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October 27, 2017 10:05 pm

Friday Free for All – July 8th, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Another week  is coming to a close and that means it’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,   but please,   obey  the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying




A very bad situation unfolding in Dallas last night, this morning!

11 Police Officers shot by snipers, 4 of the Police officers dead with more still in critical condition.

Racial tension on the USA is high! This won’t help de-escalate the tension at all!

Sad times for Americans!

    Now 5 officers dead, according to the 5:00am news.

Question: Our country’s Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) has a measly $17 million dollar annual operating budget, what is more than twice that size?

Question: BC Parks annual operating budget is $31 million, what is millions of dollars more in magnitude than this?

Answer: The Christy Clark Government’s propaganda machine. That’s right, the Christy Clark Government’s Communications and Public Engagement office has a budget of $37,900,000 just to ensure that we have the “correct view” of what her government is doing for us with our money.

In other words, we are doling out some sizable taxpayer dollars for her government to create the political spin that is being directed back at us.

www .huffingtonpost.ca/lizanne-foster/christy-clark-liberals_b_10328642.html

    All governments do it.

    No matter what political stripe.

    Just like your comrades in China & Russia and North Korea.

      still doesn’t make it right

      Of course Canada and BC are not China and Russia and North Korea, so what they do is not relevant. What is relevant is that Christy Clarke IS doing it in BC.

      Incidentally, did you really mean to liken Christy Clarke’s “Liberal” government with three regimes which are usually thought of as very repressive? Do you really think her government is like them?

      Logical One was referring to them as JGalt’s buddies.

      The inference of his post is that BC, China, Russia and North Korea are all doing the same thing, so my question stands.

How does one police officer killing a man make it okay to kill 5 police officers?

Peoples mentality astounds me.. Noe instead of one family losing a loved one there are now 6 ..7 if you add the one sniper that was killed….

    Its not one man killing another, its the culmination of police killings in the Black/Latino community over a relatively short time period.

    The American racist’s are now going to be punished and positive change will be effected for Blacks and Latino’s.

    Having candle light vigils does not work, some times you have to fight fire with fire.

    Doesn’t make it right or socially acceptable, but that is the only tool available for that change to begin.

    This signals the start of the end of killing people and or warehousing them for non-violent crimes.

    The 2nd Amendment is now being used for which it was designed.

      What nonsense. These acts will accomplish nothing except to put every law enforcement officer on even higher watch that people out there may be trying to kill them for no reason other than the fact that they wear that uniform. They will become more cautious, more on edge and more prone to unjustified stress responses. It’s simply human nature.

      The solution to the problems facing police forces are better training, better screening of those who choose to become police officers and the need to firmly hold to account, those police officers who break the laws they are supposed to uphold.

      The people killing officers are not righteous and they have no moral position to do what they are doing. They are murderous thugs targeting an entire group of people in retaliation for the crimes of a few. Nothing they are doing will help the situation. It will only inflame it.

      Most of the people killed were thugs with large criminal backgrounds, scum of society.

      Far more Black people in the US are killed by other Blacks than by police, dozens every month in Chicago alone.

      Far more whites are killed by cops than blacks.

      The demonizing of police who killed blacks legitimately by activists such as Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and BLM escalates racial tensions and only makes the police reluctant to intervene in situations where Blacks are involved, which will hurt the Black community more than anyone else.

      “Far more whites are killed by cops than blacks.”

      Of course. There are more non-blacks than blacks in the USA. Why would you expect otherwise since the population of blacks is considerably smaller?

      In fact, of those shot by police the overwhelming majority are men. Black men make up about 12 percent of the US male population but they account for 40 percent of the UNARMED men shot to death by police in 2015. This comes from a study published in the Washington Post entitled “A year of reckoning: police fatally shoot nearly 1,000.” If we were going to compare that to Canada, since it is about 1/10th of the population of the USA, that would make it around 100/year of unarmed men shot in Canada by police. The actual rate for Canada is much lower than that, but also higher than many other countries in the world.

