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October 27, 2017 10:05 pm

Boosting Apprenticeships Aim of New Partnership

Thursday, July 7, 2016 @ 9:56 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Prince George Chamber of Commerce  has entered into a partnership with the Industry Training Authority.

The partnership  will see the two organizations working together  to  increase participation in  the apprenticeship program.

As part of the partnership, the Chamber and ITA will  host special information sessions and share their resource materials to   encourage more companies to   offer apprenticeships so young workers can get the on the job skills they need to be successful.

“This collaborative relationship will broaden our reach with the community of Prince George” says ITA CEO Gary Herman, “We are looking forward to connecting with the employers and apprentices, promoting the benefits of apprenticeship in BC.”

Chamber President Cindy Pohl says apprenticeships  are a win- win  situation “Apprenticeship not only helps provide applied on-the-job training to those entering trades employment, but it helps the employer with their human resource development.  An added benefit to our community and region is potential job growth as we build the foundation for a stronger economy.”


The trouble is these days, business wants taxpayers to fund apprentices.

    As a taxpayer im perfectly fine with taxpayers funding/assisting jobs & sectors which are in demand and have high pay scales. The taxes are paid back into the system once that apprentice becomes fully certified and finds full time work or business opportunities. I have personally witnessed a lot of peoples lives changed for the better because of programs like this..

Dumbfounded…it has always been that way..the government covers part of the apprenticeships wages and the business covers the rest.. But the government cut way back on the amount so the businesses cut way back on the amount of apprentiships..so now we are seeing the lack of trades due to any government not looking past their 4 year term..

What trades are there a lack of????

    Not really a “lack of trades”.. but rather a lack of people filling vacant positions..For example have a look at Canfor’s job postings or any major industrial, sawmill, pulpmill, mining & energy company job board. The vacant positions are dominated by trades..

      You are right Northman .. but perhaps one needs to look past the the job boards, especially in the local region. Pay structures in the local areas often are not competitive with the rates offerred in other parts of the country. There was a time that the local pulp and paper along with sawmill industry was at the top of the heap but that had not been the situation for the past twenty years.

      Also, many of the younger trades workers would rather commute to camp jobs and locate their families in the ‘desirable’ parts of the the province. The south Okanagan has a large contingent of resident commuter trades serving the North and the oil patch.

Thanks anotherside..The job boards were the best example I could find as evidence for job vacancies..My linkedin is also flooded with job posts on a daily basis as well. I also agree with what you have brought up. I know a quite a few personally who live down south and commute to camp (aka fly-in) jobs. Especially for mining and oil patch jobs.

I think PG could do a bit more to promote itself here to attract people to the pulp/paper and sawmill jobs. They pay might not be there compared to other industries (mining/oil & gas) but if you look at the market cycles the pulp/sawmills have been pretty stable over the long term. We also have a cheaper cost of living here compared to the bigger city’s down south. Just on a personal note with some personal bias here, I love the north (have lived in Kelowna for a while but hated it) and PG seems to be the perfect balance for me..


Whoever paved the new 3 lane at Degal Rd out west should take an apprenticeship in paving. It’s ridiculous. Taxpayers have payed millions for a rookie job. Drive it and try talking with out stuttering.

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