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October 27, 2017 9:59 pm

Thief Wheels Off on Stolen Bike

Thursday, July 14, 2016 @ 3:46 PM
Stolen BMX bike

Stolen BMX bike

Prince George, B.C. – RCMP in Prince George are asking the public to keep  a look out for a BMX Bicycle.


The bike was stolen  around 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday afternoon from the Domano/Highway 16 area.   The owner of the bike had  left  it unlocked  while he went into a  fast food restaurant .  When he left the restaurant, he saw  someone  riding away on his bike.  He tried, but failed, to stop the thief .

The thief is described as:

  • First Nations female
  • Approximately 25 years old
  • Wearing a long sleeve red jacket, blue jeans and carrying a black back pack

While she  took off on the BMX,  she was accompanied by a male who was riding a lime green bike.

The stolen bike ( see image above) is described as:

  • Specialized P26
  • Mountain bike
  • Red and black
  • Valued at $1500

Unfortunately, the bike owner did not have record of the serial number.

In partnership with Project 529, the Prince George RCMP will be at many community and bicycle related events this summer registering bicycles on 529 Garage. The process is free and only takes 5 minutes per bike.  Please ask that members of the public watch for  those registration events,  and  take the time to register  their bikes.

Police would like to remind bicycle owners to ALWAYS lock a bike with the best lock that you can afford.  All bicycle retailers in our community can offer good advice on which locks to buy and the best way to lock your bike.



no excuse for thieves, but why would you even think to leave a $1500.00 bike unlocked at any time?

    A better question is “Why would any even think of paying $1500.00 for a bicycle?”

      For the same reason someone would pay 75000 for a pickup truck: because they can or they want to. Anyway 1500 bucks for a bike is nothing particularly special when there are bikes priced at 7000+ dollars.

      In fact the most expensive bike in the world is the Trek Butterfly Madone at 500,000 dollars.

      https: //financesonline.com/the-worlds-10-most-expensive-bikes-cycling-with-style/

    The person probably left their bike unlocked for the same reason people leave their cars unlocked or keys in the ignition

Off with the fingers , all thieves. Only way to stop them scum.

    Awww c’mon monkeyseemomkeydo have some compassion, it is not the thiefs fault, maybe her Mom drank when she was pregnant or perhaps she may have been potty trained too early…

The owner did not lock it up (strike 1). The owner has no record of the serial number (strike 2). There is no unique identifying marks or additions to the bike?..(strike 3) ….. Pretty safe to say that bike is not considered “stolen”, even if it is found.

This is another good reason why bikes should be registered.. Kind of funny that it was stolen by a girl. No surprise that this happened in “Prestigious” College Heights! That end of town is getting a bad reputation

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