      If you are going to use stats, learn to use them properly. Usually he best way is to stay with the same class.

      In this case it is the RATE of shooting of unarmed black men within the population of black men versus the rate of shooting of unarmed white men within the total population of white men.

      Let’s not leave out the rate of crime by blacks, 12% of the population commit 25% of the crime so it isn’t surprising that they’re on the receiving end of a disproportionate amount of cop shootings.

      Actually I got that number transposed. It’s 12% of the population commit 52% of the crime, not 25.

It’s an impossible concept to grasp. It makes everything so much worse. More people, senselessly dying, to compensate for the the death of others…

Here is the pattern; distract us with the USA’s problems and make it our own, all the while we have a provincial election looming… hey everyone… look over here, a squirrel.

Our $39 million tax dollars hard at work!

    I wasn’t aware that CNN, Facebook, MSNBC etc could be bought for $39M a year.

      Don’t forget CBC, $39M won’t even buy their morning coffee.

    JGalt.. If your going to come up with a conspiracy..Make it believable..

Looks like going to be a decent weekend.. Everyone enjoy the activities around town.

What;s with Costco raising their gas price by a penny… Really???

Guardian Angels need to train their old staff NOT to turn off onto a street and stop without notice right at the corner, even if their amber light is on but not flashing when traffic is coming from other direction turning onto the same street… Speak of attitude when it was brought to their attention. Excuse was they are setting up to close the street… Don’t be a hazard and being lazy… Pull up further and pack the damned sign a few steps.. In this case, City worker pulled up and parked on other side of street and put up his sign… High 5 to City worker for thinking of safety… Just because they have Amber lights does not mean they are above the law and can do whatever they like.. That’s my friend’s beef for today, asking me to cheer her up

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

I agree 100% Codger. The circumstances of the last two shootings of innocent black men were both so heinous – AND RECORDED – that one had to expect violence. What other options are there? If you can be shot to death, sitting in your car with your family and they they stand there and watch you bleed out who is safe anywhere?

I would like to have an opportunity to join a peaceful protest to show support. Every non-racist should be there.

Brutal what’s going on south of the line. Just keep livestreaming. He was outright murdered in front of the world. No telling how many more!

“South of the line” … ??? There have already been lots… and there will be many more.

You can point fingers South if you want, but remember Houston and Vanderhoof, just a few miles away ? Even if those events had been live streamed, nothing would have changed. Nothing has changed since.

Very frustrating in Dallas, but completely understandable retaliation. Does not prove anything, but for every action there must be a re-action.


    But they were white.

Two cops have guy on ground underneath them and they holler he has a gun, which incidently was in the suspects pocket, and the cops pull their guns and shoot him at close ranger… who was in danger in this case

Another shooting, a family man being a passenger in a car with his family gets stopped and the guy tells cop he has a pernit for his guy and told cop he was getting his wallet in his pocket and the cop shoots him a few times, right in front of his family… Who’s life was in danger??? Certainly not the cop for the suspect was co operating.. And the suspect works at a hospital.

Seems the cops down there are racial profiling without getting much training

    Sorry but not once in any of the videos posted do I hear anyone saying “I have a concealed carry”. Your first example the police have a report of someone pointing a gun at people on the street. The second she has a narrative after the fact, you can hear the officer say he told the driver not to move his hands. These are all split second decisions, it is quite possible in the first case they thought it was a loonie with a gun and when they saw it who knows how close his hand was to the gun.

    You have no idea of the training, they could have been at a call where the perp got off a shot because they weren’t diligent enough. I don’t know – but neither do you. Does this mean no white can pull over a black? No black officer can pull over a hispanic? They shot a white guy who drove his truck in the ditch and came out with a rifle, perhaps you forgot the “rednecks” who took over a park. All I know is she also had a concealed carry and didn’t get shot – could it be because she followed the officers directions? I don’t know, but neither do any of us clicking away at our keyboards.

    Keep in mind that the shooter cop wasn’t white, he’s Asian.

United States of America has a huge problem. It is not all gun issues, it is their social behavior to live peacefully amongst themselves.

