours from thunderstorms, will affect these regions through Tuesday.

Affected communities could receive anywhere from 25 to 75 millimetres of total rainfall during this period.

Environment Canada will provide updated forecasts and alerts as required.


They predict many things ….. there is never any follow up of how frequently these predictions actually come about.

It would be nice to see some track record. It is a large region, I am sure over parts of it the prediction may be close to accurate. For the actual area of the City and the immediate surroundings it is generally a hit and miss.

    Actually weather forecasters don’t “predict” the “forecast”, hence the name weather forecast. A prediction is a telling of future events, a forecast is essentially a guess based on scientific data and possibly previous trends.

      “predict” the “forecast” = “predict”, they “forecast”

BTW, I was under he impression that the 3 month forecast was for warmer than usual weather. Other than a few days here and there, it has not been as predicted.

I agree gopg2015. I expect the complete opposite of what is predicted 3 days out. Weather forecasting has not improved over the last couple of decades.

“Due to the considerable uncertainty of computer models regarding the highest rainfall amounts, at this time a wide range of rainfall amounts is forecasted.”

Gee Wiz Bang, what’d we do in the 60’s? Yup looks like rain, better wear a hat. LOL

Yep and we are given a daily dose of climate change predictions. Can anyone name one prediction that has come true?

Oh, the la Nino has collapsed and a quickly forming la Nino with a decrease in Sun’s activity historic climate has shown cooler times a coming. Time will tell.

Minus , people you have swallowed the cool aid.

    Or people are just tired of the same old same old climate change bashing you do at every opportunity. I do agree with you that what is said as being the cause is probably sketchy at best, but only a fool would think our climate isn’t undergoing some strange changes all over the planet. I personally think it is simply another weather phase our planet goes through every few decades or so.

      It’s the vast wast of money, politics and power. Looking at historical climate and weather there is nothing strange going on that has not happened before. With the media coverage 24/7 any weather event anywhere is instantly reported seemingly overwhelming us with bad weather information. For the media, blood sells.

      Again not one catastrophic prediction has come true. Does that not make you wonder just a little bit. Oh well be happy paying your higher energy costs, for what.

      Discount anything I post, can’t be done.

I heard TEPCO in Japan financed the Kyoto Accord in an effort to promote the nuclear industry. I believe in that more than I believe in global warming. If they drive up the cost of carbon as a source of power they make the financial case for nuclear more appealing. Now TEPCO has got big investments in Britain for nuclear power (since Fukushima of all things) that are already going to cost Britain three times what it would have cost them to use North Sea natural gas. No wonder the British are restless when they are paying for these kinds of globalist schemes.

I much more worry about the pollution aspect than any kind of global warming dogma. Right now we have a blank sun with no hot spots… on pace to be a record year for that sort of thing. These years of no sun spots seem to precede the mini ice ages… so I’d bet my forecast on the sun rather than computer models of global warming with faulty historical input formulas.

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