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October 27, 2017 10:03 pm

Burgers, Bikes and a Chance Meeting

Sunday, July 10, 2016 @ 6:58 AM
Members of the Wheelin' Warriors of the North head out for a Saturday morning ride. (Submitted photos)

Members of the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North head out for a Saturday morning ride. (Submitted photos)

Prince George, B.C. – Funny sometimes how news stories and the people in the events being covered intersect.

We told you Saturday about the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North barbeque fundraiser for cancer.  A burger, bag of chips and a drink were offered for a minimum donation of 5 bucks.

Well , we heard back from one of the organizers, Ron Gallo, who told us they sold 116 burgers and raised $897.   Most of the donations were $5, but he says there were a few $10 and $20 bills donated and some of the riders received individual donations as well.   It all goes in the pot toward the cyclists’ goal of raising $150,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation.

So about this intersection of stories.  Some of the members of the Wheelin’ Warriors did a tour ofWARRIORS2 the town on their bikes as they train for the 2-day, 250 kilometre Ride to Conquer Cancer, which goes from Vancouver to Seattle in late August.  And during Saturday’s ride they came across the Pride Parade as it was crossing 7th and Dominion, heading for its conclusion at City Hall.

The Warriors, led by team captain and founder Karin Piche (pictured right), came to a stop so that the parade could pass.  An interesting thing happened there.  Kevin Creamore, a second-year rider with the group, was approached by a person who was in the parade.  Turns out it was a leukemia survivor who wanted to stop and shake hands with a couple of the riders and say thanks for what they’re doing.

Support is a great energizer.  Funny sometimes how things, and people, intersect.


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