    Its not just in the states..Its a growing problem here too..


    For some reason the mindset of the USA population is such that many probably do not recognize how unsafe they actually are compared to many other countries. The majority likely think that their country is very peaceful while the majority of many of the other western nations think otherwise of the USA.

    There is a great divide from a world view, and there may even be a great divide among states in the USA when one looks at Maine being the most peaceful and Louisiana being the least peaceful.

    The Global Peace Index (GPI) measures indicators which assess the security of the person both from internal as well as external forces. The report for 2015 is available on the web.

    The highest rankings in the following order from the highest: Iceland; Denmark; Austria; New Zealand; Switzerland; Finland: Canada. Germany = 16; UK = 39; Cuba = 82; USA = 94; Mexico = 144

    The USA sits in the bottom half, not even the top half.

    I think we need to build a wall. Maybe Trump will do it for free. ;-)

Going green.

Rural Ontarians left in the dark as electricity bills skyrocket

ht tp://globalnews.ca/news/2796958/rural-ontarians-left-in-the-dark-as-electricity-bills-skyrocket/

So If I own a piece of property in Dawson Creek, do I get any cash from the site C project? Just wondering? Cause if others get to cash in that are a couple hundred miles away, why not me?

I wonder when they are going to repave the newest passing lane out west at Degal road. It’s like a shaky rollercoaster ride.

    A.L. Sims and Son LTD is the contractor.

Now here is something that the Trudeaumanaics are ignoring, secret meeting with billionaire’s and tech moguls. Just imagine not frothing of the Trudeaumaniacs if harper did this. What a bunch of indoctrinated hypocrites.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-attends-secretive-sun-valley-conference-1.3666623?cmp=rss

    “We will make information more accessible by requiring transparency to be a fundamental principle across the federal government,” -Justin Tredeau..

    The thing with liberals. They bring their own rope to hang themselves with..

      Did you notice the word “more” when you were reading that?

      I did.

      Maybe you mistook the word “more” for the word “fully” or “totally”.

      If you would have bothered to share the most important part of the report with others on this comment section people might have understood more easily what the event is about.

      You know, of course, that such ease of information transfer is called “transparency”. Please try to practice what you preach.

      from the article. Thanks for at least providing the link.

      “Justin Trudeau is spending Wednesday trying to SELL Canada as a great place to do business for some of the world’s biggest technology and media moguls.

      “The prime minister is in Sun Valley, Idaho, at an annual conference for the global business elite.

      “Details about the gathering, hosted by the American investment firm Allen & Company, are typically kept secret, but insiders have described the event as “summer camp for billionaires.”

      He is going to where the customers are. He has no control over how they wish to conduct the meeting.

      It is a cold call promotion of the country to some important people who have money to invest. He could have decided not to promote Canada to those people and sat home on his behind instead. But he didn’t and the country is better off for it, especially if a fruitful connection is made.

      AND, you can be sure that we will not find out until both parties to a possible deal agree that further info can be disclosed.

      BTW, I doubt Trump is attending.

I’m not surprised that you a confused . What’s Justin’s last name again genius?

People#1 Version 3.0..

    Second that

Ataloss, I read more than a few interesting articles this week!

Todd Whitcombe’s “As I See It” column in Tuesday’s Prince George Citizen stated with regards to windmills:

“it takes a windmill 18 years before it has paid back it’s carbon load. With a 20 year lifespan, that is not an outstanding return-on-investment. And that is assuming the windmill is operating at peak efficiency.”


Also this week, I read that a second driverless Tesla had an accident, sort of a hit the brick wall moment! Think that I’ll stick with my big ol’ gas guzzling V-8 powered 4×4 truck for the time being!

ht tps://www.thestar.com/business/2016/07/07/second-tesla-autopilot-crash-being-investigated-by-us-regulator.html

    You could afford one anyway . Besides tesla has no plans for charging stations in PG . There is a destination charger at one of the PG hotels . You missed the modelX accident in Kelowna . It’s in yesterday’s castanet . You also missed the fact that over a million people die in ICE vehicles every year in the states alone .

