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October 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Site C Hits Construction Milestone

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 @ 6:00 AM
Here's what the rooms like like at the Site C workers lodge in Fort St John - photo courtesy BC Hydro

Here’s what the rooms like like at the Site C workers lodge in Fort St John – photo courtesy BC Hydro

Fort St John, B.C. – Phase two of construction on the Site C worker lodge is now complete.

The work by BC Hydro contractor ATCO Two Rivers Lodging Group has added 900 rooms bringing the total number of rooms at the lodge in Fort St John to 1,200.

The single occupancy rooms include ensuite bathrooms, television, Wi-Fi services, access to a fitness facility, lounge and dining hall as well as health care services.

The final phase is now on track to be completed the end of August when all 1,600 rooms will be available for Site C construction workers (the lodge has been designed to accommodate a total of 2,200 workers if required).

ATCO was awarded the eight-year $470 million contract to build the facility which includes the creation of 360 jobs during construction and operation of the lodge.

The workforce includes positions such as maintenance technicians, carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, general labour, front desk clerks, cooks, and general kitchen help.

Currently there are now more than 1,547 workers on the Site C site, 1,223 (79%) from BC including 443 from the Peace River Regional District.

Dave Conway, BC Hydro’s community relations manager for the project, says the work camp is just one way of housing the work force.

“We understand that a percentage of the work force will come from the local regional area and a portion of them will live in the community and commute to the camp every day,” he says.

“Another portion of the work force we expect may choose to bring their RV units and park those and stay in long-term RV camp sites. We are also aware that some people will choose to purchase their own home or apartment in town or may choose to rent a townhouse.”

Conway says work on Site C has been underway for just about a year and expects the nine-year construction window to peak by years five or six.

The $8.3 billion hydroelectric dam is scheduled to be completed in 2024.


Now if only all that could be done WITHOUT increasing the prices of everything we all need and want…. (and always faster than the incomes to buy them are ever going to be increased).

And that’s not ‘negativity’, simply a statement of what WILL happen. Again.

If there is anything to be negative about, (and in the minds of many there still seem to be a great number of other things in regards to Site C itself), it’s that we still haven’t learned how we can build a mega-project without fooling ourselves that the ‘inflation’ it also causes is ‘prosperity’. And take the necessary steps to ensure it really brings us ALL the latter, and WE are all getting the FULL benefit from having it.

    The prices of everything have been increasing and are still increasing! In fact they are going up much more than the rate of inflation. Site C at least will bring in dollars from the sale or power – for many decades.

    What concerns me more is the vast “megaproject” of the bloated civil service – the cost of being governed by the three levels of government!

    Socredible have you seen this absolutely mind-blowing. Think prices are high now, what middle class. If this idiot gets his way we will be back to medieval serfdom, oh wait!

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/07/16/bank-of-england-governor-mark-carney-climate-is-a-7-trillion-opportunity/

What we need to do is balance the GNP with inflation. IN other words, we do not grow on a per capita basis.

People grow, plants grow, animals grow … then they die … and are replaced …. we need to work our financial plan the same way ….. new businesses … new ideas …. health growth …. then decline with new businesses taking over the slack ….

Mimic the process of the natural world … every now and then a natural disaster …. ie. all out destructive war …..

Trump has his place in the world all cut out …. he knows how it works…. has been through enough bankruptcies


Northeastern BC is currently suffering severe economic hardship due to low energy prices. Unemployment rates have repeatedly been in the double digits!

I am pretty sure that many in the region welcome any and every job that Site C and it’s construction bring! Some on this site have criticised Alberta for it’s lack of “diversification” and many of the same people now criticise the BC Liberals for the construction of Site C, which will help diversify the economy of this region!

The economy of this region needs help as it deals with low energy prices! In the meantime, yesterday Global News reports that Canada, courtesy of the Trudeau Liberal Government, will pledge $200 million in humanitarian aid for Iraq!


From the news story:

“Canada will open its wallet to help Iraq’s shattered economy when it co-hosts a major meeting in Washington on Wednesday to discuss the Middle East country’s current and long-term needs”

…and the story continues with:

“The Middle East country’s economy has been battered over the past two years thanks to the war against IS as well as the plummeting price of oil.”