    “You could afford one anyway”???

    Perhaps you meant to state: “You couldn’t afford one anyway”?

    Yes I can, but I don’t want one! It doesn’t meet my vehicular requirements, hence the big ol’ gas guzzling V-8 powered 4×4 truck!

    From my link above:

    “In the nonfatal crash, a Tesla SUV rolled over Friday on the Pennsylvania Turnpike after hitting barriers on both sides of the highway.”

    Bounce, bounce, roll, roll, roll, thud!

    I gotta think that’s not the fault of Tesla. The rich guy who could afford it could also afford to install a prototype automatic driving system that failed.

    So then I actually go the link and find out it’s Tesla’s own autopilot. And here I thought he’d installed a Google system or something.

    Yeah, Tesla could be liable. The technology is still in its infancy, way to soon to put them out on the roads where the public is at risk. Tesla owners are loyal so I wouldn’t expect any trouble from them but the first time someone else is a victim, Tesla can be certain of being on the receiving end of a big lawsuit.

I was not a fan of Harper or his politics but to call him a loser?? He was the PM of our country. What is it that you have done? What have you contributed other than pay your taxes & be a law abiding citizen to try to make Canada better.

    He lost ( literally a loser ) the election . Then the WLB Abandoned his constituents ala Prentice ( another neocon loser , literally ) .

    Because that’s the only way some people can rationalize their viewpoints when they cant bring any valid points or arguments to the table.

So, our very own Jihad Justin pulls our troops out of the middle east and now, at the behest of his buddy Obama, he is now sending them to eastern Russia to show Putin how tough he is!

I guess this would be a case of Justin whipping out his CF-18’s!

Seems not a day goes by without more evidence of what a complete buffoon this twit is! Need more evidence? Have a look at his photos from Toronto’s Gay Pride parade! It’s one thing to participate in the parade in support of the Gay Community, but making an ass of one’s self doesn’t need to be a requirement! No dignity there, eh Justin? It’s been said that the whole world is a stage. Someone needs to tell Justin that it’s not his!

    But you where okay with Harper following Obama and bush where ever they went..? Or again that as fine in your eyes..

    As no dignity..how about Harper running away from politics likes a little kid because he lost..just shows what kind of “person” he is… Will be interesting to see who owes this weasel favours when in office..just wait to see who sends him business..

      Not defending any PM we ever had but no matter who our PM is the US pulls the leash and Canada either complies or get’s dragged along kicking.. I don’t think this will ever change..

      ya but Trudeau was supposed to be different, this is 2016 and all that BS.

      Chrétien and the Iraq war?

    “Someone needs to tell Justin that it’s not his..”

    By the looks of things there could be a good chance it could be Trump if Putin doesn’t tear him apart first..

    HG , you really should fact check your rants . Canada didn’t pull troops out of the Middle East . They were increased in numbers . The reason the F-18s were pulled because they’ve reached their best before date . Which is a good thing . We wouldn’t want to see a pilot of ours being burned alive , which daeshe would do if they caught one .

      No, they were pulled because of an election promise. They’re close to the end of their time, likely would do poorly against the latest MIG fighter but for the mission they were on, they did just fine. Trudeau et al just don’t like the idea of involvement in actual combat.

      Oops, hey Hart Guy you responded to Ataloss’s comment as Dirt Man, oh well its not going to be the last time you get mixed up with your other five (5) alias accounts.

      It’s the stand off weapons that count and not so much the platform.

      Canada should just get on with buying the super hornets and be ready for the 21st century.

      Posted on Friday, July 8, 2016 @ 3:02 PM by JGalt

      Oops, hey Hart Guy you responded to Ataloss’s comment as Dirt Man, oh well its not going to be the last time you get mixed up with your other five (5) alias accounts.
      I have one account here, I’m nobody’s alias.

      Nice try, though.

“I’m not surprised that you a confused . What’s Justin’s last name again genius?”

-Yeah I am a confused..Help me out here ol wise owl..Justin’s last name..? Isn’t it Bieber or something like that..Comeon Ataloss I know your a “Bieleber” deep down..

Why is it that if you park your car,truck or Rv up at the MultiPlex parking lot with a for sale sign bylaw can and will ticket you. But you can hold a convention and camp there and your more then welcome. Just saying.

    Gee , do you think that auto sales in PG being 25 % of sales in BC has something to do with the voracity of the Bylaw ?

    The people attending a convention are paying customers.

    The city does not get any profits if a vehicle is sold as a result of standing on public property which is for rent to different users.

    Just saying.

    Just telling.

    Just posting.

    Just sharing ….


Read some details of what Sun Valley, Idaho conference is all about.

    Come up with all the excuses for the dear leader all you want but the truth is he is out Harpering Harper.

      Exactly. Now he even wants war with Russia and has put our soldiers on Russia’s border as the hair trigger for war. Putin said last week that it is unacceptable and will result in nuclear war within a year because weapons are being moved along their boarder that enable a first strike on Russia and he will not allow that to happen.

      Canada has no interest being in that part of the world causing tensions to rise. How many billions will it cost and for what?


Minus 6, hey the truth hurts.

    My apologies seamutt, apparently all those six thumbs down you were given are mine… here is my thumbs up, does that make you feel better?

Good afternoon to all my friends in George and others. Kind of an iffy day in Abby some rain and some sunshine.

Are you people ever wound up on this Texas thing. It should be renamed the Waco State that’s when it all started a few years ago. But why are we surprised when you have a Trump running for President.

It would be much more relevant if we worried about the crime in our own Province. I know all the poop I’m going take on this remark but that’s Ok with me. So you guys keep smiling and have a nice day

Remember to cruse in the left and pass in the right. Have a good week end. Or is it the other way ?????

    For Degal road passing lane that is how they designed it. Would be nice if they kept it to passing on the left but some dim wit didn’t get the memo. Looks more like a truck chain up brake check pull off than a passing lane.

Great news for all of our unemployed Canadian oilfield workers and their families! In the last two weeks, there has been nearly $70 Billion in oil investment announced!

Oops, sorry!

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and London’s Financial Times, in the last two weeks there has been nearly $70 billion in oil investment announced around the world, but nothing of significance in Alberta or Canada.

On Tuesday, Chevron, Exxon Mobil and several other smaller players announced a $37-billion expansion of their oil operations in Kazakhstan. Late last month, BP announced a huge new natural gas operation offshore in Egypt and Eni SpA of Italy committed to a huge oil field onshore in Egypt.

So, Canada, one of the most ethical oil producing countries in the world has been largely left out of nearly $70,000,000,000.00 in oil investing!

Gee, thanks Justin and Rachel! Our unemployed and their families thank you!

P.S. – Justin, I hope that you, Sophie and the kids have a great time at the Billionaire’s retreat! Don’t worry about the bill, we’ve covered it!

ht tp://www.edmontonsun.com/2016/07/08/are-canadas-and-albertas-eco-obsessed-lib-left-governments-holding-up-our-oil-recovery

If you go to this link to read the entire story, take a look at the picture and ask yourself, what the heck is Sophie doing on the floor of the House of Commons, especially when Parliament is in session? She is not an elected MP and she has no business being there!

    ya but Rachel is building bird slicers, does that not count for something?

      Domestic cats kill more birds than your bird slicers do.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Several posts have been removed as the name calling MUST STOP,
If you plan to respond to a comment, stick to the issue and cut out the personal attacks.
I am tired of trying to police the bullies in this sandbox, and will gladly remove privileges if this behaviour continues.

Elaine Meisner

    Thank you Elaine. This used to be a good place to come to get bits of news about what was going on in the city. Now it is a sparring match between the same old people that gets very old. They need their own sparring blog somewhere and this Friday free for all can get back interesting info on what people are seeing and doing around PG.

The Edmonton sun is owned by postmedia and is little more than comic book . It’s so bad that they need a sunshine girl ( woman ) to make it appear normalish .