So, how nice that we are helping IRAQ as they deal with an economy that is battered due to the plummeting price of oil and we are doing so while our own citizens suffer due to the plummeting price of oil!

Perhaps we should be spending that $200 Million helping our own citizens!

ht tp://globalnews.ca/news/2835096/canada-will-pledge-200-million-in-humanitarian-aid-for-iraq/

    Canada is NOT responsible for opening the can of worms called Iraq! How many dollars of that 200 million Canadian dollars will actually reach ordinary Iraqis in need? Most if not all will be sidelined by the rulers into some tax haven somewhere! Let those who ventured into that region keep paying!

    We need money for infrastructure, schools, hospitals … you name it!

      None of the ‘Canadian’ dollars will reach any Iraqis in need. They don’t buy things in Iraq with ‘Canadian dollars’. They need their own currency, or some other medium of exchange that is acceptable there (like US dollars, or gold), to do that. The dollars Trudeau spends on foreign aid to Iraq or elsewhere will never leave Canada. They’ll all be spent right here, to buy Canadian made goods for export to Iraq. This creates employment for Canadians. And we all know how EVERY Party feels about employment. They can’t ever have enough of it. Nothing like ‘working’ your way into personal bankruptcy to keep your mind off your impending predicament.

      Why couldn’t the government spend the same number of dollars for aid to people right here who need it? Because they fear such a move would destroy the ‘work ethic’. That if people here started to “get something for nothing” it might start a trend, where everyone would want to do the same thing. They also might begin to ask some embarrassing questions. Like how come, if we keep increasing our ‘efficiency’ in our overall ability to produce, prices keep rising, instead of falling? They don’t want us to ask those kind of questions. Let alone ever have to answer them.

Hart Guy our dear leader is angling for a Nobel Peace prize in his future on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. Our dear leader is also angling to be the head of the UN someday and then imagine himself as dear leader of the world.

Get over it already. The election has been over for a long time. You sound like a pathetic jealous child each time you mention the current PM.

    While I agree with you, there are many others on the site that never miss an opportunity to connect almost anything bad with the former PM no matter how remote the relevance and ascribe almost anything good to the current PM despite being a result of a previous policy.

    Personally, I find it irritating when posters are disrespectful of a leader no matter what party. Christy Clark, not Crusty. Justin, not Justine. When you show disrespect toward elected leaders, you teach our young people not to respect our leaders, or our government. Like it or not, Canada has been well governed by all parties for decades – when compared to our southern neighbors who are in political deadlock and almost all of South America.

    Absolutely criticize a decision, a policy, a statement, but name calling – well, that is childish.

    That is so funny, unfortunately this goes for all sides, and he did throw a few billion extra cash out to other countries before the ink was dry from the swearing in ceremony…
    Even another article on funding for Transit is being heavily touted as a re-election ploy for the BC Government but not the Feds but you can’t have one without the other although you have people trying to reason around it.

    Maybe time to GO find some Pokemon and relax

    Bent, sorry but your statement is ridiculous!

    Who are we supposed to mention, the past PM? Perhaps a PM from 20 years ago? Perhaps 30 years ago or 40 or even 100 years ago?

    NO, we are supposed to hold the current PM’s feet to the fire during their term in office! Everyone other PM, past and future is irrelevant!

    Justin is the one with his hand on our chequebook!

    By the way, you sound like a pathetic child every time that you attempt to defend Justin or deflect attention away from Justin’s goof ups!

    Well excuuuse me for criticizing your dear leader!

You guys are too funny. I could care less about trudeau, but I do get tired of the whining about whoever isn’t your flavour at the helm.

    Bent, I’d really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to reread my post from 11:20 a.m.!

    Perhaps you could explain to me what part of the facts that I presented you consider “whining”?

    Everything that I posted was factual! Do you take issue with the truth? If so, please explain yourself!

    Thanking you in advance for your explanation!

Its rather interesting that our leaders can call each other names, and basically insult each other, but we are supposed to hold them in high esteem.

As an example Pierre Trudeau, gave some people the middle finger in Salmon Arm. He also referred to Premier Bourassa and some of his friends as **Hot Dog Eaters**

I am sure there are other examples.

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