    Didn’t you mean the Georgia Straight?

      …and the HuffPost and the Tyee!

      Real serious journalism there, NOT! Haha!

Well Bobzee , it turns out that the Dallas shooter used an AR-15 . Do you still feel you are on the right side of history ? Still think it’s a good idea to promote them ?

    Would you feel better if he’d used a Kalashnikov?

Why are we so concerned with Shootings, Crime and Racial Tensions south of the
49th. I don’t really care what is going on in the Gun Happy USA, it’s not ours to solve !

    We are concerned because we have our gun nut lobbiests right here in canada . The Prince George / peace has a lobbyist/MP working to deregulate the very same gun used in mass shootings ( AR-15 ) pretending it’s for hunting . He was also against the UN law against transnational gun and people smuggling . This gun is the choice of gangsters and terrorists . This is how he thinks he’s helping his riding . We can see how well pg is doing under his second term . The best way to get through life is to learn from other people’s mistakes .

      Terrorists will use whatever weapon they can get, and if it isn’t a rifle it will most likely be a bomb. Restricting or banning any or all guns will have no effect on them. You haven’t forgotten the attacks in France, have you? What was the death toll there, somewhere around 300? France has strict gun control laws. How did that work out for them?

      And actually, the gun of choice for terrorists is the AK47.

      It’s not the gun doofus. There are all kinds of firearms that shoot the same ammunition the same way in the same amount and they aren’t AR 15’s. The sky is falling paranoia is getting really old.

    You forgot bombs, not always guns.

    The problem is the violence to begin with, why the violence.

US domestic tensions escalate. Could cause civil unrest. Not something the world needs. Been going on for 50 years. Change is slow.

on a funny Note : Everyone over 30 and a Citizen can now apply to become a Senator. How hard can it be , Mike Duffy made it!

It is my understanding that the IIO is investigating over 52 police shootings in BC so it appears we also have a problem in this province.

    ? where do you get your stats?

    From 2012 to 2015 the IIO conducted 124 total cases of which 21 are the result of firearm use. 35 were use of force, 21 motor vehicle, 15 service dog, 7 conducted energy weapon, 8 in custody, 9 self inflicted, 8 other. Of those 31 were fatal and 93 were serious harm. As of the 2015 year end (march) 30 of those cases remained open 94 were closed.

    Now we all of the sudden have 52 police shootings? If so that is more than double the previous 3 years combined (21), so if your facts are correct that is a problem – but maybe check your source. Could be that 2015-16 has had 52 total investigations and not all firearm related… (just a guess)

    ht tps://iiobc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/IIO_Annual_Report_2014_15.pdf

    and we don’t hear about all of them either.

That is really funny coming from a guy that has had at least 10 different aliases on this site….pot let me introduce you to kettle….

    Ataloss responded to Hart Guy’s post. I responded to Ataloss’s comment. Apparently in JGalt’s delusional mind, only Hart Guy could do that. Guess he forgot his meds this evening.

Why do you braindead drivers insist upon pulling out in front of traffic then not getting up to the speed limit? Why do you pass heavy trucks then bring them to a stop so you can turn left? Why do you wait until the end of the passing lane before you turn on your one brain cell and pass? Why do you insist upon creating the road rage that you do? Why has the creator infested our planet with idiots?

    You have the answer in your first sentence. In your opinion they are braindead.

    You are not really seeking other reasons are you? You managed to get your ad hominem attack out. That is the main thing. Your frustrations have been satisfied for tonight.


      That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.


Oh really? What colour is the sky in your world?

    I must admit, even though you screwed up responding to Ataloss’s comment with your Dirtman moniker, had you also responded to Ataloss as Hart Guy in a second comment, it would have given me pause… but you didn’t.

    Everyone can see Hart Guy never responded to Ataloss’s comment, because in his mind he didn’t need to, he already responded as Dirtman.

    Its called deductive reasoning, and it comes in handy some times. LOL

    Take your meds, your brain fog will lift by morning.

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